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FEBRUARY 14, 2009 2:53PM

Valentine for my beloved Steve from your best friend Mary

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Inspired by bbd, here is a Valentine for my beloved Stephen,  The Bionic Man here on OS.

For your Valentine's Day viewing pleasure, I recommend Peter Jackson's film adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.  Over this three day weekend, Steve & I are watching the entire extended trilogy one per night with younger son Andrew & his best friend Cole.  Last night's four-hour immersion was Fellowship of the Ring, watched by the light of a comforting fire.  Another film favorite referred to in this card is BBC romantic thriller/mystery Oliver's Travels, starring incomparable Alan Bates and Sinead Cusack.

Like Barry and Eve, Steve & I were married in 1981 (a fine vintage, Steve notes) and will celebrate 28 years this June.

I love you, Scoo, more than ever.

Valentine 1

Left side of card.

Valentine 2

 Right side of card.

  Valentine 3

 Back of card.

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Mary, this is one of the best Valentine cards I've ever seen. But really, it's just a type, a symbol or metaphor for the reality of your love and devotion for Steve. How beautiful you are in what you've shown of that love, how lucky Steve is.

Yes, it was a good year, but then it got better.


Moesita sends The Weasel a box of chocolates. Scene stealer she. Many happy!
Beautiful sentiments for two beautiful people. Have a great one!
As a long time LOTR lover, I LOVED this valentine. =o) I'll bet Steve enjoyed it, too!

Nice job, Mary! (Give the Weasel a Valentine's pat from her Purr-geon General. Alas, STILL no word from President Obama. I fear Nina has given up hope...)
LOVE this card. You two are awesome and a shining light. You rock! :)
What can I say, isn't she the greatest?!