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JANUARY 2, 2012 8:18PM

My Monkey Feet ~ w/photo!

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Fernsy has been talking about shoe fashions, specifically the odd ones. I mentioned that when I wear my five-toed shoes, I call these my monkey feet.


When I posted this photo on a social network some time back, I wanted people to know that these really help all my toes to exercise, and make for healthy feet. My cousin wondered why that was important? Can't say that I have an answer for her yet. 


Go ahead, laugh. No story, no wisdom, just showing Fernsy that yes, five-toed shoes do exist. That are really comfortable, and my best experience with them is ladder climbing.



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Oh No, I need a photo with this. I can imagine them and you describe them well but I still can't quite grasp the idea. Monkey feet. Makes me smile.
The pic isn't showing up. I am dying to see it! Thanks.
I can't see the photo either.
Rated on the thought that counts.
Well! I hope that I have now fixed it!
What kind of socks do you wear with those?
I like them. I want a pair.
Usually, no socks. But I made a pair of "thong-socks" from cutting three tiny holes on the seam of some knee socks. One for my big toe, one for the next two toes, and one for the last two toes. Quite fetching!
5 toe socks Larry.. Diananni.. I can not even wear flip flops because I cant stand anything between my toes. These would kill me.
Thanks zanelle, romantic petess, Fernsy, and fusun! Best kind of folks who rate and comment, even if I have told no story nor shared an image! I hope to make it up to you, hope my posts in 2012 are all uphill from here.

Linda, it does take a little getting used to, but the flexibility and muscle tone improvement is worth it.
Oh They are amazing!! I can see that they are good for your toes. Monkey Feet and they are black. Thanks for the photo.
Laugh I did!!!! But I don't know why really ... I have seen something similar before as my son has a pair of running shoes with toes. He's a fitness instructor and says they're really good for running. But still....you gotta admit they DO look funny!!! :)
Yes, Kate. Every time I look down, I smile! I have heard that these shoes help runners get a more natural stride.

Zanelle, thanks! I aim to please.
You can get something like this here in Turkey, furry feet with cat nails sticking out.
Just really weird Diana.
Are they warm? I hate shoes, they hurt my feet, but these are intriguing.
I go barefooted as much as possible Dianna and remember these from seeing a pic of them before.
You got to send me a link as to where to get some. I believe in healthy happy feet and know mine are happiest with no shoes...
but I am willing to give these a shot..
Although these shoes are a large bundle of awesomeness Diana, I will remain with my beloved cowgirl boots, while chuckling at the irony of a Massachusettsian in cowgirl boots, and a Texan in Harvard Square footwear.
I live in an area where people I know claim to have seen Bigfoot in the forest.
Oh! You have some cute looking feet. Stubby toes, no?

More gorilla than Monkey, Dianaani ;)
Sweet! I've seen a few people wearing them around town. I take it they're comfortable soles? :)
Would you believe I have a co-worker who wears these in his classroom? They must be very comfortable... ~r
I want a pair. Where do you get them?
Matt. I found some here:

They even have socks.
Our youngest wants a pair of these...
healthy toes, eh?
Do you wear these to town? : )
Happy New Year's to you, Diana ! Look forward to reading more from your world this year...
My daughter has five pairs of "toe shoes" and swears by them.
"thong socks!" or
should I say "thong!socks" ?

big laugh dianaani... that image, doing strange pics in me mind!!!
Oh, y'all! I never KNEW this would garner any attention! I don't know how to answer you all.

http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/ is the make is my shoes. Yes, they are comfortable, and many people who try them swear off other shoes. To me it is the difference between wearing gloves or mittens, and gloves give ou the ability to use your fingers, these shoes allow my toes to get smarter. If I had worn shoes like this all my life, I wonder if all my toes would be able to DO TRICKS!

Interrobang, you got that right!
I've saved the link. If I need a smile, I'll just pull up the page again.

Greenheron, I want pictures! Barry, glad I can bring you that smile.
Those are popular in the Pacific Northwest. My older son wants a pair. Cute feet.
Those are what we call "Cipherin Shoes" They represent a tremendous leap forward in the technology of my ancestors, in that in cold climates, they allow us to do sums up to twenty without suffering frostbitten toes.
PS Some of us are lucky enough to be able to do sums up to as much as 28. (There had been some confusion at the beginning of the invention of cipherin, as to whether digits were decreed by the gods to be base 10 or base 12, but the 10 fingered were slightly in the majority and so won the argument- the law of unintended consequences has made those polydactyls who survived the discussion (and those who occasionally are born into our population) uniquely able to delve into the realm of "Higher Mathematics" (ie- sums above 20)
Thanks, Token! I am hoping I can remember some of these points to roll out next time someone comments on my footwear. Whoo boy!
Those are gorilla feet! But cute ones! Once I passed 40 I stopped laughing at anyone's comfortable footwear. When your feet hurt, everything hurts. I haven't yet ventured into the toe-shoe fad -- but I can see from your footposture that these are supremely relaxing. I do want to know if you can pick up things with your toes? Play piano? Write? ...Seems like those would be useful skills to perform with feet. Think of how many blog posts you could write if your foot were writing at the same time as your hand?
Diana, I love the photo. They are all the rage out here in N. California. They come in colors and strips too!

I saw a guy in my yoga class today put on a pair of these. But first he put on a pair of five-toed sox. It took a while. He was the last one to leave the studio.