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June 14
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OCTOBER 11, 2010 1:55PM

Exposing my Naked Salon

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Have you ever thought about posing nude for an art class?  Could you handle it?  I responded to an ad in Craigslist to do just that.  With unemployment around 12% in my state, I needed to make a little extra cash.

When I saw the ad I hesitated.  But then I realized it was an evangelical Christian College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I'd figure I would be safe.  Also since the students are young, I most likely would not run into them in town.  If it would have been an adult education class; I would have passed it up.  That's all I need is a neighbor or an old boss seeing me in the buff.

Since I do attend nude beaches and resorts plus I have posed for artistic black and white nude photography, I shouldn't be too embarrassed.  When I arrived at the newly rebuilt college, I was quite impressed by the architecture and the 'green' materials that were used.  They had reconstructed their buildings out of the ruins of a terrible fire

There were about five students huddled around a small receptacle sharpening their charcoal pencils.  All were females except one and the professor.  Professor of Art, Scott Anderson is young and handsome.  I was expecting a much older man with shabby hair who smelled of cigarettes.

Professor Anderson introduced himself and then began to tell me of the 2, 4 and 5 minutes poses that he was looking for.  He was looking for athletic poses of which I told him I did not have an athletic body to match.

The type of drawing the students were going to sketch was of blocks and circles.  I guess I would call it a preliminary drawing to line up certain parts of the body.  I had the vision of a watercolor or charcoal drawing of me laying on a cloth with flowers in my hair.  Instead I was standing on a platform with harsh lighting.

While I was in the dressing room taking off my clothes, I looked into the mirror and was reminded how fluorescent lighting is not a woman’s best friend.  Plus I was having a hard time sucking it in.  I feel skinnier in the morning then the late afternoon.  For the past few months I had lost some inches and was looking a lot better.  The past week, I was under a lot of stress, had out of town visitors which meant eating and drinking a little more than usual.

When I walked out of the dressing room, I volunteered to use my cell phone as a timer.  So standing naked in front of everyone, I fumbled with my cell phone to set the timer.  It reminded me of Marilyn Monroe saying, "The only thing I have on is the radio".

With the bright spot lights shining on my swollen salon I went into my first pose.  I faced the students with my hands up and one leg out. I daydreamed as I waited for the timer to go off at the same occasion trying to figure out my next pose.

After several poses, I was getting tired and it was becoming more challenging to create new poses.  At the end of the sessions it was time to get dressed.

I wanted to make conversation with a couple of the students but felt their unease.  I felt awkward but relieved that it was over.  Was it worth three hours of standing there in front of strangers?  Yes.  In a sense it was liberating.  It was like conquering a phobia.  It reminded me of dreams I have had of when I am standing naked in a crowd.  Now that I have done that, will that nightmare go away?  Perhaps I should do it again for good measure.

 Charcoal Drawing




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Need another nudist on here...
Daughter has a regular job as an art model. At her age, she can manage it with aplomb and, raised a nudist, perfect comfort.
Nudism is all about body acceptance.
I've posed for artists, painters. Fun! r.
We don't know your age (or even an age range) so it's hard to say how much the males would have enjoyed that.

College age students continue to not have problems with nudity, for the most part. I'm still fortunate enough to be able to spy on a few with binoculars and can tell you after years of doing so that some babes are quite comfortable walking around naked when they think they are in private.

Thanks for the encouraging news!
To answer I.C. London. I am 51.
Hey DS! Delighted to see you on the cover!! (Do I know how to pick 'em or what?)

BTW Your picture is gorgeous--strong and female.

(Excuse me, I C London, that is an invasion of privacy. Even nudists do not like to be spied upon.)
I could never do that, my birthday suit is for my eyes only...for now, but I agree about feeling better in the morning than the afternoon
It would be embarrassing having a small piece of toilet paper stuck in the wrong place for 3 hours.

Ty 4 sharing. Talk about serendipity just yesterday I was thinking about what it would be like to be a nude artist's model. Thanks for "exposing" this bit of info. R
Good for you for facing your fear and making some money while doing so. Very resourceful!

I'm more likely to be found trying to figure out all the relative proportions of the human body with my pencil. =o) But you are helping art students become more proficient at drawing which is one of THE most basic things for an artist to learn--always a good cause!
I think I could have done it a few years ago, but my 6 pack has turned into a keg. I think it's time to think about doing only private shows.
I am an art major and have loved many figure drawing sessions. It is a true art and meditation to be a model. Very unique calling. As an artist I know that the figure is the most interesting thing in the world to draw. Thanks for this post.
I grew up in Brooklyn in the 1930's well before air conditioning and the hellish hot summers made us well at ease when the family was alone and nude together. In the US Army a group of us held art classes and posed nude for each other. No problems, no hang-ups. Nudity is just the frank admission there was nothing to be ashamed of in having a body with all the parts that everybody else had and nobody is perfect.
Interesting perspective on nudism. I certainly couldn't have done that.

According to Daniel Radcliffe, who is now at least half as famous for his "bare-all" performance in "Equus" for two seasons, even though he is a generally self-conscious person, performing nude was not that big of a deal for him. It must just be that way for some people.

Thanks for sharing!
For those you are struggling with their own nudity, go to a nude beach. It's liberating. I didn't have to buy a bathing suit for five years. No tan lines. Come on! Give it a try.
I posed once upon a time, but only on a limited basis, and was clothed throughout. But it was hard work, all the same. who knew keeping still would be that tough?
I applaud your courage and stamina!
Well hell! You’ve just described a shit load of dreams I’ve had during recent my life. I recently dreamt that I was hired to help repair a leak in Hoover Dam, I was working away amongst some other workers, but more intriguing was a most beautiful black lady at the Colorado River at the downside of the damn. She was spectacularly beautiful, full red lips, and breasts, eyes dark as coal, skin silky and velvety as a fine piece of milk chocolate.

I was totally nude, but that didn’t seem to bother her. We had a short, mutually agreed interlope prtiofde arranged wherein I was touching her gorgeous soft, quivering legs. Just as I was about to make mouth to mouth contact and my hand was just centimeters from the treasure all guys seek, the trasure btween her thighs, she was moaning so softly I could barely here her, looking into my eyes, thos eyes melting my soul when a whistle blew signifying that the damned dam was going to release water an all those below the damn must leave.

We gathered our belongings and climbed up to the top of the cavern where water was going to flood. I realized I didn’t have her name, address or telephone so I ran all over the parking places looking for her, but never saw the beauty again. I was depressed for weeks, hoping to return to the dream, but never did. What a beauty she was a person, who like me, was very adventurous brave and free to try anything for fun, even a bit teasing with a sparkle in her teasing eyes. I still often hope, when I go to sleep she will show up in one of my dreams, I would surely get her telephone number and address this time.

Perhaps I should begin taking some art courses. Maybe she's there.
could onlly hope Oh waht a drawingIi could make of her.
I love this! Thanks for your bravery and honesty. When I was 14 or so, I used to go to live drawing classes in New York, and later in my 20s, 30s and 40s here in PA. As a kid it amazed me, how the models could sit in their bathrobes chatting on their break with the artists who had stared at their naked bodies minutes before, then dropping the robe when the break was over. Even in more recent years, it still seems a brave thing to do. But please don't suck it in -- most artists love the real look.
Having been on the other side I can tell you the students don't see the person, they just see light and shadow and are working too fast to think about how you look in real life. And you should have talked to the students, they would have shown you their work and asked your opinion.
I enjoyed reading this. Even though most of us are fairly modest, I think we all have thought about nudity in the public. It sounds difficult, but fun. Good for you!
I could never do it ..... but I'd like to try porn hahahahah.....
Bravo to you. I've always wanted to do something like this - I think it really would be liberating. And if the sketch is of you, that's cool you got to keep a souvenir of your experience.
If I did that, they'd all need bigger easels. And a quick stop a Sherwin Williams for paint. ;) Rated.
Very well done, and so compellingly honest. Indeed, do it again for good measure. If it is an a.m. class, and you ate lightly the night before, you will be able to master the gestalt of "lithe and willowy." It truly isn't a matter of age or weight. You will feel better about it...two to bid your one, the young students will feel less awkward about chatting with you at the end of the session too. Own your sensuality without reservation.