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August 03
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Once upon a time this writer was a reporter/photographer and columnist for a large weekly newspaper in New York City, worked at the Center for Publishing at N.Y.U., worked at Kirkus for one whirlwind semester and eventually was an editor at Scholastic. After two very eventful years on cable television in New York City, this writer was voted off the island. Today this writer is a student and soon-to-be published author (all fingers and toes are crossed) living in reduced circumstances. She is ever hopeful and even though her stomach may rumble from time to time, she is usually somewhat reasonably well fed. Most importantly this writer is a recovering or former New Yorker, (recovering seems more apt), who is quite happily transplanted elsewhere. She blooms where she is planted. ************************ You can contact me at diaryofahopefulstarvingstudent@ gmail.com


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APRIL 27, 2012 8:13PM

Flirty Cupcakes

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Hope is holding Isaiah close to her heart as she watches the two of them.  No longer shivering with Joy's baby wrapped up in her arms, she watches the action unfold.

Hope knows better than to try to stop Jemma.  Her former roommate, contrary to all previous declarations of swearing off men since her volatile divorce, seems to be very much back in the game.

Jemma leans forward as she searches through the trays of goods she had baked for Flirty Cupcakes, a popular food truck in Chicago.  Then Jemma looks up, takes a long sideways glance at Matthew, and unconsciously licks her lips.

Jemma slowly unwraps a Devil's food cupcake and presents it to Matthew. 

Matthew hesitates for a moment, and then he smiles as he breathes in the scent of cinnamon.

Hope takes a deep breath and suppresses a sigh. 

Isaiah turns his head toward his uncle and begins to cry.

Not even noticing his nephew, Matthew seems oblivious to everything else around him as he takes his first bite of the slightly bittersweet cupcake.  He closes his eyes as he takes yet another bite, then smiles.

Just like that Hope can feel it.

Matthew has just gone under.

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