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I present the following for informational purposes and as a counterpoint of opinion. Recently, Jon Voight weighed in on the Gaza conflict--on the side of Israel. I was critical of his comments being bandied about by the media as anything significant.

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Dramatic footage in a video uploaded within an hour or so ago of a 12 story Gaza apartment building collapsing after taking two hits from Israeli forces.



The ABC report--click on the image for more:




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A story out yesterday on The Guardian with an updated assessment of Gaza's factories, livestock, and farmland in the aftermath of military action. Click on the image for the full story.

Reader warning: a photo of dead camels and a dead cow are contained in the article.

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AUGUST 22, 2014 11:10AM

NY Times: A Terrorist Horror, Then Golf


A story out today in The New York Times about the President and reaction to his public appearances in the wake of James Foley being executed. Click on the image for the full story and an excerpt is also below the image for some highlights of this story:

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I imagine there's a good chance that some other OSers came across this story from yesterday since it involves the Common Dreams web site. I used to be on the site more during the days of Dubya, but I still check it out from time to time these days.

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The first notice I had yesterday about the terrible beheading of reporter James Foley was on a friend's Twitter feed. If there's one thing that's consistent these days it's tragedy after tragedy coming from the Middle East. As noted on many recent blogs here, Gaza by itself is a never… Read full post »


Through memberships in a variety of animal-centric and humane organizations over the years I have read many times in the past of municipal zoos caught in the middle of mililary action.

And, so it is with Gaza...

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A new article up this morning from Joan Walsh over at Big Salon regarding the gubernatorial race in New York State. Zephyr Teachout is challenging incumbent Andrew Cuomo in the upcoming election. 

Andrew Cuomo's disbanding of the recent Moreland Commission (which he started) before it had… Read full post »



Another story out today that relates to Gaza and specifically Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. These two organizations have encountered a bureaucratic barrier in their desire to enter Gaza for investigative purposes. As the article notes they are not barred from Israel prop… Read full post »


Another must read story about conditions in Gaza courtesy of the Times. Click on the image below for the story:




"On Sunday, more than 235,000 people were still crammed into 81 of the United Nations’ 156 schools, where classes are supposed to startRead full post »


Here's a story especially worth reading which I spotted late yesterday in The New York Times and other readers here on OS may have seen it as well since it was also covered in Haaretz.com.

For the Times story click on the image below:



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So many stories to read this week that I'm backlogged big time!

In case any readers missed Wired's interview of Edward Snowden I have the link here (click on the image below). There's so much to this lengthy interview that I haven't pulled out any paragraphs to highlight but instead… Read full post »


The Wall Street Journal has a lot of maps and charts related to the destruction in Gaza. I have reproduced a few items from the page and the link is here. The WSJ is a pay site which I subscribe to so I'm not sure if all readers will be… Read full post »


Another important and timely story from Glenn Greenwald. Click on the image for his full story:


GG 814



"The intensive militarization of America’s police forces is a serious menace about which a small number of people have been loudly warning for years, withRead full post »


A story out today from Truthdig by Jeff Bachman regarding the President and various and sundry war crimes issues.

As always, click on the image below for the complete story which in this case runs over two web pages:




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AUGUST 13, 2014 11:03AM

Glenn Greenwald: A Quiz


Did you like quizzes when you were in school? Here's one from Glenn Greenwald that you might just enjoy. Click on the image below for the whole enchilada:









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A new story late today from Reuters regarding Gaza and formation of a U.N. panel to investigate war crimes.

Click on the image for the full story:




An excerpt:

"The U.N. statement said the independent team will investigate "all violations of international humanitarianRead full post »


It may be illegal to yell "Fire" in a crowded movie theater, but it's legal to make bogus claims about our country being attacked. Raw Story has this short article about Lindsey Graham and his claim that an American city will be in flames if Obama doesn't go to war… Read full post »


An OSer who is temporarily off the OS grid made me aware of this important story involving the College Democrats of American (CDA) and their firing of two leadership members who spoke out against the now well known Israeli killing of the Palestinian boys on the beach a few weeks… Read full post »


You may remember David Stockman from the Reagan era, but don't let that association stop you from reading what he has to say about Iraq--and some other current event topics as well.

For the full story click on the image below:




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A story from the Times about how so much of Gaza's industry was leveled during 30 days of ground and air bombardment. Click on the image for the full story:



Two paragraphs from the story:

During Israel’s monthlong air-and-ground assault on the Gaza Strip, theRead full post »


A new post by Glenn Greenwald posted earlier today which includes information released by Edward Snowden pertaining to Israel, countries adjacent to Israel, and the Palestinians.

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Juan Cole is another authority on the Middle East that I follow. He also has the distinction of nicely writing an email back to my S.O. (aka wife) a few years ago when she wrote to discuss a Middle East topic with him. He is also a professor at… Read full post »


I am not a viewer of MSNBC at all, but this post intrigued me enough to post it here. Writing on the web site mediaite.com, reported Michael Tracey takes a look at four prominent MSNBC personalities and their general avoidance of the Gaza story. I have part of the story… Read full post »

AUGUST 1, 2014 8:23PM

That's all Folks!


I imagine many of us here on OS share a similarity in that the majority of us watched cartoons growing up. It was in this context that I heard and saw the word "folks" more than in day to day life.


Former president George W. Bush caught my attention… Read full post »