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June 14
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SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 9:40PM

Lonesome Salon

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Good Evening.

If you followed my first Salon blog of earlier today, I mentioned how are mind and body is defined as a salon of art.  Well my salon is feels sad and empty.  Boo-hoo.

Fifty years old, looking good, and currently not a soul to share it with.  It is hard at this age for women since there are a lot of men out there looking for Miss. 20 to 30 years old.

I can understand slightly that some men like to go that route so that they can feel youthful and not get nagged by someone they have been with for decades.  There are some women who become such hormonal nightmares that they make it unbearable for anyone to hang around them let alone have sex with.  For some woman at that stage are not too interested in sex anyway.  Women.  Go get some blood work done and get your hormone levels in order.  You could be turning your significant other off and turning on to someone else.

The only available men in my age range are married.  Did I say available married men?   Yes I did.  Is that the type of relationship I want?  No I don't.  But I kid you not, that is what is available.

I discussed this issue with one of my female friends and she made the assumption that I might be looking for a non-committal relationship.  No not really.  I really do prefer a long term obligation.

Why I am attracting these married men?  I don’t know.  I just try to have a normal or business relationship with them.  The next thing you know, they are hinting towards more then a conversation.  I am not flirtatious with them.  Once I see that wedding ring, I know not to go there.  But, they want to go there.  Of course not all married men are like that but there are quite a few.

The single guys in my preferred age range are not only carrying old baggage, they are wrapped in barb wire.  Just getting off of marriage number 2-4 or higher.  Alimony and child support up the ying-yang.

I have tried the dating web sites like  You look at the pictures and it is like you are visiting a star wars bar.  Guys.  Don't use your camera mounted above your computer for a head shot.  Have a professional take your picture.

I could be a cougar of which I have been approached a few times.  But I don't know whether to burp them or give them a beer.  There is too much of a generation gap for me.

I do not hang out in bars.  Coyote love?  That can happen to us gals too.  No thanks.

I feel like I have become slightly bitter (can you tell) and now I am walking around with a shroud over me.  I feel invisible.  If a man looks at me that I find attractive, I look away.  What has happen to me?

So what is one to do?  I don’t want to be angry about this.  I would like to have a relationship.  I am not a hormonal nightmare.  I guess I will keep waiting and slowly remove my shroud.  It will happen.



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Too bad for you that you're attracted to men. I am so grateful that 1)I'm attracted to women and 2)I'm happily married because I think that a)most men suck and b)being "on the market" is dreadful.

Good luck to you. There are decent available men out there but you really have to circulate to find them and you must be ready to follow up when you sense an opportunity. Or a possibility, or whatever you call it.

You know, I think the reason so many older guys are attracted to 20-30 year-old women is because no one has ever taught them to think differently. Seriously, I think there are whole generations of men who consider women to be sexual beings only during a certain narrow age range. Perhaps those young guys looking for a "cougar" are going to create a better pool of 40-60 year-olds one day.
whats your opinion of the "desperate housewives" show?
Hang in deserve the whole enchilada (the sex, the relationship, a good and decent guy). He's out there, it just may take a lot of looking. What is coyote love?
"The single guys in my preferred age range are not only carrying old baggage, they are wrapped in barb wire. "

You can write, that's for sure. rated!