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NOVEMBER 19, 2011 10:29PM

I've Changed

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Your poured your love, filled me up
You shone your heart, helped me grow
You shared your soul, kept some of mine
When I could stand, you let go my hand
When I could walk, you stepped back


And now

Now I've changed
I stand, I walk, half a soul with none to lean on
Kinda crooked


And now

Now I've moved
I speak, I see, half empty with none to share
Kinda hollow



and so I wonder

will you still love me
now I've changed?


photos etc. © diana ani stokely 2011 - all rights reserved


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poetry, photography, dianaani

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Change is inevitable and nothing or no-one perfect. Those who truly love you will still love you as you transform.
Thanks! designanator, you make me smile.
Kate, that is my hope and dream.
Sounds like loneliness talking. Your real self is there, fight on embracing it again.
The trick is to love yourself even if you change. That is the trick that I am working on. Lovely images.
I was about to be carried away by the words, then the photos got me, and I went with them. Despite the sense of absence, they are joyous.
Beautiful photos and words, love the last one.. nice.
your writing and photographs are very appealing
Ever evolving...The true ones cheer you on!
Beautiful, sentiments and photos. Do we really change much, or do we merely unfold as a blooming flower, revealing more and more of ourselves?
Your good and today your GREAT.
a lovely song for the countryside
You have arranged the sections of this poem so intelligently, for maximum impact; and, for some reason, I find the colloquial "kinda" just perfect as a counterpoint to the introspective tension. I like this poem, a lot.
Perhaps it is only in the changing ... all the changing ... deepest changing ... that ... we ... become ...

I’ve thought of your words overnight, dianaani. So often you are the one who offers light. So often you are the one who offers love.

Who that matters will not love you as you change ...
as you ... become ...
Much love here ... for you ...
blufeather, the "loneliness talking" is true, and I do not dismiss it lightly. Some days, I grow weary of the fight against it.

thanks, zanelle. I love myself for sure (ask my siblings). I hope I never lose the love of that one who helped me so much.

Poppi, I love you too.

Spike, yeah, I get that. Fall makes me melancholy, and I have to roll around in that awhile, part of my seasonal adjustment, I guess. Thank you.

ah rita, you always lift, I also love the lane, with the sun going down. I took that yesterday late, and it seemed magical.

Thank you kindly, LeRay. This self-doubt of mine needed writing so that I could get on with life. The photos are in the yard and lane here, a lovely sad time of year.

Thanks, Linnnn, you are right of course.

Matt, that's rather deep, we are onions of layers.

Thank you Algis, you're nice to say so!

J.P. I am graced by your comment. I hadn't thought of it as a song, but it would sound nice played on a duduk, I think.

Jerry! Your discerning eye, that caused me a bit of back-and-forth, but yes, kinda crooked and kinda hollow is EXACTLY how I feel when skies are grey and the wind blows northerly.

annaliese, you slay me again, but a little extra wallow in sadness is healing somehow. I would say you are the one who offers up armloads of love in every comment.
I haven't had much of a presence on OS this past month or so Diana, so I know you know this means a lot...not just my comment here of course, but what it means to me personally--striking chords. I hope all you get back from this, from those who pass by and those perhaps you had in mind is unconditional affirmation. I for one know it's deserved regardless of the many paths that brought us here today. So, yes.

(And, as always, beautiful and thoughtful and painterly photos.) xo
hey, diana.
artists are supposed to change.
Yet it is when we are half hollow that we are able to be filled with new...
...as yes, as certainly as one can say it, always lovable you are, Ms. dianaani : )
Purty photos. I liked how you "explained" the banner photo later in the post.
Acknowledging sadness has nothing to do with wallowing, I think, diana. More to do with allowing, perhaps ... and look once more at the lane above. As the sun sets, the lane rises. If you sense healing so soon, then the rising has already begun ... perhaps ... and change ... in time ... may help us see ... anew ...

Your words here, as always, touch us all ... perhaps more than you know ...
Two spectacularly done photos!

And a poem with some depth to go along with them.
Hello everybody! I could not login yesterday to read and reply to your kind comments. Maybe OS is taking Tink's advice and closing on weekends?

Barry, you and I have talked before about change, and keeping friendships and relationships. Sometimes, it seems overwhelmingly difficult. I appreciate your kind words and always blush when you applaud my photography! Whoop!

Hey Kim! Yes! and change is good! Sometimes, we may lose a friend along the way, though, and that hurts.

Just Thinking ... You make comments into poetry, lovely. Thank you dearly.

greenheron, thanks honey! I seem to find the comments section a good place to "explain." If ever I modified my writings, I would build them using comments to fill out the meanings.

annaliese, perhaps that is true, that our words go in unknown hearts and minds. By the way, I love the way the trees cover the lane, giving a peek of the rising lane.

Brassawe, thanks! This is a pretty time of year for photography. It's also a time of year for reflection and a certain sadness at the endings all around me.

I have some good news! I just shook hands on a deal to get my own shop on the square. I hope to open a week from Friday! Wow, life jumps into high gear suddenly.
Congratulations! A store all of dianaani's own?
How exciting!
Ah, I understand. Well illustrated between the words and photos. You wrote this to yourself, of course. It's a tough place to be.
Very, very nice. ~r
Just Thinking, mostly my own, yes! I share the conference area with an architect who meets clients there on maybe one Saturday per month.

Harry, you're rather astute, you know. I wrote it to the friend who helped me when times were bad, but thought of that angle too, and as a tree talking to god. With new beginnings in my business, I am feeling pretty jazzed now!

Joan, thanks! I await your next photo journey, doorways, portals, windows?
I think of this as being very brave, to admit you've changed and to ask for acceptance of your new self. Most of us just hide it, every change. Too afraid to present newborn parts of ourselves.
Well, Bell, yeah, it hurts to ask for acceptance. Wouldn't be so bad to show the change of new beginnings, but rather tricky to display the ravages of time.
Beautiful! This really says so much, so well.
The graininess of the bottom photo is awesome. Literally.

Was that purposeful?
Chi-Guy, thanks, man! means a lot, coming from the jazziest writer in the place. I appreciate the love.

Dianne, welcome! Yes, to my detriment sometimes, I do love grain, and will add it for that feeling. This was in photoshop, with a overlay fade, in case you are into that kind of thing. Makes a mood, doesn't it?
Beautifully done. Change is good.
change is the only inevitable, the only constant and the consequences of that are always unpredictable. But friends, true friends, will always accept you as you grow and change. Cheers
Love changes too.

Gorgeous photos!