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JULY 1, 2009 7:44PM

Hey GOP, Look On The Bright Side

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Look, I know all of you Republicans out there are sick to death with what is going on with this country. The reason I know this is because I, as a fellow Republican, feel the same.

However, I started looking at things a little differently lately and I found that I don't feel so bad about the predicament we are in.

Sure, the Dems run the WHOLE GOVERNMENT. Sure, they now have the Super Majority in the Senate so they need not fear any GOP filibuster. Sure Obama is quickly enacting his socialist agenda and probably can't be stopped until much later down the road.

Admittedly, those are all very good reasons to be depressed if you are a Republican or Conservative or both.

However, look at it this way. Now that the Dems control everything, they can no longer blame what's wrong in this country on anyone else.

How long do you think the American people are going to fall for the "it's Bush's fault" argument? Not very long. They might get another 3-5 months out of that one but it is becoming painfully clear that the Dems have become drunk with power, Obama included, and are over-reaching by a huge margin.

American will start to get real tired of hearing them say the recovery is right around the corner and not see any evidence to support that claim. Now they are saying it's 2 years away. When did that change?

Anyway, it is going to be impossible for Dems running for office in the next few years to blame anything on the GOP. That means they will most likely turn on each other.

You'll start to hear things like" Sure, my opponent is a Democrat like me but he is much more conservative/liberal than I am".  Just wait and's coming.

So, I suggest that you get involved and start working at the grass roots level to start grooming candidates for future elections. Sit back and gather the ammo that the Dems are sure to hand us as they drive this country into the toilet.

You just know that Al Franken is going to say something stupid. It's only a matter of time. He can't help it. The pressure on him will be too much and he'll break.

Nancy Pelosi is less popular than Dick Cheney. Clearly, she is in deep trouble. She has powerful allies in The House but she'll fall eventually.

Remember, they can't blame anyone else for the angst that future voters will have and are now beginning to feel. They will only have themselves to blame.

The question I have though is this: at what point will the media jump off the Obama boat?

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Exacto Mundo , they own the man and his policy and will be out by 2010 and 12... Let's hope when the pansies do regain power they don't abuse it again. By the way these Tea Parties should be huge this weekend.
...and it wouldn't have come to this if the Bush/Cheney cabal hadn't so thoroughly f&*Cked up every facet of our country.

but yes, public opinion is an ebb and flow and right now the Dems have nowhere to go but down and the Republicans nowhere to go but up.

I'm just hoping that the GOP attempts to learn something from what W wrought, and doesn't come back in a few years offering the same old tired neocon, empire-building, deficit-spending crap that failed us before.

Smaller government - fine. Less spending - fine. Can the family values crap and be fiscal conservatives rather than rubber stamping every spending bill sent to Congress by a warmongering idiot.

And for PETE'S SAKE - stop spying on Americans and trampling on our constitutional rights!

I'd vote for a libertarian in a heartbeat but I think the GOP has wandered so far from any principles they might have had at some point that I'm not sure they could ever convince me to vote for them again.
How long did we hear, "The economy is in a correction"? Oh yeah, from 2001 to 2008. And who was in denial about the economy from 2007 until now? Oh yeah, the cons. element. And who tried to blame the Democrats for all those years? Why it was the Cons. element of course!

BTW, did you catch the latest Republican vs. Republican battle over Palin? Yep shes the gift that just keeps giving. Hey, why don't you come back when you get some leadership and let us know what you are actually going to do rather than just complaining about people pointing out the truth about the Bush disaster that still grips this nation.

And while you are at it, why don't you stop trying to blame President Carter for the failures of Saint Reagan.
ocular-There is no doubt that the GOP has some soul searching to do but this will be very good for the party. We'll get rid of all the RINO's and the party will be better for it.
"And while you are at it, why don't you stop trying to blame President Carter for the failures of Saint Reagan." So you one of those 1%'ers who think that Carter was a great President huh? Classic.
Don't worry about a thing, Guys...the Dems and liberals are gonna do their level best to get your people back in power as soon as possible.

These guys are already in a circular firing squad mode...and they are trying to figure out how best to improve their insanity. appears your people will be back fucking up our country and the world almost immediately.
I am glad that you are beginning to look at this differently after eight years of lies & cover-up and stumping on the U.S. Constitution. But before you look too far in the future… lets get their current mess cleaned up.

The GOP use to stand on solid ground… low taxes, small government and States Rights. But for the last 25 years plus, they have allowed the ‘far right evangelist wing’ to drive them so far right to make them the morality police on all social issues. And the GOP’s last party leader, George W. Bush, move this country so far into debit, that their principle of conservative economics is a non-issue until that debt is paid off.

I agree that the GOP needs to start a grass roots movement to attract new candidates, but first they need to divorce themselves from their old base. Look across the spectrum of ethnic backgrounds in this country and build a party on openness and diversity, which looks America. They need to really extend their tent to include all.

All the best to the GOP in their search for a better way…
It is not over till it is over; everyone forgets that now with our short attention span, so I think you are right.
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