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OCTOBER 12, 2011 8:06PM


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     We got almost four inches of rain this week, a blessing beyond measure. Our drought still exists, those water tables are still at historic lows, but we are grateful. The plants and animals are delighted. Suddenly, from the previously crispy-fried dead grass, new grass has shot forth, wildflowers have erupted from nowhere, and the feast of life is served!

      The first flowers to spring up are the lovely  gayfeathers. What a name! Makes me want to pick one, and wear it in the logan green hat of my Maid Marion costume! The photo below is how they look alongside the road near my house. (To see any of these photos at full size, just click on them!)


      If you get right up on the gayfeathers, you will see that their petals are delicate fronds. This one is being cleaned of any excess pollen by a busy bee.


      Nearby are tall stands of Maximillian Sunflowers. I like the way the stalks are crowded like highrise buildings. These are two days old.



     I couldn't quit with just one photograph, so here is another. These happy flowers waited for four months without rain, for more than 70 days of temperatures over 100 degrees, and then sprang up with hope and promise.



      Not far from the tall yellow sunflowers were these blue wildflowers. I like them, even if I don't know their name yet. [blue sage, a.k.a. Salvia Azurea, according to nanatehay  thanks!]


         Look closely at the white petals below and see the visiting spider there. I had no idea until I saw the enlarged image on my screen! [our resident OS expert, nanatahey, says the flower is Snow-on-the-mountain, Euphorbia Marginata. Thanks, again!]




      The black wasps on the goldenrod were so busy with their heads down in the pollen, I could get right up to them. They remind me of  the black skirted ladies tending the alter vestments in the churches down in old Mexico. 


      Finally, Texas is having the kind of beautiful weather that invites us outside to enjoy.  Thanks for coming along with me today to share in the rain's bounty.


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images © diana ani stokely 2011

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"These happy flowers waited for four months without rain, for more than 70 days of temperatures over 100 degrees, and then sprang up with hope and promise."

Not just the flowers, but the people are behaving like this. What welcome rain! Your photos are lovely.
Your photography is always so beautiful. Love the spider. ~r
Yay, wildflowers! Excellent shots, Dianaani - I almost included some gayfeather in my flower post last week. The blue flower is one I did include; it is blue sage, a.k.a. Salvia azurea. Your area and mine share some of the same wildflower beauty!
joy after pain. I love how life circles around itself.
Yep, Julie, you share with me, Barry, DesertRat, this joy in the change of weather. Thanks for your kind words.

Hey Joan, that is a sneaky spider hoping for a light lunch from a visiting insect, eh?

Thanks, nanatehay! Yeah, I thought so too, our flora coincide some. I appreciate your help with the blue sage. Would you know the name of that crazy white rose thing? (spider)

Mime, you can teach with three words. Thanks.
dianaani / nanatehay ...separated at birth? both your posts had me in wildflower heaven. I really love that white flower with the green edging. what is that? either / both of you have an answer? thanks!
Beautiful, beautiful photos. Hope you get a little more rain (I'd be glad to give you some of ours).
You just never know what you are going to get when you take a picture.. You get delicate spiders and I get clowns holding a phallic balloon hahaha.
HUGGGGGGGG- beautiful blog
It might be nice to be a wasp or spider or bee so I could nestle down and stretch out in those beautiful soft sweet petals. These were refreshing and so pretty.
The crazy white rose thing is snow-on-the-mountain, Euphorbia marginata. There should be more wildflower posts on OS where people get to identify plants and use Latin names and stuff. :P
I always enjoy seeing the beauty that you see through your camera lens. Amazing photos, Diana.

I need to buy myself a decent camera but somehow I suspect that's not all I need .... photography lessons might help!!!
Gayfeathers, nice name. Glad Texas is getting some fresh weather. Hey, gayfeathers and weather rhymes. There's a poem in there somewhere!

Lovely post, dianani.
you know, Diana, I said in my last post that I am rarely envious of other's beautiful photography...that I enjoy it and use what I see and love as instructive and inspirational. I come close to envy with your stuff, but maybe that's sort of tinged with a whole lot of general admiration and affection. Still, I just love what you've done here, the images and the weaving of a gentle love story for the rain and what she brings.

Beautifully done, friend. xo

(I love it when Julie comments too.)
Your Autumn looks like our Spring !
Glad you got some rain. I really enjoyed your photos. Thanks ~R~
beautiful, as usual
Such unique flowers and bugs. Thank you!
dirndl skirt: hey girl! Nanatehay and I are getting to be friends over these flowers, and I just love it. He named the funky white flower 9with spider) and I updated the post to show it.

Thanks Cranky, we could use a lot more rain to fill our tanks and creeks and water tables. Four inches was about the best gift this year. I appreciate your coming by, and will take any rain donations you can spare.

Ha, Linda! Don't you know it! I love your freaky clown baloon maker photo a whole lot! Thanks, sweetheart.

greenheron, wouldn't it be nice to just hang out in a damp flower petal on a perfect day, waiting for your lunch to just drop in?

nanatehay, YOU DA MAN! I agree the latin naming opportunities are bleak, but want to pick your brain about this flower I cannot identify. I haven't posted it here, I will "friend" you and show it to you later. THANKS, MAN!

I always enjoy your eyes on my photos, Little Kate! My son gave me my little camera about 3 or 4 years ago, and I carry it around with me everywhere. I stopped my car on that road this afternoon, and took pictures of everything I could find. Nice that I live way out in the boonies!

Hi Scarlett! Thanks for your presence. I am not so poetic today, but offer you the opportunity?

Hey Barry, I know that slightly envious feeling of seeing someone else's photo, and wishing I'd been there with some fine equipment and had taken it. But mostly, I just enjoy and learn, and you are surely a mentor to me. How about that Julie jumping to comment on my post! whoooooooop!

Kim, our autumn looks like our spring too! We've been so parched, that the poor flowers take any chance they can get to come up. We will get fall changes in another month probably.

thanks, keri h, glad you came by!

I'm glad we got some rain too! Thanks for coming over to see and comment, M.C.Sears.

token, old pal, long time. you are good to me.

Thanks, zanelle, it was like the table had been laid for all, wasn't it? I liked your pretty photos of batik today. We are so fine! :o)
This is just beautiful. R
Wow! Those tall sunflowers grew in two days? Just proves that species will take advantage of a positive when it comes along so it can reproduce. And I'm totally in love with your wild gayfeathers - we have nothing like that here. Beautiful rain, beautiful roadsides, Diana.

And I love it when Julie comments three. :)
I'm so glad you've had some rain! That's amazing how they spring up to have their season...
Thanks for these!
Very nice. Happy you got rain.
"The feast of life is served!"

Love it all; your pictures make me want to clap. And you've got to post a picture of yourself in your Maid Marion costume now that you've let on you have one.
RAIN!!! is coming our way too, we need it, but, RAIN!! :D
Thank you, Thoth, the beautiful part was not my own doing ;o)

Hey Candace, too bad you don't have gay feathers, it is such a fun name to say. Last couple of days, i drive the roads calling to them.

Just Thinking and Bernadine, yes finally we got rain! Lord knows we need it. Everybody and everything is in a good mood suddenly.

Margaret, hmmm, I am always BEHIND the camera. I might find my hat though. Thanks!

Tink, good for you! Rain is just about the nicest thing to happen here in a long time. I hope you have a gentle soaker and don't get mud on your ... uh ... paws!

Interrobang, gracias! Que linda es la lluvia
Simply lovely and colorful piece. My favorite image is the one with the bee. So busy! I love bees.
Flowers! And so quickly. Like they were in suspended animation just waiting for that one drop to fall.
Isn't it amazing nature has the resiliency of a small child - lovely, lovely photos - thank you for sharing
Seer, yes, a natural state is waiting for us all!

Desert Rat, hey man, did you get any photos of those rainy days? I just love the wet air!

Beth, thank you, I think you must love bees just because they move so fast. I had never seen a black and silver bee before, had you?

Linnnn, yep, just waiting their cue! I am so glad they got ttheir chance.

Lammchops, thank you! I like your words "like the resiliency of a small child" to describe this happy moment.
Rain's bounty and such exquisite treasure! Thanks for letting us walk with you.
Beautiful, Diana. Thank you for sharing these gifts of nature with us. Rated.
Well deserved, congratulations on the EP!
Love the flowers!!
Absolutely beautiful.
overjoyed to hear of your rain!!!
and gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous flowers! we don't have those here
thank you for sharing them
I love photos of flowers and plants, they always seem so free with their beauty and these are lovely. I'm really glad you got some rain.
Wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them! Cheers-
Thanks for taking us on this lovely walk. -R-
So beautiful and so over for us here in Colorado! Ski season is upon us now!
The gayfeathers look like a kinder, gentler loosestrife (as in The Color Purple--I think), which is pretty to look at but invasive.

And a beautiful bounty it is. Thank you for this. R
Eloquent testimony to the planet's enormous capacity to right itself, Diana. It will of course have righted itself in a big way when it has shed itself of us.