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Dianne Schuch - Lindsey

Dianne Schuch - Lindsey
Houston via Kenosha, Wisconsin, Texas, USA
June 21
Friend or Foe...your choice
I am a graduate of the JeJune Institute with a Masters Degree in Pointless Endeavors. I regrettfully copyrighted my work. It isnt copyrighted/ Take what you wish. If I posted it on a public forum, I no longer consider it my own. I should just feel greatful you even want to read it and consider it entertainment or viable information. Enjoy


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*   Every Page has a "previous" and "nexi" pages

*   as well as "more" or "continued" at the end of each page of text.

*   Also: On the left hand side of this  blog is a directory.

Please, this is so very important.  If you find a link is not working, can you please advise me via email : DLSCHUCH@YAHOO.COM

Any Publishing Inquiries can be sent to that address as well.



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Introduction:Why did you try to Kill Yourself  Ms. Lindsey? 3/01//11

Page 1      Dr. Laura Says No!! Lve the Sin not the Sinner  05/08/11 
Page 2      A Husband's Betrayal/ A gay woman's Pursuit of me   05/09/11 
Page 3      Part 1 Meeting Bootsie/My First Gay bar experience  05/10/11  
Page 3      Part 2 Meeting Bootsie/My first Gay Dance  05/13/11 
Page 4      Waking up in another person's bed   05/18/11
Page 5      Does she want me or justmy family?. 05/20/11
Page 6      The Strange Magic of a Woman's Touch 06/02/11
Page 7      The Rapture...Making love with a woman for the first time   06/02/11
Page 8      The Kiss The Sweetest taboo.  06/09/11
Page 9      Annie Dreamboat Annie,  06/20/11
Page 10    Trying to go straight 07/03/11
Page 11    How could love be wrong and feel so right?.  07/07/11
Page 12    Learning to be a proper lesbian.   07/09/11
Page 13    My In-Laws and my Female Lover  07/11/11
Page 14    My Shrink and My Brother the Movie Star  7/14/11
Page 15    Wearing only a fur coat and heels,07/16/11
Page 16    Woman in chains,07/20/11
Page 17    Bombing Prom Dates with Water Balloons  8/08/11 
Page 18    Hijinks at The Galvez....8/12/2011 
Page 19    The Letter that broke up my marriage  8/15/2011
Page 20    Best Friends and Sex  8/19/11 
Page 21    Leaving HIM for HER.8/ 21/ 2011
Page 22    A Dream comes True and then dies  8/24/2011
Page 23    When your lover wants HER lover 8/28/2011
Page 24    I left my husband for this?  9/1/11
Page 25    Busted.  9/4/11
Page 26    Oh My God What Have We Done 9/8/11
Page 27   Anna's got her gun    9/25/11
Page 28   Entering the convent 9/27/11
Page 29   Here's My confession   9/29/11
Page 30   A Husband's Right 10/1/11
Page 31   I'm Leadin Someone elses life/Josh Rodin    10/28/11
Page 32   You can't be gay  I dressed You up as a Child   11/9/11
Page 33   Stolen Moments 11/13/11
Page 34   My Crown of Thorns just in time for Easter 11/15/11
Page 35   Pretending to be a wife 11/18/11
Page 36   Loving a woman, while living with a man 11/20/11
Page 37   Losing your Children because you are Gay  11/22/11
Page 38   I was a Gay Woman's Mistress 11/25/11
Page 39   My Little Brother Died This Day  11/28/11
Page 40   First Gay X-Mas. No tree, presents, nor lover 12/04/11
Page 41   Making Love in the Wortham Theatre 12/08/11
Page 42   Wicked Games Resume's and Jobs  12/10/11
Page 43   Sex at Work 12/12/11
Page 44   Bootsie Cobden and I.  Lover, Friend.  12/19/11
Page 45   When your lover does not accept your kids  12/28/11
Page 46   Boys with VERY small toys 12/29/11
Page 47  Gay Coffee Shops  12/30/11
Page 48   Relationships built on deceit 12/31/11
Page 49   Chauvenistic Co-Workers 1/01/12
Page 50   Liar   3 dog night and Argent/liar 1/02/12
Page 51   Texas RenFair Sarah Brightman/ Ocean Away 1/03/12
Page 52   Relatives who drop in from 1600 miles away 1/04/12
Page 53   My Sister the poor Little Rich Girl  Renaisance/Midas Man  1/06/12
Page 54   The Justified  1/09/12
Page 55   5 Rules for a Good Relationship 1/10/12
Page 56   Bosses who make Passes 1/12/12
Page 57   Comfortably Numb 1/17/12
Page 58   When your child cries abuse 1/19/12
Page 59   Our Dalmation ate her Young  1/20/12
Page 60   Gay Parenting 1/23/12
Page 61   Christmas in Spring  1/25/12
Page 62   Sibling Horrors  1/27/12
Page 63   When a brother talks you into the inconceivable  1/29/12
Page 64   A Death in Kenosha  3/28/12
Page 65   Sending your child away  4/29/12
Page 66   Covert Operation: Getting your child out safe 5/5/12
Page 67   Teenage Drivers, gotta love em 6/16/12
Page 68   Cat Ownership is a HUGE responsibility  6/18/12
Page 69   Longest Day of the year  6/20/12 

Page 70  College Admission and what not to do 6/22/12
Page 71  Rich Man's World  6/24/12
Page 72  International Super Highway 6/26/12
Page 73  My Geisha Moment  6/28/12
Page 74  A False Diagnosis  6/30/12
Page 75  Your PM's about Bootsie 7/2/12
Page 76  Cancer...Say the Word  7/4/12
Page 77  A world that doesn't care 7/6/12
Page 78  Hope...Cancer's Mockery 7/7/12
Page 79  Prognosis. Only Time 7/9/12 
Page 80  Buddha Released - Remission  7/10/12
Page 81  Hospital Groupie  7/11/12
Page 82  A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem  7/15/12
Page 83  When a Teenager commits suicide  7/20/12
Page 84  A Child Dies, Another Lives 7/21/12
Page 85  And a child shall lead them 7/23/12
Page 86  If I didn't witness this, I would claim it a lie 8/4/12
Page 87  Is this a dream  8/16/12
Page 88  Peer Pressure  8/19/12
Page 89  Rules of Surgery  8/22/12
Page 90  Hystericalectomies  8/26/12
Page 91  Trains Pains and AutoDefiles  9/14/12
Page 92  My 8 Hour Death  9/15/12
Page 93  The Secret is in the Sauce  9/18/12
Page 94  Untie the restraints, we'll talk  9/27/12
Page 95  ReHab 10/26/2012
Page 96  12 Steps MY ASS 11/07/12
Page 97  The Serial Killer in my BackYard LITERALLY!  11/18/12
Page 98  The Ghost at my job 02/11/13
Page 99  Occasional Alcoholism 02/12/13

Page 100  Caring for my Lover's Parent 02/13/13
Page 101  When a Child Deserts a Parent 02/15/13
Page 102  Taking in a drug addict 02/16/13
Page 103  Hospice or not to Hospice 02/17/13
Page 104  Deathbed Decorum 02/19/13
Page 105  Announcing your wedding at a funeral 02/20/13
Page 106  Living in the Simpson's Hometown 02/21/13
Page 107  Yeah my Psyche Doctor is a Lesbian 02/22/13
Page 108  Munchausen's by proxy or otherwise 02/23/13
Page 109  When ex-lovers drive 1600 miles..just to visit? 02/25/13
Page 110  My Crush on my Lover's ex-lover  02/26/13
Page 111  Incestuous life o Lesbians 02/27/13
Page 112  When a lover denies you 02/28/13
Page 113  Pulling all my perfectly healthy teeth  03/02/13
Page 114  Bootsie Died This day 03/04/13
Page 115  You come back to the table,everyone stops talking 03/05/13
Page 116  Driving under the influence  03/06/13
Page 117  DNR 03/07/13
Page 118  Ok, now the universe is just fcking with me 03/08/13
Page 119  Not being allowed to speak to Willie 03/09/13  
Page 120  Horror of a snowstorm 03/10/13
Page 121  Sister as a Contagion  03/11/13
Page 122  Damn Mad Dana 03/12/13
Page 123  Meniers Disease 03/13/13
Page 124  Anniversary, 2 Birthdays and one fucked up gift. 03/14/13
Page 125  Picking Wild Blackberries in Vermont 03/14/13
Page 126  From Happy to homeless in one fel swoop 03/15/13
Page 127  My First Attempt at Suicide03/16/13
Page 128 Anna Died This Day 03/17/13 
Page 129  Life in the NutHut  03/18/13
Page 130  Kick me Beat Me Call me Edna, I want my life back as it was 03/19/13
Page 131  She'll be Dead in a Year, Hopefully 03/20/13
Page 132  Losing 90lbs in 30 days.  03/21/13
Page 133  Oprah and Rosie could give a shit 03/22/13
Page 133  And the third prophecy was fulfilled 03/23/13


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Home from the hospital                         6/20/11
I'm blown away  A dedication from my favorite blogger essay   How often have you used this word without understanding it’s true meaning. Is it a positive or negative

Miscelleneous pieces
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School Violence  This teacher sang nursery rhymes while a gun fight ensued outside
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If It Seems Too Good To be True Back Stories

The Executioner's Mask    October 25, 2011
The Nanny's Ghost             October 30, 2011
The Game Controller         November 4, 2011
The War at Home               November 11, 2011 
Revenge                               November 22, 2011
Munchausens                      November 29, 2011
Christmas with BillShit.    December 13, 2011
Viatical                                 December 20, 2011
Northern Lights                   January 7, 2012                
Bold Americana                  January 25, 2012
The Prophecy                       January 22, 2012
A story about food   Including Recipes!           November 11, 2012


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By the way IISTG means If It Seems Too Good to be True

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dianne . for christ's ske, this cover ups the too true to be good stuff.
this covers up
the too-true -to -be good some people
develop into, per the Script of middle class ...
the middle class adores going to museums to see
the kinda stuff we come up with.

I just found this and for the first time I don't know what you are talking about???

Yes it ciovers the too good to be true stuff...but it is a directory.

I just found this and for the first time I don't know what you are talking about???

Yes it covers the too good to be true stuff...but it is a directory.
Farm Chore
Lame do runs
PU ride to PA
You ride along?