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Dianne Schuch - Lindsey
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June 21
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JANUARY 22, 2012 5:53AM

OS Fiction: The Prophecy

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The less said, the more heard.    D.S.Lindsey

Write about a Tarot Card reading. This is for an OS fiction piece. But it actually happened. 

When I was married, we had a neighbor who read cards and she offered to read mine. I didn’t want to, but my husband thought it would be fun. You see I have a problem with psychics, for instance; why do psychics have to ask you for your name?

 This Psychic/Neighbor told us three things.
1) My marriage was going to fall victim to a woman with dark eyes, brown hair
2) I would have monetary problems for a few years, but I would become successfully self-sufficient
3) An older famous, handsome man with graying blond hair and blue eyes was going to change my life.

1.)We had a customer that was quite taken with my husband. She was a black woman with the most piercing eyes and beautiful body, I was concerned. My concern was misguided as, within two weeks my sister-in-law’s lover, a woman with Dark eyes and brown hair, destroyed my marriage.

2.)Then I fell on horrific hard times, coming out of it to become a successful AutoCAD designer and teacher, one of the most well-known and sought after in Houston.

But the third escaped and evaded.  And before I let you in on how that may or may not have evolved, I would like to tell you why this is even being written. 

If you don't care, go to the next break, under the line and this story continues. 

People who know me personally can attest to a peculiarity in my life.  It has been said that if a person brings me harm, they will suffer greatly from physical ailments. 

I was not going to write, but then something forced this.

I wrote the post Cover My Eyes, Cover My Ears, about the abuse of my young 12 year old daughter from someone I brought into my household many years prior. I implicated no one and when this person asked me to take it down, I did. In a way, I edited out the area they felt affected them.  

The person apologized profusely in a letter written in July of 2011 about this abuse  in a plea to become a part of my life again. I was dubious and I should have followed my inner heart.  However, if my daughter were to forgive the person, then I would.  I MUST!  And the person showed me my daughter had by “friending” her on FB. 

Please read the post for specifics. The purpose of this post is the subject matter of Tarot readings and prophecy.

However, to bring us to why I am writing of prophecy, I must explain that once this person left my home and the truth was out, the abuser became ill.   This problem of illness following the subjugation of my children was a pattern. 

I wrote about it in the post in the vaguest of terms, it could have been one of many people in my life at the time.  

This person did recognized himself/herself even though I was with several people around then. During this horrific detail, I had just broken off from Sheryl, I still saw Bootsie from time to time, and Yvonne. 

So, no one could ever have identified him/her. However, this menace could not let it go. That was not the end of it and rather than let that writing that garnered no more than 50 readers just lay in the past, the person started making allegations about me, to be expected.  And Facebook people got involved, I had more readers than ever.

I was responsible for everything from the Occupy Movement to the poor choices in the primaries.  I neither admitted nor defended any of the allegations.  History has shown, that would do no good.  And of course silence brings it’s own aftermath and affirmations.  That is more admonishments and eventually put the person off by everyone around.  And they did it all by themselves. 

One comment from an outsider, “If this had been written by an ex of mine during the time we were together I would be angry wanting to know who my ex was cheating with at the time.  I would NEVER have thought it was about me, true or untrue!”

The person finally ran headlong into the worst possible confidante’, a CPS worker familiar with the case.   If they chose to keep it up, they will ruin their own life, and if nothing, they are only bringing my work more popularity.

Do not be afraid to be friends with me.  If you decide you do not like my work or send me admonishments via email or PMing, you are safe.  If you come in my life and we have a fight, you are safe.  If we have a relationship, and we break up, you are safe.

You see I have had my experiences with prophecy through example. It hasn’t been friends, or people that have harmed me in some professional fashion at work trying to climb that all important corporate ladder.  It isn’t even those who have slighted me in love.  Because, I am ashamed to say, if I could conjure up potions to have done them in, I may very well have in the heat of the moment only to regret it later.  Like people who blast me in comments or send me PM's to stop sending my Post announcements to them.  See, that is why we are NOT given such power.  We would go to incredible lengths to be evil.  And of course, about PMers and commentors, it was a joke....honest. 

Debra has not suffered, nor has Sheryl, Crawford or many of the people I have been with.  And if anything, from my perspective, Debra did the worst to me, next to my very last who absolutely outdid her. But, Debra was kind and giving to my children. No, it is people who have done GREAT harm to me thru my children or have harmed my children in ANY fashion.

And of course, if you try to harm me physically. 

Three of my ex-female lovers who had caused catastrophe to me and my family suffered greatly, immediately following their departure from my house, to cancer.  It seemed once an apology came, the cancer subsided or disappeared altogether causing those who suffered especially, to seek me out and ask me to pleased stop it.  Preposterous.  No one has that power.  PERIOD.   

Of course, I told them, and felt absolutely I do not have anything to do with it and I will pray, which I did.  Both my husbands also suffered from illness.  Others have suffered in my family, but in different ways, probably worse.  But isn't that part of the agreement?  With humanity comes certain suffering.

Yes I have had people say “Maybe I shouldn’t get involved with someone like you”

My answer is, if you believe that hogwash and then plan to harm me or my children greatly, I have no problem with not being associated with you.  But that is for your own conscience. 

It seems, only if my children have been involved.  Maybe the effected should take it up with them. 

But no, I do not cause people to be sick or die, no matter what you have heard.

So I am cautious about anything to do with the occult or mysticism. 

I looked everywhere for this the third prophecy, the almighty blue eyed blond/grey haired master of my fate.

A man, but soon, after being in a gay relationship and blissfully happy for 14 years, it seemed the prophecy had expired itself and I let it go.

This reading was done in 1984.

In 2010, the worst had happened and I was on the streets and frightened.  So much so that the only solution was to die.  But my body would not give out.  No matter what I tried.  And yes, shamefully, anyone would be grateful at a chance to live.  But really, even if it meant living on the streets?  Impovershed?

Hope against hope and in shame for something not of my own doing, I called Jerry Atwood.

Jerry is a very popular pianist/singer in Houston and nationally, you can find pages of him on YouTube. I met Jerry in 1994 at BDMI when he came to work as an engineer.  I taught him CAD, became involved in the charities he both supported and one he started “A Christmas Songfest”.  He was very good-looking, blond hair, blue eyes and only 44.  So even though I often wondered, I knew it was not him.  He was too young and I was not in need.

It seemed he was more in need than I.  I created songbooks, sold advertising and acted as his personal secretary. All at no cost to him and at great sacrifice from my children and lover’s since as it is suggested the Christmas Songfest is at Christmas.  Even today, people recognize me for those activities.

I also kept his famous “A” list of over 2000 locals in the “community” as it were.  I managed parties he suggested.  These were festive events where Jerry would buy out an entire theatre.  The invited couples would pay $30 and get tickets to a play, then food was brought in and put on the stage from Hunan for us all to eat.  We would then watch the second act and the actors would accompany us all to Jerry’s house for a party and sing along until dawn.  There were other themed parties.  MANY.  The last one I attended, until of course recently, was my going away party in 2002.

But after I left for New Hampshire these parties seized.  The Christmas Songfest fizzled out.  Not because of me but because Jerry got tired and he wanted to pursue his music.  Which, of course, you can see him at Phil&Derek’s, 88 Keys and Michael’s Outpost.

So, in July 2010, destitute, I called Jerry, who I had talked to very little over the prior 8 years.  He immediately sent for me.  He put me up at his house and as you may know, I was in the throes of drug addiction.

This man brought me to doctors, hospital, let me vomit on his beautiful rugs, and would stay up all night after performing stressful “gigs”.  He would sit in the actual exam rooms of doctors.  He bathed me, clothed me.  His lover Bobby would kneel at my bedside begging for me to eat.

He had me clean and ready for the world in 6 months and living on my own in 8 months.  

3.)He is the sainted older, famous handsome man with Grey Hair and Blue Eyes.

Take it as you will.  But there is something out there.

Because of my alleged effect on the wrong doers of my children, I have started to study Buddhism.  I am still a Catholic, and I say as the Pope is not God, the Dalai Lama is not Jesus, or God.  These are both Holy men, good men, the only people that are keeping this earth from collapsing all together for without them what would we have.

I have studied the Lama’s middle way and have found that prayer and love as well as forgiveness are the only paths to enlightenment.  It is not up to me to worry about the alleged wrongdoers of this world getting punished. 

It is simply put not up to me. 

If you are Catholic, then you believe in predestination.  Our path has been laid.  So who are we to judge?  You do not have to believe.  I love you know matter what your beliefs.  And that love brings tears to my eyes now.


Whether people can foresee makes no difference.  These things are going to happen anyhow, and I have found that even though I have been told, ambiguous or not, I have done nothing to change their potential. 

I couldn’t and that is why they are prophecy.

And a word to the wise, and maybe not so wise…the less said, the more heard.

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By the way IISTG means If It Seems Too Good to be True
Yes, this is absolutely positively true. If you lived this wouldn't you write about it? Some of the names of characters in this blog are fictitious. This is an account of actual events. Some of the events have been compiled together for the flow of the story. Even when I read my own work, I wonder how it could be so. But if you study your own life and compartmentalize it into less than 200 pages, you would be surprised how interesting it really is!


This material is the copyright Dianne Schuch Lindsey and cannot be duplicated in any fashion withoutthe express permission of the Author. All rights reserved ©

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Whew, with a life like yours you don't need fiction. Aren't things complicated? Don't we sometimes have to trust someone and aren't we glad there are people in the world who go out of their way to get us back on our feet. Take it easy. But take it.
Odd that I posted a poem called The Pause prior to reading this. It seems to fit. I read a book awhile back that suggested that we are spirits with flaws that were sent to earth in the physical to learn to improve on or overcome those wrinkles in our fabric. I wonder of that.

Interesting life you have walked through.
♥╚═══╝╚╝╚╝╚═══╩═══╝─╚for tale that lead to this Prophecy.
again, Dianne, your writing...and your mind...bowl me over r.
This is very thoughtful, though I found it hard to tell what parts were fictional and what parts were meta-commentary. On the other hand, that made it kind of fun. It reminded me of an old Mr. Show skit where a guy was auditioning with a piece that was set during an audition.
It is all true, it just played to the OS fiction prompt about tarot or other means of having one's fortune told.. Showing you sometimes life is stranger than fiction.
You finally found the third prophecy!!!! I am going to a psychic. Cuz, now I know.