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SEPTEMBER 13, 2011 10:07PM

borrowed dogs

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     I'm looking around the big main room of the lodge, the room with the Santa-Claus-sized fireplace and hearth. I count seven dogs:

Pepper is a Blue Heeler.
Castle is a  South African (short legged) Jack Russell Terrier.
Keesha is a German Shepherd.
Addie is a tiny Chihuahua/Terrier mix.
Toby is a Pharoah Hound.
Hank is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.
Sugar is a Cavalier Spaniel.



     Today, I borrowed Addie. She had a chill and so I made a papoose-burnoose and held her until the shivering stopped. I found myself doing the rocking two-step from when my children were tiny. She was warmed and so was I.

      Pepper loans herself to anyone who will pat her. She starts with a big lean, enough to knock you over, and relaxes into your side. 


castle      Castle, the Queen of the Pack, greeted my arrival at the airport with jumping wiggling happiness and kisses too. I had never been so welcomed. Since then, she deigns to sit in my lap, if I am respectfully grateful for the honor.

      I have endeared myself to all by saving tiny scraps at the end of my meal and doling them out like a mother bird to her nestlings. I am working up to ignoring all the between-meal treat entreaties. Wish me luck.


      Borrowing dogs makes for a gentle and loving vacation. I expect I will have some other adventures, but none so warm or so easy.



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images © diana ani stokely 2011

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I want to live there with those dogs.
Reading along, I began to miss a certain dog in Texas. And now that I write a comment, more sweet pups come to mind. You captured doggie lovingness well.
Me too and I miss Axel when I read this.
beautiful Diana. restful, high altitude clean fresh air and friendly four leggéd friends and neighbors. what could be nicer? thanks for finding a connection and sharing.
I love being part of a pack of dogs. They all must love you!
Love this, but what is a pharaoh hound?

Looks and sounds like a fine place to spend some serious relaxing time breathing...And having a few dogs to pet during the process.
I think we all need more borrowed dogs...and they need us as well. Loved this and love knowing you are there! Esp after the hot dry Hades of a summer you've had in Texas! lovely read! R
Dog therapy and nature...nothing better!
I love a small plump pooch, which these all seem to be. I wonder if you could fit all of them on your lap at once?
"a doggie ain't nuttin' if he don't have a bone"

Hi Dianaani, you might get a laugh from this
well that's supposed to be this ~


Trinidad Soca/Calypso
Very happy for you Dianaani - what a beautiful place !

Don't think no-one noticed Santa Claus sized fireplace or the ole 2 step - you're such a natch.

& Interrobang - Colorado to Caylpso - only II ( sigh ;-)

Love it.
littlewillie, you and me both.

heidibeth, I am glad I reminded you of sweet pups. Thanks.

Linda, maybe Axel will visit in your dreams, hugs to you too.

barry, this hiatus from heat and dry and fire scares is really healthful. the beauty alone grabs me over and over. I always appreciate your coming by.

zanelle, part of a pack of dogs! That is pretty true description. we admire each other immensely.

ravensword, I have no photos yet of the pharoah hound. The dog, Toby, is a little skittish. The breed is truly handsome, noble, and ancient.

mission, once I became acclimated to the altitude, the breathing was easier. Today I found chantrelle mushrooms and made soup!

Persistent Muse, yes, thank you, it is a wonderful break from the troubles in Texas this summer. Since I don't have a dog of my own, I enjoy these so very much.

Doireann, yes, and plenty of it!

greenheron, I must improve my photography to show their size and weight. Three of the dogs are lap size, but not all three of them at once. Castle is the one in the banner image and again begging for treats. She is a lap-full! Keesha is bigger than me, Toby and Hank and Pepper are half my size.

Interrobang, when I am on a system that can show the video, I will surely watch it. The vacation would have been worth it for the dogs alone, but the friends and fireplace and scenery and weather just make this place perfect.

Kim, so good to see you again, you always boost my morale, if not my morals. Thank you always.
How did I miss this? It's sort of like a big soup pot of dogs, lots of odds and ends all mixed together. I can't begin to tell you how much I would like to borrow a dog now and then. Great post, Diana.
Tiny little dog legs. Vast mountain. Interesting contrast.
I absolutely love dogs. My entry today was about my dog, Max.
That last shot has me drooling. Where is that!? Sorry it took so long to get here...
I only started loving dogs as an adult, now I don't know what I'd do without my Kona dog. She's part J.R. terrier like Castle. Those dogs are so smart!! I love that look Castle has on her face, what a cutie.
I'm glad you could borrow!
Some of the sweetest creatures on this earth, dogs...
Candy, dog soup! Sounds like a song title. I think dog loaners could be a viable business.

Pilgrim, even the big dog (Rhodesian Ridgeback) is dwarfed by those mountains, but yeah, makes a good contrast.

Dan, I wish I could be with those dogs more often, but feel real lucky I had such a good time. Hey Max.

Just Thinking, the place is Platoro, Colorado, site of my 9 day vacation in mid-September. Visit the PlatoroCO website to see more nice pix. Yes, that photo of begging Castle is her best look. She can turn it on so easily.

Sheila, aren't we lucky to have dogs for companions? I appreciate you.
Now this looks and sounds like dog heaven.
What a beautiful place and furry friends!