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February 13
While the ashes of marriage #2 were cooling, I began a journal here in verse, to keep myself out of trouble. So far so good, and one day at a time. I took a hiatus this past January, and I missed it terribly. Writing daily had changed the way I think - not my opinions, but the process of thinking itself. So here I am back again, and hungry. I began with three rules: (1) Iambic pentameter, (2) Perfect rhyme, and (3) It had to be true (no hyperbole). I hereby amend rule number 3: If I'm writing about myself, yes, it has to be true. But it doesn't, if I want to tell a story.


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JANUARY 27, 2012 12:02AM

Chicken Pot Pie. Thursday Jan 26, 2012

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Okay... It's time I faced a resolution.
I've promised many times that I would do it.
I've planned a bit, and now the execution - 
'Cause if I don't, the kids would say, "I KNEW it."

Tonight I spent the evening caref'lly shopping.
I have the stuff!  Tomorrow I begin!
The broth is first -- then Saturday, the CHOPPING!

Is all about my daughter's fondest WISH!
To see her father cook her fav'rite DISH!
As long as I remember, how she's SWOONED
At every tiny morsel that she's SPOONED!

The CARROTS!  And the CEL'RY!  And the CRUST!
The cream!  The dash of salt!  Oh, how she's fussed...
And all I've done is use the microwave!
It's time to face my fears!  Stand up!  Be brave!

So onward to the kitchen!  Be a man!
I know that I can make one!  Yes, I can!
But WAIT!  It's not IAMBIC!  IT WON'T SCAN!!!

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poetry, iambic pentameter

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I love it too and it always reminds of home and my mothers wonderful one. Thanks for the memories...

──▀­­­­ ♡❀Լ♡Ɣخ❀Լ♡Ɣخ❀Լ♡Ɣخ❀

Hahaha again. I guessed, and then I saw the title! (I saw it initially, but it must not have registered, unless it went straight to the subconscious)
Oh, so it's not pie, it's pi? That could be the complaint.

Seriously, DB, there are soooo many new easy with photos and tasty cookbooks these days, start with a smaller one so you don't get overwhelmed. They aren't the Better Homes and Gardens ones from eons ago, either. And Alton Brown great for teaching you the basics of how to cook meat right. :)

Fun (from someone who hates to cook!)
Let us know how it goes!
I'm imagining the look you'll see in her eyes
as she watches her father cook her fav'rite dish!
Somehow more than anything else, I suspect what most will warm her will be your love. Wishing you all the best with this.
You said it yourself, DB, it about SEEING you cook her favourite dish not about the taste. It's about love.
I hope it turns out great. The poem did. I bet the pot pie will too.
A nourishing one, DB, & a bit of a cliffhanger too.
You may already have seen this :


I find his recipes easy to follow ( his latkes were fantastic ) & practical ~ economical too.
My grandmother used to make it, ahhhhh. The best. Cute poem DB.
Ha ha ha. Love it, Bard! I expect a photo!
Thank you all for coming by. I knew, when I was grocery shopping, that this would be my poem. I was also looking for chick peas (for hummus), which – believe it or not – are a little hard to find, so I went to the BIG grocery store, and had lots of time for impressions to sink in.

Joan, thanks for putting a smile on my face. I hope it works out.

Algis, this is great to hear – I have this crazy ambition to be remembered for mine. Which means I really have to do this.

Chicken… oh, I guess I shouldn’t be talking about pot pie around you…

Michelle, thanks kiddo. I just hope the pie actually works.

Oryoki, I am so very, very poor, that a cookbook is out of the question. But this is no longer an issue - I just check to see what’s in my cabinets and google it and poof! Recipes.

trilogy, I am a former hater of cooking. But you know, I just have all this time to myself. And the kids seem to like what I do – we have all come a long way from when my spinach was always burnt.

sweetfeet, if it’s good, it will probably put me in a very poetic mood.

anna1, what a perfect thing to say. I just hope it works – she and I joke about my asphalt brownies.

Kate, you too: yes, she’ll see it all get put together (I made the broth today).

JL, thank you. I hope it’s true – an affinity for words and an affinity for cooking are SO not related. We’ll see how this comes out.

rita, oh man, can I ever remember my grandmother’s cooking. Thanks.

froggy, a photo? Er… I have a Blackberry, will that be good enough?

Thanks everyone! Your encouragement of my culinary adventure is very helpful! On to the kitchen!
Kim I forgot you, how did that happen. I’m starting out with something a little more elemental, but thanks for the tip. That recipe did look delectable (although the kids would push it away, if they heard about the mushrooms).
Loved it! Mouthwateringly delicious.