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NOVEMBER 23, 2010 3:40PM

Palin the Unstoppable

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palin in alaska

 Photo copyright 2009, Chicago Tribune

You might have noticed a movie currently in theaters about a runaway train that can’t be stopped. Of course, being a Hollywood movie, there’s a happy ending to that story. I wish I could say the same about Sarah Palin’s unstoppable run for the U.S. presidency. Unless she manages to self destruct, which is terribly unlikely, we’re looking at a Palin versus Obama contest in 2012.

Let’s leave aside everybody’s criticisms of Obama. I may be in the minority these days since I think he’s done a pretty good job given the situation. Most commentators, left and right find fault. Even assuming all those critiques have some value, it’s not what Obama did, could have done, didn’t do and should have done or shouldn’t have done; it’s what Palin has done and is continuing to do that will win out.

Palin is not the first politician in American history to understand how to ride a wave of discontent while at the same time stoking it. (Sorry about the mixed metaphor.) Most recently, Obama did the same. Sarah’s brilliance lies in her striking ability to garner financial support from the right-wing wealthy while appearing to her grass roots supporters as one of their own. It doesn’t matter how many times the media points to this contradiction; Palin has already trashed the credibility of the anti-Palin media among her followers. Those messages are discarded like junk mail. Meanwhile, the pro-Palin media, Rupert Murdoch’s empire in the lead, polish her image daily.

And what an image! Is there any red-blooded man in America who wouldn’t have sex with Sarah Palin, given the chance? Face it: she’s attractive and has star power to spare. Next to her, Huckabee looks like a hillbilly who’s lost his banjo. Romney looks like a used car salesman and Obama is that boring professor whose lectures you skipped.

But wait, the Republican and Democratic political establishments say, you can’t be president if you don’t have experience, gravitas, education, intellectual weight, and at least a few position papers that make sense. Too bad they’re totally wrong.

Many Americans have arrived at the conclusion that the establishment has screwed them, that there is a conspiracy among people in power, the people with experience, gravitas, education, intellectual weight, and at least a few position papers that make sense.  Let’s see, what would the perfect antidote to that gang be?  Sarah Palin: a know-nothing, rabble-rousing commoner who looks good, sounds good, and is storming in from the fringe.







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All trains stop eventually.
Good point, Mark, but I fear this train will stop in the White House.

Best Regards,

If you want to stop Sarah Palin....switch parties.

That's a serious suggestion.

Right now, the Democratic party is moribund; the leadership is brain dead and the rank and file are shell-shocked.

Take Obama out of the equation. Let's just say that he decides he's had enough and doesn't want to run again.

Who would the Democrats run instead?

The sad truth is that the Democrats don't have a leadership figure capable of winning in 2012.

If you believe that it is absolutely essential than a raving lunatic like Palin is not elected president, then you better be prepared to switch parties and work your asses off to nominate a saner candidate.

The question then arises: are there any sane Republican candidates capable of winning the Republican nomination over Palin.

Palin is using mass media to promote her brand while she belittles the same mass media that is creating the image she's selling.

If George Bush was a disaster for America, Sarah Palin could well be our death knell.

What I fear more than anything else is that her impaired intellectual skills would make it impossible for her to understand other world leaders....and that should terrify all of us.
I hope that she thinks that she is. That will lead her to do something really spectacularly stupid and we will see her immolate herself on live TV, with any luck... Bonus points if it happens on a Fox/News Corp owned vehicle...
Palin might look good to men and some women, I guess, but sound good? Her voice shatters my eardrums AND my nerves. And she is an airhead. So what sounds good?
@ sagemerlin, I'm afraid you are correct. What Republican could stop Palin? I don't see any.

@gonzoid, Palin is incapable of being anything but the character she plays. Self destruction is not in the script.

@L in the Southeast, It's her message that sounds good to many people though it sounds like pure crap to me.

Cheers, all,

I don't think Palin has a chance. I think she is unelectable. I tend toward conservative ideas, but I want absolutely nothing to do with this woman. If Americans are stupid enough to elect W and then elect this idiot, I think I'll find another country to associate myself with, as I'll have nothing in common with this one. Yikes. Embarassment on the world stage even worse than Bush and Obama.
"But wait, the Republican and Democratic political establishments say, you can’t be president if you don’t have experience, gravitas, education, intellectual weight, and at least a few position papers that make sense. Too bad they’re totally wrong. "

See also: George W. Bush...
OK, she looks good. But, sounds good???? That voice and that vocabulary and the inability to form coherent sentences and answer relevant questions refute that part of your statement.
@LiberalSouthernDemocrat: Didn't you mean to say "refudiate"? lol
@desert_rat, you said "stupid" when I think it's really ignorance. That makes me an optimist. You can't fix stupid.

@Denise, Palin makes Bush look like Einstein.

@Mary, careful about introducing Hitler into Web discussions. That usually means the conversation is over.

@LSD, "sounds" as in content of the signal.

Cheers, all,

I think her intent is to be a third party candidate. The one that will pull votes away from the yet unannounced but next in line Bush, Jeb. That's why Barbara Bush wants her to stay in Alaska. Of course she is stoppable. But her ability to divide and then have the unintended remain as conqueror is what the dynasty's matriarch dislikes and has decided it's time to let it be known.
make way for the paligarchy....
It won't be the first time in history that voters have elected a dope. I think there is a mighty contingent out there who think it's fun to play our political process for all the entertainment they can milk out of it. How else can we explain all the screen personalities who have won office since 1980?

Palin is at least smart enough to plaster her mug on the boobtube and acquire a new celebrity status two years before the election. The obvious hypocrisy of her "Alaska" program doesn't rattle those voters one bit - it's entertainment, and as such does not require the kind of analysis that, say, things as complicated as the health care bill or current economic theories do.

It's too bad we've missed those lectures by the boring professor, but then again, what's the worst that could happen if Palin wins? The voting public will realize before it's too late that stupidity will lead us to extinction. Or, they won't realize it. Would that really be so awful?
I've never actually considered that she could win before. Her unfavorable ratings are so sky high that my view has been "Run Sarah Run", thinking that her run would guarantee no Republican would hold the White House...You're scaring me now.
@alsoknownas, Sarah won't settle for third party status. Jeb is hopelessly middle-of-the-road. That hasn't been the flavor of the month since 1990.

@dolores, Yeah, a paligarchy with Murdoch as main pal.

@Julie, If an ignorant president meant extinction, we'd be dead more than a few times over already.

Cheers, all,

Palin is being packaged and delivered just as Bush was. They saw her coming a long time ago and "they" are moving her like a chess piece in a very calculated manner. Greta Van Sussten on Fox has a husband who is part of the management team of Palin who is the front for some very powerful forces that we dont ever hear about directly. If "they" want her elected she will be President.
The greatest Tea Party candidate since Christine O'Donnell. You've heard of RINOs? Sarah is an EIPO. Electable in primary only.
PALIN 2012
Palin self destructed long ago. I am not even worried. She will NEVER be president, period. She is as dumb as a box of hair. I would bet all of my future Social Security checks on this one. Nice try with your article. I am NOT scared of this weirdo. I agree with Barbara Bush, she needs to STAY in Alaska. Now quit writing crap.
Liked the article, well thought and written, but: Sorry. This is not gonna happen. Personally (and this is only me and yes, I'm weird, who don't know that?) I wouldn't have sex with Ms. Palin if Goldman-Sachs was paying for it. Ignorant is not attractive. She's not even really that good looking. So my sexist crap aside, there is that huge turnoff, not knowing how to pour piss from a boot. Like a bad case of the flu, she has just about run her course already. I have a gambling problem, so take advantage of it, and bet against me. Rated, because we should never underestimate the idiocracy.
@Blue in Texas, Right, be scared. This train will be hard to derail.

@rwoo5g, Yes, underestimating Palin would be a BIG mistake.

@zanelle, You imply a conspiracy of some sort. Palin's power bases, both the rich and the grass roots are pretty obvious.

@old new lefty, Pair this lady up with a Hispanic VP candidate and watch what happens.

@Steve Parker, I hope you win your bet.

@AJCalhoun, Palin is just warming up. Her big foreign affairs education/adulation trip is coming up.

Cheers, all,

I wonder how many of the detractors here have actually met Palin or even heard her speak? I've done both and I can tell you that you people are underestimating this lady BIG time...and she loves it. I've seen her speak for over an hour without notes and teleprompter (let's see Obama do that) and never miss a beat. She is engaging, funny and she knows how to relate to the "little" people. Trust me. You underestimate her at your peril. The media tried to destroy her and all they did was make her an icon. This time around nobody will be listening to the media.
Whenever I see a mealy-mouthed demagogue I refer people to the movie "A Face In The Crowd". It pays off every time.

Palin versus Obama is a non-starter... he's too passive-aggressive and she has anger management issues.

So, yeh, I'd vote Palin over Obama any day. The contest I really want to see is Palin versus North Korea.
Palin is a money-grubbing, know-nothing propped up by a corporate environment that would like nothing better than to have another puppet in the White House.

Fat fucking chance.
"Is there any red-blooded man in America who wouldn’t have sex with Sarah Palin, given the chance? "

Yeah. Me. I wouldn't fuck her with YOUR dick! There just has to be at least a little SOMETHING going on between the ears. For cryin' out loud!!!
Didn't we just try a president who lacked curiosity about all things presidential? Of course, the American voter seems to be more about celebrity, than policies or facts. How else can anyone explain the mid-terms? They say we get what we vote for, and I say we ain't gettin' much.
I can see Palin winning the Republican nomination, especially with the Tea Party waving the flag for her, but I think she would also motivate the sane part of our society to rise up and vote against her. The stakes would be too high for a sane person not vote against her. Either way, SP isn't going away. Though, I wish she would.
As far as sleeping with Palin? Ewww. I don't think so. I tried watching her new show on TLC out of curiosity. Five minutes of that grating, whiny voice and I was grabbing for the remote. If she ever becomes President, I'm either leaving the country or jamming an ice-pick in each ear.
What everyone, especially the media, seems to not understand is that Plain is all about money. She's about as interested in politics as I am about Wasilla, AK. But mention money, and you have her ear.

This woman is cleaning up on her popularity, which is what she set out to do when she lost the election. She is now a very wealthy woman and adds to that wealth on a daily basis - coming up with a "book" every few months, giving hundred thousand dollar speeches, doing Fox News, etc., etc.

I would bet my last dollar that she won't even enter a primary, saying she need the time with here family or some such BS.

If Sarah Palin knows anything at all, it's that she's wholly unqualified for much more than as "a skirt" on Fox News. In her case, Chauncy Gardner would qualify for a Nobel. If she looked like Bella Abzug she would have been long forgotten, all of which is to say, it is GOP testosterone which sustains her popularity.
"Is there any red-blooded man in America who wouldn’t have sex with Sarah Palin"
This is an insult to this red-blooded American man.
Do not attempt to paint me with your own, "I'd fuck anything that moves because I don't have any self-respect" brush.
I would not so much as allow myself to be in the same room with the pig.

It takes more than someone else's opinion for this man to be interested in a sexual way in a woman.
This broad, yes, BROAD is a dirtbag lowlife of the lowest order.
It is an absolutely boring nothing. A dick softener.
There are many aspects which go into making a woman a real woman and attractive.
This slut possesses none of them.
Finally, this walking, babbling C word of a female will
WTF is wrong with salon that it posts comments before they are completed?
Back to the slut, it will NOT win any elected office in the future because it is proving itself disastrous even to the imbeciles which make up the tea party and their species.
"people with experience, gravitas, education, intellectual weight, and at least a few position papers that make sense."

Obama has ANY of that?

No executive experience. None. Nada. Zilch.

Gravitas. Going on a comedy show and being called 'Dude'. Very grave indeed.

Education. Harvard. Oh yes, very good, very very good. Where are his grades? Where is there any evidence he wasn't simply an affirmative action entrant promoted far beyond his ability?

Intellectual weight? If there were any, there would be an intellectual paper trail. As in 'position' papers. What we do have is two (2) autobiographies.
@ Djohn, I agree, she's a star, our very own Eva Peron.

@Johnny Noir, Yes, Obama will have a tough time against Palin. As for North Korea, I'm not sure Palin knows where it is.

@Farleftside, Sarah's chances are a lot better than you'd like.

@Conrad Capto, Sure, you can borrow my dick. Just return it by midnight. And don't confuse ignorant with stupid.

@Michael Rogers, I didn't say sleep with her. Maybe you could teach her a lesson, if you know what I mean. And why leave when the entertainment would be starting?

@Flylooper, Right, money, AND power.

@XJS and me, Disastrous? I think not. She's on a roll.

@Mudsack, It's not about Obama. The question is, how does anybody compete against the new Eva Peron?

Cheers, all,


She is no Eva Peron. Her market economics are the antitheses of the Perons' 'justicalismo'.

And why would you think that a girl who grew up with her nose in a book wouldn't know where North Korea is? Jeesh. She did try to give the ditsy and clueless Katie a geo lesson on the location of Alaska. That worked well, didn't it.

I doubt Palin's supporters give much thought to whatever her economic policies are. My point is, she has the same kind of magnetic personality and star power that Eva had.


Palin is a money-grubbing, know-nothing propped up by a corporate environment that would like nothing better than to have another puppet in the White House.

Doesn't that pretty much cover nearly anyone on a reality or talk show?
And what an image! Is there any red-blooded man in America who wouldn’t have sex with Sarah Palin, given the chance? Face it: she’s attractive and has star power to spare.

The odds are far better to see Russia on a pea soup day than for the following to occur.... Sarah Palin giving me a blow job.
But were it true, I have scripted the following response once Caribou Barbie drops to her knees...."Miss, would you please stop sucking my dick."
Words that no Red-Blooded American Male has ever spoken.
Now, with 20-20 hindsight at my command I will admit I was wrong and I'm glad about that. It's pretty clear that Palin is finished as a major political figure. She'll be around for some time as a paid guest speaker, but that's about it.