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APRIL 13, 2012 10:01AM

Second Thoughts on Moving Past North Korean Missile Launch

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 In retrospect, the first reaction wasn't thought out well enough.

Now that the North Koreans fortunately don't have a satellite over our heads, which could have been a nuclear weapon, we could have returned to feeding them, presuming they weren't dumb enough to try any other stunts.

Except some people in the Obama Administration thought that was too much, and that makes sense.

Enough is enough with the North Koreans. Cheonan, the islands shelling, enough is enough with them on second thought.

In fact, if they were smart, but they're not smart, their new leader Kim Jong Un would have realized that Brilliant General as a title is nice to keep the Korean People's Army placated, but, it's clearly in his interest, and everyone else in the international system, to follow Deng Xiaoping's path to Four Modernizations, minus the military so much.

But he won't do that, because the Kim family is insane, and always has been, and therefore has no business having nuclear weapons.

There is no point after this pretending they are anything other than an enemy, and a crazy one at that, and they really, really don't need to have nukes either.

That missile test was like pissing on President Obama's shoes.

He fed them, tried to reason with them, and what did that get him: spit on.

That's not his fault either, because the North Koreans are crazy.

It's a shame, as it would have been easy enough to gradually reform the North, by doing more of the free enterprise zones as did Deng in China, and that had plenty of support in the ROK, and would clearly the best path towards an eventual reunification on terms that are reasonable.

They won't do that though, because they are crazy and stupid.

At least if that little doggie wants to bark some more, we can bite back really hard too, like rip that dwarf Jong Un's head off.

Reunifying the Korean people would be reasonable for all the Great Powers if in the long run it had an American presence exclusively in the Busan region, with no nuclear weapons, and would offer so, so much opportunity for Russia, China, and Japan, as well as us to economically develop north of the 38th parallel at a pace and in a manner that is respectful of some differences regionally in Korea that predate the partition after WWII.

It would also get rid of a pest and a menace to just do it now, if it went well especially.

If people have a theory of that, sounds good to me.

Can you believe the chutzpah of the North Koreans asking for food, and then trying to put a nuclear weapon over our head?

That's what that was more than likely. If they pop a nuke now, that's for sure what that was about, and they rushed the launch because people got the drill and they knew we wouldn't let them do that.

Like Germany, the division of Korea is from a time and place that makes little sense now, if that probably takes time to do, unless there's a military theory that's different, and then go for it I think.

They just put a gun to their head and pulled the trigger with that missile launch, as it flaunted Obama totally, even outlandishly so.

"Here, let me feed you. Oh, you still want to orbit a nuclear weapon over our heads that could turn off our lights. Really?"

He could fax them back like in Pulp Fiction with Samuel L, right after he had that"tasty burger."

"What's Marcellus Obama look like?"


"Does he look like a bitch?"


 "Boom" was what came next.

After that last North Korean stunt, who is going to object to that?

No one. The effrontery of that stunt was outlandish in character upon more reflection.

And of course, if they pop off a nuke to celebrate Kim Il Sung's birthday, then their missile launch would most definitely be interpreted as an attempted mating of warhead to delivery system and placing it in orbit over the United States, and therefore which would not be smart, since that little doggie is already in violation of U.N. Security Council Resolutions, ones that could be interpreted as meaning they are isolated completely diplomatically, and authorizing the use of force to change their regime.

If you want a good cause for regime change, the DPRK is it.

They make Mubarak look like Jesus Christ, Qadhaffi Mother Theresa, and Assad St. Francis of Assisi. Saddam was a humanitarian compared to the Kims.

Maybe it's time to do that. Why not, after the effrontery of that stunt, and then look at Iran, and say, did you get the point of that demonstration, dumbass?


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