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APRIL 19, 2012 11:00PM

Why Missile Tests Lately Make Reagan Look Wise: Defenses

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There was a time when missile defense was considered an absurdity, with all the liberal types of physicists lining up and saying, "It will never work, and you will scare the Russians too. Just be hostages."

The missile races underway in the international system are proof of one thing: Ronald Reagan was fundamentally right to take missile defense seriously, in spite of all the critics.

That doesn't mean that the Ballistic Missile Defense Agency doesn't have issues, but it does mean that more and more states acquire the ability to hit the United States with nuclear weapons, having a backup other than just genoiciding them, is wise.

Prompt Global Strike looks a lot better too, as the ability to bring on a time urgent high probability single shot kill is the best offense to proceed a good defense, if defense as they say, wins championships.


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I grew up in the town where many of the Minutemen ICBM's are siloed. It gives you a sense of mortality. Like everything else, missile defense is getting better as technology advances. I doubt if those Minutemen could take out an incoming strike from Russia, but I bet some of the later generation missiles could.
The Aegis-Standard Block 3 has had a run of 17 out of 18.
The Russian Federation is a very special case, because it can fire so many warheads that limiting damage from even their second strike after an American first strike with surprise, extremely unlikely of course, would still be a lot of warheads to stop, like dozens, where leakages of even one are horrific.
Other countries are another story, as with 30, some warning for Prompt Global Strike, and not using nukes, we have a non genocidal theory of victory, i.e. we aren't just going to turn all the keys on a Trident and say,"Oh well, its on the beach time."