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MAY 24, 2011 2:16AM

Vanessa Framed

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    You probably already know I use Photoshop to manipulate photographs, etc. Also, you are probably already familiar with Puerto Rico's famous children's book author, Vanessa Seijo, who also posts on Open Salon. Vanessa was using a snapshot taken at some dinner party for a user image. She'd cropped it, but the shoulder and arm of her escort was still showing in the image. That is the kind of thing that inspires me to make something out of it.

     How it Was Done:

     1) Remove the background, the shoulder and arm of her escort.

     2) Lighten where shadows no longer make sense.

     3) Smooth out the pixelation that comes with enlarging a small photo, and turn it into something approaching a brush stroke painting.

     4) A quick search for some medieval tapestry to use as a frame, and here you have it:





image © diana ani stokely 2011
all rights reserved
click on image to see at full size

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You're so instructional. OMG #3 is full of double entendres. Naughty if intentional. ; - )
Brilliant work and for someone so deserving of your kind attention,dianaani!
I like your greenish, old picture. Looking old
(famous!!! ha!!!)

oh, dianaani, i am verklempt
this is a gorgeous gift, and you have been kind to me beyond imagining
thank you truly, thank you, thank you, thank you

(deep curtsy)
Both of you are so beautiful and talented. (I love Vanessa's use of the word "verklempt" here.) ~r
A beautiful gift .... You Diana .... Vanessa .... and this!
I love it! Such a lovely lady...wonderful portrait, Diana!
Wright Sight, I _love_ your comment! I did a real double-take, #3? How could that be ....? I guess that you and I both stay up late and then see what happens? really, though, when you blow up (there I go again!) an image, it gets pixellated, "jiggedy" (as i call it), and quite a bit of time is required to smooth out those pixels. Thanks for your funny bone!

Linnnn, it makes me smile every time I see your own avatar, I'm happy you like this one, too.

Kasia, the old photo on my banner? That was taken when I was 12, we have a big family. Thanks!

Vanessa! I knew that word would catch you, but I stand behind it. You aren't just a pretty face! I am so glad you are pleased with my gift to you.

Joan, Kate, Muse, you all shine like pretty stars here, I bask in your glow, and know that Vanessa is a big draw .... Ha!
Beautiful, both the result and the subject.
Forgot add that the explanation of your craft, Diana, was fascinating.
Wow. Now I'll have to look into the original photo. Your result is spectacular...show us more!
Diana, the portrait looks great and thanks for this informative tutorial on the process!
What a lovely photo of our famous authour!!
She is nothing but the jewel of the nile.
rated with hugs
"Remove the shoulder and arm of her escort."

A girl named Pam tried that on me in the 8th grade.
Great job - great subject.
Medieval tapestry frame is the perfect choice for lovely Vanessa, and now she looks like a painting within it. Great work Dianaani !
Excellent work and excellent as to the instructions on how to do this Di. I only wish I was so talented.
How cool of you, Diana...Vanessa looks wonderful with the medieval tapestry surrounding, very apropos somehow....
I didn't know she's a famous children's book author! ...but not surprised. : )
I love how your artistic talents keep popping up in different areas through these months of reading your posts...
Wow! Great work and such a beautiful smile... grand!

Thanks, Matt, for the lovely remarks. I'm pleased that your're still talking to me ... :o)

Hello, Vivian, and welcome. I may post some before-and-afters just for you, thanks!

designanator, you are entirely welcome.

thanks, poppi, she is a pretty face AND a brilliant mind.

hey Linda! like Cleopatra? that's cool!

Ah, Con, you caught me again. When I write sentences like tha, I think of you, ya know.

Thanks, trilogy, she's a cutie.

Mission, glad you came by. Talent _may_ be a part of it, but mostly it is sheer determination, and lots of practise. It helps that I love to do it.

Just Thinking... I worry about being lazy with writing, but falling back on art is just too tempting. I appreciate your coming by all these times. Vanessa just pubrlished her first children's book, and is getting some attantion. She is a devotee of all things medieval too, so you were right about the appropriateness of that tapestry frame.

rita, she surely does have a bright and happy smile. thanks for visiting!
You make it sound so simple. As a fellow Photoshopper, I smile at that!
Well, Spike, I figured nobody wants to hear about almost 20 years of daily practice, and about 2 hours work, to accomplish those four little bullet points. I do appreciate your coming by to look and to comment.
Photo magic. Never fails to fascinate.
And this is a woman who is shy about her physical appearance!

The tapestry was a stroke of genius.
Hey Leon, maybe I need a shake-up, and should write something searing ... Or not. I have little time for thinking, photo art is hard-wired, I am lazy. Thanks though.

Steve, I know! She's not just brilliant, she's lovely too! I should be so shy.
For no good reason, Vanessa and I, haven't crossed paths , but I have read her and have admired her talent and overall persona. One day, soon, I hope to explore her blog etc.
I had no idea she is famous children's author. How cool.
She has a great face . You did it much justice with your mastery . Brava dear diana ani.