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An issue that's heating up with protests in Europe is the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP.

I've got three pieces here, two from the UK and one from this country discussing the secrecy and other concerns of this pro-corporate trade agreement. Click on the images for… Read full post »


It's been a few weeks since I last posted an article from Big Salon, but here's one that was published today written by staffer Elias Isquith I am adding to the roster of my posts about the nation's counter-terrorism.

Click on the image for the full story, plus check out… Read full post »


Had today been Valentine's Day I could use that as a sentimental segue into this story which Glenn Greenwald just published about an hour and a half ago. I remember all of the stories out there meant to paint Edward Snowden and weird and so forth. I can't recall specifics… Read full post »

OCTOBER 10, 2014 11:12AM

Monty Python at work here!


Tell me this isn't a Monty Python skit!


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“The notion of an authorized disclosure of classified information is close to being a contradiction in terms," he wrote. "If something is classified, how can its disclosure… Read full post »


A story out yesterday on The Intercept by Ryan Devereaux on New York's de Blasio administration pulling an about face on the NYPD spying of Muslims. See the excerpt for more or click on the image below for everything:




Responding to a lawsuit alleging unlawfulRead full post »


A new story from Juan Cole. For the full story click on the image below:




"Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian official who monitors settlement activity in the northern West Bank, said that settlers from Tuffah chopped down around 100 olive trees belonging to PalestiniansRead full post »


It was just the other day that I had a commentary by Noam Chomsky and wouldn't you know it another commentary on a different subject by him came to my attention today through the Truthdig web site. This apparently dates back to March, but I believe it's a new listing… Read full post »





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A new post up a short time ago from Dan Froomkin, plus Glenn Greenwald's commentary from this morning...all in one post. For full stories click on each image.



"“The president wants to know who the fuck authorized this release to the committees,” Rahm Emanuel, who serveRead full post »


Another thought provoking column this week from Paul Craig Roberts on the disastrous consequences of the Washington governing class, etc.

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"President George W. Bush also made a liar out of his father, George H.W. Bush, andRead full post »


A story out today in The New York Times about the current situation on the ground in Gaza.

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"More than half of Khuzaa’s 3,000 or so homes were destroyed or damaged during the 50-day war. IsraelRead full post »


Noam Chomsky, the well known professor from MIT, has thoughts about what will bring about change with regard to Gaza and the West Bank in this commentary.

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"On August 26, Israel and the Palestinian Authority both acceptedRead full post »


While I've posted many stories related to the Middle East of late there's action happening elsewhere around the globe that's quite newsworthy, as well. Take Hong Kong, for example, and one man's (Martin Lee) commentary in yesterday's New York Times. As always, click on the image below for the… Read full post »


Something a little different for a Friday--a major European nation will shortly recognize the Palestinian State... "Way to go Sweden!"

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"The announcement will be welcome news for President Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the PalestinRead full post »


Another very relevant story coming from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Click on the image for the full story, plus check out the excerpt below:




"Israel's decision to move forward its plan for 2,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem will "poison the atmosphereRead full post »


Another development making headlines with regard to Israel and involving J Street and Beyoncé.

Click on the image for the full story which is so brief I didn't add an excerpt.









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Another worthwhile and saavy commentary by Paul Craig Roberts whose writings have been posted before on OS by not only me, but a host of other bloggers.

For the full column click on the image below:




"One might think that by now even Americans wouldRead full post »


An update on one aspect of the Israel/Gaza action over the summer from the Associated Press courtesy of Yahoo! News. Click on the image for the full story:




"JERUSALEM (AP) — It was supposed to be a record-breaking year for tourist visitsRead full post »


For anyone who thought the Khorasans were out to usurp the Kardashians here's Glenn Greenwald to give you the big picture.

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"As the Obama administration prepared to bomb Syria without Congressional or U.N.Read full post »


Thanks to The Intercept and Dan Froomkin here's a classic example of why some find Washington to be so disgusting and without ethics.

Click on the image for the full story, plus check out the excerpt for highlights:




"The basic idea is that when youRead full post »


A few years back Jon Stewart had a segment on Iraq and called it "Messopotamia." That seems like a good intro for what David Stockman writes in his column dated yesterday.

Click on the image below for his full commentary: 




"Folks, this war is only threeRead full post »


Another story from Glenn Greenwald this week. The original headline was so long I had to rewrite it for the tight space OS provides for titles.

The U.S., United Arab Emirates, and Israel are key players in this story about Qatar.


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Remember Big Salon? They're the ones that keep the lights on at OS and don't change the cover for almost a year!

Over the past few months I posted some pertinent articles from their site and here's one just up this evening about the big mess we're (the U.S. government,… Read full post »


It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted a column by Glenn Greenwald. I'm now making up for lost time. Click on the image below for the full story:





"The U.S. today began bombing targets inside Syria, in concert with its lovelyRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 11:27AM

Night vision and spooky sightings


I'm doing some photos with a variety of flash units and I wanted to post one photo that I liked due to the mysterious reflections off in the distance. This shot is from my driveway last night and there were two reflections that looked like eyes in the distance reflecting… Read full post »