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V Peracchio
Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A.
August 03
I am delightful company!
Once upon a time this writer was a reporter/photographer and columnist for a large weekly newspaper in New York City, worked at the Center for Publishing at N.Y.U., worked at Kirkus for one whirlwind semester and eventually was an editor at Scholastic. After two very eventful years on cable television in New York City, this writer was voted off the island. Today this writer is a student and soon-to-be published author (all fingers and toes are crossed) living in reduced circumstances. She is ever hopeful and even though her stomach may rumble from time to time, she is usually somewhat reasonably well fed. Most importantly this writer is a recovering or former New Yorker, (recovering seems more apt), who is quite happily transplanted elsewhere. She blooms where she is planted. ************************ You can contact me at diaryofahopefulstarvingstudent@ gmail.com


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MAY 2, 2012 11:09AM


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"You're not fine on your own.  Not permanently anyway.  And you know that's not what you want," Joy said.

"It's fine," Hope said.

"You've used the word fine twice in the past two minutes.  You're anything but fine.  Whenever you say things are fine...." Joy said, now starting to smile in spite of herself.

"What?" Hope said, smiling too.

"More like all bloody hell is breaking loose.  That's what.  If you say you or everything is fine one more time, I'll have to check CNN and make sure we aren't code red," Joy said.

They both laugh.

"You know me all too well," Hope said.

Isaiah looks at his mother laughing and raises his eyebrows slightly.  Then he turns back to Hope and laughs with them too.

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