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AUGUST 21, 2010 8:10PM

Is ‘Muslim’ the new ‘Gay’?

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My wife, Mary and I were discussing the recent Pew poll that revealed how many Americans think President Obama is a Muslim. Many, apparently.  Mary said, “You know, what that poll really says is, people are using the word ‘Muslim’ like kids use the word, ‘Gay.’”

So if you don’t like Obama, he’s a Muslim. You don’t like his policies, he’s a Muslim. You think he’s not an American, he’s a Muslim. You think Michelle spends too much on clothes, he’s a Muslim. I think I get it now; lots of people don’t like Obama, his policies, his family or anything about him. All right, I can deal with that.

I still like Obama. He’s exactly what I expected: a middle-of-the-road Democrat. And I understand that at least half the electorate doesn’t like him. Fine. They’re entitled to whatever political and social issue positions they choose to hold, no matter how misguided and/or ignorant I might think they and their opinions are. But I won’t tolerate these Obama haters perverting the use of the word, Muslim.

Saying ‘Muslim’ when you mean ‘stupid’ or ‘anti-American’ or ‘not white’ or ‘Liberal’ or ‘Socialist’ or ‘satanist’ or ‘anti-Christ’ or whatever you would really like to say but are too lazy to bother enunciating not only reflects badly on you, it slanders Muslims. It wasn’t that long ago when people used ‘Jew’ the same way. These days, nobody with any class uses the word ‘Jew’ as a pejorative or as slang for cheater or cheapskate. After centuries of persecution, Jews have earned some measure of civil respect, despite the occasional bad apple like Bernie Madoff (may he rot in jail forever).

Yet here we are in the twenty-first century with millions of Americans using ‘Muslim’ as code for bad, evil, deceptive, terrorist, anti-American and all the rest. We need to put an end to this disgusting, xenophobic trend right now. The next time you hear someone describe Obama or anything they oppose as ‘Muslim,’ call them out on it. It’s not too late to stop the hate.

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I agree. It's also high time to educate the Americans, eradicate rampant ignorance, and teach them some new vocabulary. They seem to be stuck on one-word-fits-all mentality. ~R~
Very well said! I wasn't aware this was happening, but it is so wrong. I think the most fearsome Weapons of Mass Destruction are our mouths these days.
Great points! People tend to fear the unknown....whether it's homosexuality, blacks, Jews, Muslims, or anything else they're not familiar with.
I agree the hatred has gone out of control. But really Muslim is not the new gay because there's plennnnty of hatred intended squarely for them. And I must say that Mexican is the new black. Plenty of groups to hate. So little time to do it. In fact, shit, why not just ignore or change the constitution to facilitate and enable our hate! YAY! that would be awesome! F*ck the 1st, 14th and 17th amendments! Who needs them as long as we have the 2nd. And besides, it's all in how you read them.

And stuff and so on.

I'm seriously not laughing about any of it. In fact I'm actively planning my great flounce from America before it's too late.
By the way I guess hatred against us blacks and Jews will come back into fashion eventually. After all there's just no such thing as toomrich, too thin or too hateful.
of course not! it's the new 'communist.' much better, too. endless staying power, no serious military threat, and a real reward in the invasion, if well planned. like iraq...

I think there's more to the use of 'Muslim' as an epithet than there ever was with 'Commie.' Communism was seen as godless evil. The fact that Muslims pray to the same god as Jews and Christians enables haters to see them as perverse, which is easier to hate.



If you're planning on leaving the U.S.A. for someplace where there aren't any haters, I'd like to know where that might be.


That is something I never understood. Saying he is anti-American, it seems to be such a hypocritical statement. Is it not ANTI-American to hate your AMERICAN president, especially because of his ethnicity?

I remember when Natalie from the Dixie Chicks got so much flack for "being ashamed the present of the united states was from texas". She was called anti-American, and that was simply for disagreeing with Bush's views/actions. Here are people pointing the finger accusing someone of being anti-American and it's because of someone's race. Even the Natalie situation, to me it was anti-American to persecute someone for using their right to free speech.

Guess it is true, when you point a finger there are four pointing back at you.