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MARCH 21, 2012 4:29PM

How To: Post Big-Ass Photos

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     You may know that I am a lazy writer, but tend to photograph my world A LOT, and post those images here. Some of you are kind enough to look, rate, and comment. OpenSalon's I Love Life is having trouble uploading large size images on her posts here, being limited to 2MB, etc. and has asked me to explain the technical details of such postings.

     Not everyone here is at the same place, tech-wise, so it is difficult to make a lesson plan that is suitable for all.  So, I am writing those methods exactly as I perform them. I apologize in advance if these instructions are confusing.

How To: Post Big-Ass Photos on OpenSalon 

1. Create a photo album on my computer with all the images I will use in the post. 

 a) I begin with a blank template, say 300 dpi, 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches. (Do the math and you will have a 750 pixels by 750 pixels template.)

 b) I gather photos that speak to the theme, place them on the template and move them until they are cropped to my satisfaction. I save each one in the photo album, naming them lesson1.jpg and lesson2.jpg etc.

2. Upload all the photos to flikr.com where I have an account.

3. Create the linking html code for the post. (I use Microsoft notepad.)

 a)  Within flikr, I open my Photostream, look at lesson1.jpg and click "share" and pull down the full size 750 pixel by 750 pixel choice, copy, and paste that to a Notepad note. It will look like this to start:


 b) Again, within flikr, I click "share" and pull down the 500 pixel by 500 pixel choice, copy, and paste that into the existing note. Now, it looks like this:


 c) I edit that lesson1.jpg link so that the 500x500 is the posting image, and the 750x750 is the linking image, like this (notice, I edit width="485" which is the OpenSalon column width):


 d) repeat 3a, 3b, and 3c for all photos to be used in the post

4. Begin my OpenSalon New Post

 a) Click New Post

 b) fill in title and tags

 c) type my first line

 d) click HMTL from the toolbar

 e) copy my Notepad note, and paste it in the HTML window of OS New Post

 f) click Update from the HTML box

 g) write more lines, correct spelling, check by clicking "Save Draft and Preview"

 h) click "Publish"


     (I feel pretty certain that my ex-sister-in-law, Jackie, will not object to being the photo guinea pig here. She is a lot of fun, right?)

I am happy to elaborate, if I can, so ask questions. Thanks for reading.


 (click on last photo to enlarge)
© diana ani stokely 2012

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This is very helpful and generous of you. Also, I am so glad that you placed a hyphen where it belongs, and that this post does not consist of big ass photos. ;-)
oh yah, gotta love the hyphens in life.
it's so nice of you to post this, diana, for people who want to put together photo posts that are as well-organized as yours. i have to say - if OS ever moves to the wordpress platform, none of this will be necessary and even very tech-challenged people will be able to deal with adding images and other media easily. but i'm not holding my breath - which is why my photo-intensive posts are on my own site and not my blog here. :)
This is great -- if not a bit mind boggling -- I just struggled with trying to upload to big ass photos that I cropped and scanned differently to finally get it done. Thanks a lot.
LOL to Jeanette..
Photo sharing on OS can be tricky and well done my friend.
Great Post...but we all know women don't want to bloat - we want to shrink - whenever possible! R
Thank you sooooooo much!!!!! I will definitely be trying this in a day or so. This is completely different than how I've been doing it, but then again, lately, I haven't been successful at all! Thank you so much for your kind generosity!!! I also appreciate the time you took to post this....:)
I keep telling my method, and keep getting shot down. But it works, and it's dead simple. If you use Firefox, you can simply stretch the photos with your mouse.
Love the laughing woman. I go about posting photos in a different way which is probably why they never have the sharpness of my originals. I was just stretching them in my post. Thanks for the tip from a pro.
Oh my, that was way too deep for me. But I know just who to ask when I need help with photo upload things. If you don't mind.
I've been wanting to know how to do this. Thank you. Jackie does like a hell of a lot of fun.
Diana, thank you for the detailed tutorial! The only issue I have is the lack of photos of individuals with Big-Asses...otherwise, I'm good to go with the enhanced technique you have presented!
I found the tripod and took a head-on photo of my ass (in jeans) last year to see what it really looked like, I became so frantic that I went on a sugar binge. I'll never do that again (the photo not the binge).

I had the same problems with some photos being too many MB to upload. I still try to upload directly but if it rejects me then I use flickr but I'm lazy, I go to All Sizes and pick the medium size and copy and paste it right onto the post instead of using that photo upload box thingy. Mainly because I'm frustrated that my photo was rejected as too large a file (in truth I'm lazy). I post the videos right into the post instead of using the HTML box so the size isn't perfect, when you save draft it becomes a video. Yeah okay, I'm just lazy.

You're awesome to put this together and I really love the photos of laughing Jackie!
Bravo may the images just keep getting better and better.

☼(ˆ◡ˆ) ⋱ ⋮ ⋰
(ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★
☼(ˆ◡ˆ) ⋰ ⋮ ⋱(¯`•´¯)¸.(¯`•´¯).¸.(¯`•´¯)¸.Have a Memorable Week NOW! ☼
(¯`•´¯)¸.(¯`•´¯).¸.(¯`•´¯)¸.(¯­`•´¯)¸.(¯`•´¯) ¸.(¯`•´¯).¸.(¯`•´¯)¸.Ŀ☼√Ξ ❤.
•¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨` *•.•¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*­­´¨` *• Hugs ☼
I will save this. I (still) won't understand?

The digit world knows I am a tech-idiot.
I always need a tutor and they get angry.
I'm like a toddler.
I was born `BC.
Before computers.
I left a government job with the VA just when the computers were coming. I 'fear' them?
I call gadgets`gizmos.
Scary big contraption.
One day I take a class?
In Canada - In a library -
The geezers get together.
They giggle and have fun.
Gizmos hurt my feelings?
I ask . . . "Please kiss boo boo."

I think . . . "Whack-A-Mole."

Snoops open-up gadgets.
It's a federal crime. Yes?
Mail isn't to be opened.

I'll dial `9-11 asap!
Guess what? What?
Snoop read my mail!

Call FBI and Eric Holder?
Seriously. I share this.
It's a foreign language.
I just learned a word.

A hard drive is what?
Robert Frost wrote:
In three words I can
sum up everything
I've ever learned
about life: it goes on.
Carl Sandburg
Let a joy keep you.
Reach out your hands
and take it when it runs by.
I know we gotta adjust.
I recall a senyru by Deluty:
I do love spellcheck. Why?
I'm not biblically versed -
Biblical scholar
cursing 'spell check' for missing
'Sex of Galilee
Boy is this generous of you! Now if only you'd do same with the Lightroom Gallery I'm trying, so far without success, to upload!!
Hey Candace, I haven't used WordPress much, but I thought it was terrible for precise coding. Hehehehehehe, I guess I am too obsessive/compulsive, after all.

Marty'sHusband, it IS a little mind-boggling. When I was writing this, I got the "showing image" versus the "linking image" switched. Glad I caught it before hitting "publish." That would be pretty embarrassing.

Linda Seccaspina, Jeanette cracks me up! I am so glad we can post here, stories or poems or photos or drawings. If it takes work, so be it.

Marilyn Sands, too true. Gawd knows I do not need any big ass photos.

I Love Life, I am really proud of you for pushing yourself to learn HTML and all to make your "Spring Has Sprung" post today. Nice photos!

Myriad, yes, that does work, but there is a bit of loss in some of the photos, at least I see it on my work computer screen. On my iPad, all look really nice.

Scarlett, that laughing woman is such a bunch of fun. Yes, if you just stretch the photo in OS, there is some loss of clarity (in my opinion). You are so welcome, thanks to you!

LuminousMuse, deal. I know who to ask about any dang musical thing in the whole dang world, too!

fernsy, good luck! You and Jackie would be a hoot in the same room!

designanator, it had not occurred to me to show big asses. I suppose I could come up with some .... I just tend to use that as a colorful descriptive, sorta like shit-load.

l'Heure Bleue, I did a similar thing, ass-wise. Bought some new slacks, turned around and looked in the mirror, made a mental note to never turn my back on anyone. About the photo-display-method espoused here, it is more work than writing, don't I know it.

Thanks, Algis, and to you too.

Hellooooooooo, Art. You make all the sense in the world, the Sex of Galilee sounds like a good movie.

Spike, I haven't tried Lightroom, nor Lightroom Gallery. You are stuck on the upload part? I will help if I can?
I swear I haven't been here waiting for you to wonder if you wants to go see a movie this evening. There are a few nice Peeper Ponds we can stop at after a movie.
Peeper Pond amaze me.
It's sorta like a sexual fire.
I mean a furnace of energy.
It's a creativity Place. Belly.
The sounds sort of coo cool.
There's a coiling at a cooler.
It's a slowed down spiral.
It's a subdued typhoon.
And no ocean waves.
Ya feel deep depth.
A natural current.
A what 'muse' is?
A Male-Female.
Ay Ponderous.
A White Goddess.
Robert Graves ref:,
The Poetic-essay.
Muse-Magic ref:,
Old Traditions.
Old Legends.
Dragon Lady.
I still Wonder.
Maybe yes/no.
I'll go tonight.
Thanks `gin.
I'll share.
I get big.
Bog ay.
You do.
I do too.
My gads.
O gizmo.
I not sure.
at the
So thank you for writing this..Cause I too have trouble with the HTML..I want to uρload but the editor doesn't seem to work and although I needed helρ I didn't know where to find it.I will come to you for information..Hoρe I won't be a trouble..Thank you again,dianaani.Best regards.
Art, I wish I were there and we could go to the movies, but they would kick us out, because you'd be talking, and I'd be laughing.

Stathi, good luck, and I am happy to help, if I know how.
This is over my head but I appreciate the effort. I think I need to take a course. I don't know how to do your #1.
I hate to admit you lost me at "Create a photo album"...
Your friend has the joie de vivre I love to see in a face.

Time for me to suck it up and take a computer class...although my kids love to lord their computer knowledge over me -- I hate to wreck their fun. : )
Sarah, you and Just Thinking both got stuck at "create a photo album" which says to me that you may not have a problem with posting photos here, eh? If you get stuck at writing posts, then what do you fall back on? I have to play with something, some kind of puzzle.
Hmm...I need to study this, of course you had to post this AFTER I just posted more photos. I've never used Flickr, I edit my photos in a program called Photo Impression, its a poor (wo)man's Photoshop, then enlarge them as much as I can here.
Well explained. Excellently done. And by the way. I love your big-assed photos.
So the next question is, how tough is it to learn Photoshop? For example, not only do the colors on my cave painting photos need punching up, but I'd like to make a photomosaic of the roof of the cave. I suppose they have community college courses on that, right?