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It’s been one year.

Technology has been a liberating force in our lives. It allows us to create and share the experiences that make us human, effortlessly. But… Read full post »

MAY 23, 2014 11:21PM

Coffee, tea, and Bucky, part five


For part five of this section of my art school senior year series we start with today and work our way back to  Saturday, March 12, 1977. Today was the day that my copy of The Brown Reader arrived which mirrors my blog in that 50 alumni… Read full post »

MAY 21, 2014 10:40PM

Six years on Open Salon!


Another May rolls around and it's OS anniversary time. Following in the footsteps of Stacey with his recent post about hitting the six year mark, here's mine with some music from the '84 Summer Olympics as composed and produced by Quincy Jones:






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FEBRUARY 24, 2014 8:58PM

Coffee, tea, and Bucky, part four


The last day of the school week had arrived, Friday, March 11, 1977 and I had in mind to accomplish a lot of work on my degree project due to having no classes scheduled for myself.

Waking up I had the feeling I must have had a… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 19, 2014 10:34PM

Coffee, tea, and Bucky, part three


March 10th, 1977 found us in good health after the previous evening's meal at the school's refectory where we had dined with our friend, Cathy. I never had a problem with the food, but some students had nicknamed the dining hall "the ratfactory" which I assumed was based on a… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 17, 2014 9:33PM

Life is a circle






This fictional piece is in response to The OS Weekend Fiction Club open call found here and involves the following scenario: "Write a story that starts and ends with a chase scene."




What a silly scene it was...two first graders racing down… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 14, 2014 9:22PM

Coffee, tea, and Bucky, part two


March 9th, 1977--a Wednesday--was a light day in terms of academics for me. A graphics class in the morning that could've also extended to the afternoon, but so far during the semester the class had only met before lunch and then adjourned for the day. Senior… Read full post »


Saw a link for this a couple of days ago and am posting here as a PSA for interested readers. Click on the image to be directed to the site:







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FEBRUARY 11, 2014 8:19PM

The burnt toast that changed my life






This fictional piece is in response to The OS Weekend Fiction Club open call found here and involves the following scenario: "Write a story about a romantic mishap that involves burnt toast."



It was early September in Manhattan. I had finished my… Read full post »


As an addition to posts already up on OS regarding the passing of Pete Seeger I add this story with videos of his appearance last September at Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY.

I was looking around the college's web site yesterday in light of the school sending an acceptance letter… Read full post »

JANUARY 25, 2014 7:25PM

Open Call: Opposites Attract


For this personal open call I have cooked up today I look again at human interactions. When I hear the the phrase "opposites attract I think of human relationships, however, when I was in elementary school and heard opposites attract I thought of magnets. That's progress for you.

I have… Read full post »


An homage here to the Mac which was introduced on 1/24/84!

When I first read news accounts in 1983 of the new Apple computer that was close to release I said "I need one!" I already owned an Apple IIe and had made good use of that with word processing,… Read full post »

JANUARY 21, 2014 9:27PM

Open Call: Crush 2.0


This evening I read Lyle Elmgren's wonderful post from last June about the magic of handwritten letters and could instantly relate to his pen pal experience.

My story starts in July, 1971 when I was at a three week art camp in the Adirondacks that was under the auspices of… Read full post »

JANUARY 18, 2014 9:53PM

Open Call: Your first crush


Tomorrow is the two year mark for the series I've been running about senior year at art school and in light of that anniversary I am posting another open call.

Since the last open call posted on January 8th there have been no changes to the cover nor have their… Read full post »


A year ago my son's high school started up its various programs and forums for juniors interested in college.

Having attended every program in the school auditorium since last winter I have been fascinated by how much new information there was to learn since I was in high school and… Read full post »




Note: this is my fictional story related to the open call I posted on January 8th.




It was July, 2012 and Annapolis, Maryland was my home base. I had spent six years away at college with the most recent stint… Read full post »


For any OSers interested in a personal Open Call as the starting point for a literary post here's my idea: write about how you met your S.O. through Ebay--satire, fact, and fiction--all welcome. The web is full of stories about how people have met in a million different ways, but… Read full post »


I was viewing some jazz videos on YouTube earlier today when I came across this Lee Ritenour gem from 1997. I've been to a number of jazz concerts over the years and seen a lot of videos, as well, but this is the first time I've spotted a lady drummer… Read full post »

JANUARY 4, 2014 9:41PM

Coffee, tea, and Bucky, part one


March 8, 1977 was another in a string of days that continued the warming trend that was moving us out of winter. For over a week we didn't need to wear our heavy winter jackets during the day.

Maria (pronounced like "Mariah") and I both had our… Read full post »

JANUARY 2, 2014 8:38PM

Message from the editor


This is a encore performance post from 12/28/12. A year ago Open Salon was plagued by technical glitches of the highest order and many had abandoned the site. It was a feat simply to post new stories and comment. Obviously, the glitches are gone and many have returned but not… Read full post »

DECEMBER 28, 2013 9:50PM

The caffeine scene, part eight


March 7, 1977, a Monday and a school day...Maria and I walked together down Benefit Street to our respective classes. Just like most days, we'd meet up for lunch and then head off to our afternoon classes.

We had a plan in mind for around 4:00 that… Read full post »

DECEMBER 26, 2013 4:33PM

The caffeine scene, part seven


It was the early morning of March 6th, 1977 and unlike the previous two days there would be no movies to see at Brown University later in the day. "Who's That Knocking At My Door" was being shown again for a second night, but there was no… Read full post »

DECEMBER 19, 2013 6:16PM

The caffeine scene, part six


March 5th, 1977, a day which was apparently destined to be memorable for my girlfriend Maria and moi because it has taken several Open Salon posts to cover it.

We were now into the early evening hours of the day with dinner preparations underway. Maria was… Read full post »

DECEMBER 15, 2013 8:01PM

The caffeine scene, part five


As the story rolls along here, it was still Saturday, March 5th, 1977. To briefly recap, the previous installment discussed mind melds and a trip to Star Market were the earlier orders of business that day. Wedged in between lunch and plans to see two films playing… Read full post »