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That question, "what has been the utility of the threat of the use of force in the Syrian crisis of 2013," still matters.

It matters because the Russians and Chinese have to concur on the Security Council with the Western Bloc of Britain, France, and America on the conditions… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

That is the most important feature of the Kerry-Lavrov accord on Syria; the admission that Syrian WMD exist at all.

Most people thought that the case, although that thinking was true with Saddam the second time around (there was zero question they existed the first time around for… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

The author conducted an intensive examination of the Syrian case in May of this year for an online group he belongs to due to the nature of certain mainly analytical work that he performed over the years.

Crisis is an apt word to describe what has transpired in… Read full post »

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Fifty years ago today, there was a church bombed in my hometown of Birmingham, Allabama that killed four little girls goiong to Sunday school.

It elicits a sick feeling whenever I think about that. Black people here llike to dress up for church at least as much as… Read full post »

Alas, I am still dead, if some in Labor might fear that were not the case. I shall not disappoint in that regard.

Laughter, at the Last Lioness, appreciated far more in retrospect than in her time.

I come to you to ask for your reconsideration on the matter of Syria,… Read full post »

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Unfortunately in the Middle East, they are mainly Muslims, as to rocks and and places.

Since we are not generally speaking Muslims here, that will always be a source of disagreement here about what to do there.

Some people like the Muslims, or Arabs, some don't. None… Read full post »

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The name As(s)sad is in parentheses, because you see it both ways, if specialists use one S more, the reason for the difference being different systems of transliteration.

I wanted to see exotic Vietnam... the crown jewel of Southeast Asia. I wanted to meet interesting and stimulati… Read full post »

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Senseless in this case refers to Clausewitz in his classic On War, and refers to his core notion that war is the pursuit of policy by other means.

There is an unavoidable policy rationale for some strong signal in the Syrian use of chemical weapons, military action the… Read full post »

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People have different strategic tastes, as to stating exactly what one would do or not do, historically speaking Republicans preferring what John Lewis Gaddis called an "asymmetric approach," on average, Democrats preferring to specify contingencies.

As an example, Ambassador Glaspi… Read full post »

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It would be risky because it would tempt a response, but clever, because if there were not a response, it would have system impact on credibility of American statements on national security.

It would be clever to try to label a chemical attack a false flag, seeming to… Read full post »

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That is a good thing about chemical weapons, that it minimizes property damage.

Thank Dr. Assad for reminding us of the good features of chemical weapons, a higher form of killing.

On reflection, maybe we should have more of it in the future: "Just spray them, like cockroaches."… Read full post »

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That of course is what the President has decided to do, to ask the Congress for authorization to use force against Assad, after having deployed such a lovely strike force to do that already.

Clearly there was the potential for a significant bombardment of the Assad regime, easily… Read full post »

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In the Balkans, tens of thousands died, until the United States finally got embarrassed enough to do something about it, which did require the use of force.

The massacre at Srebrinica was important in that process.

For all the critics over the years, the peace has held in… Read full post »

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In a populist democracy, popularity wins, and so perhaps we'll see a stunning about face, if then I bet we'd regret that a little while down the road.

That is a different question than waiting for UN Inspectors to make their conclusions.

But as to why the Syrian… Read full post »

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Member States of the UN make certain committments, one of which is to not initiate the use of weapons of mass destruction, clearly at issue in Syria.

More than likely, the Syrian government initiated the use of weapons of mass destruction as a challenge, in order to achieve… Read full post »

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It is of course true that the use of chemical weapons as a "false flag" or psychological-military information support effort has been claimed to have been in the offing, if by pro-Russian sources in the main.

That almost looks like a passive-aggressive tactic, to stage a confrontati… Read full post »

This contains material from NSA intercepts of the meeting between Dr. Pest Control Assad and Jessie and Mr. White.

"Yo, Dr. Assad, gassing thousands of people, way to go biatch!"

"Nice to meet you too Jessie. I have admired your scientific efforts for some time now."

Assad then turns to Mr.… Read full post »

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WMD, weapons of mass destruction.

Most would agree that the use of chemical weapons munitions of a lethal quality by their nature, would be a use of Weapons of Mass Destruction, which is what has been alleged to have occurred in the Syrian suburb of Ghouta, Damascus region.… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

That remains unclear as to whether or not Assad did use chemical weapons, if the timing would make sense one could argue, possibly.

As to the difficulty, if he used chemical weapons on a major scale, that is a direct affront to U.S. policy as to that issue,… Read full post »

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35 years is a long time in prison, if the offenses in question as to deliberate and multiple breaches of secured computer communications were serious too.

It's a sad case, because from what one reads, Pvt. Manning probably should have been discharged from the Army in the first… Read full post »

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That's not an easy question, if its an important one too.

Egypt matters first of course because of Suez, if hardly just because of that.

As the largest Arab country by population, in the years since WWII, Egypt has set the tone for much of the… Read full post »

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The Central Intelligence Agency "admitted" this week what people had known for a long time: In 1953 the CIA organized the coup that overthrew the elected Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammad Mossadegh.

It didn't stay a secret that long, if it was a well-executed operation for its day,… Read full post »

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Clearly, the Obama Administration is in a difficult position with Egypt, as is America.

Our American ideals say "Support a democratically elected government," while practicalities suggest that government in Egypt under President Morsi was not if fact so democratic, particularly in o… Read full post »

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That's the seeming type of choice now in Egypt, like on September 11, 1973: A populist leading the country on a dangerous economic path, but who won an election, or the military led by a Pinochet, which will kill some of its opponents, in Chile, about 3,000. It will impris… Read full post »

AUGUST 16, 2013 1:26PM

Of the Muslim Brotherhood and the FIS

For MEB, forever.

The FIS were the descendants of the Islamist parties who won elections in Algeria in 1991, not dissimilar to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

In both cases, the Islamist parties capitalized on regimes suffering from gradual loss of legitimacy originally acquired in fighting the West… Read full post »