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April 22


A new story by The Intercept's Dan Froomkin just published this morning with news of the U.N. Committee against Torture proceedings now underway.

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Two items that caught my eye on The Intercept this afternoon...


A Letter from the Norwegian Nobel Committee to Barack Obama

Link is here for this article


President Barack H. Obama
The White House
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Obama:

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An interesting story from Robert Parry at Consortiumnews.com about former CIA analyst Ray McGovern being arrested to prevent him from attending a program featuring Ret. Gen. David Petraeus at the 92nd Street Y. The Y is not part of the YMCA that you might know from the Village People's '70s… Read full post »


This is a supplement to VZN's post. When I pasted this into a comment I had an error message pop up. So here we go with the info added to a regular post:



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On October 3rd I posted a New York Times story that discussed Sweden's interest in recognizing the Palestinian State. Yesterday that prospect became reality as Sweden moved ahead with recognition.

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OCTOBER 30, 2014 5:19PM

I delete nothing


Just as a counterpoint to Jon's post this afternoon which can be found here I am mentioning that since my first day here in May, 2008 I've deleted no OSer's comments left on my blog. What you have to say is a reflection of you and I'm a  fan ofRead full post »


For anyone who sees the Obama campaign promise of the "most transparent administration" in history as a major broken promise of 2008 here's Susan Page of CNN saying its the "most dangerous" to the news media in history. Erik Wemple of The Washington Post takes it from here...

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Jonathan Cooke, the award winning British journalist, has a new post on his web site with some information on the Gaza rebuilding effort I hadn't come across before including everything from who may get the contracts for supplying the cement (Israel) and the layout of bombed areas being built… Read full post »


This story on The Intercept by staffer Murtaza Hussain discusses something that I've commented on Open Salon before. That is we have young people in our country who have only known war in their short lives. Beyond that is another focus of the article, we have young people who have… Read full post »


A story out of The New York Times today with an update on the push for 1,000 new apartments in East Jerusalem being shepherded by Benjamin Netanyahu. As the article begins, "a move certain to ignite international outrage as well as to exacerbate fissures in Mr. Netanyahu’s governing coal… Read full post »


As the contemporary phrase goes "How's all that hope and change working for you?" If you are Army Sgt. Jeff Cortazzo of Arlington, Va. saving for his daughter's college education things aren't working out so well as you'll see in the article. Civil Asset Forfeiture is what we're talking about… Read full post »


Quite the double standard story here from Glenn Greenwald just published this afternoon. Click on the image below for the full story, plus check out the excerpt.




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I just saw the latest installment of Moyers & Company this morning on my local channel, WNET 13. If voter suppression repulses you to no end be sure to watch this half hour show. Because voter suppression is spearheaded around the nation by the GOP one… Read full post »


From The New York Times today, a story about Bill Clinton and his thoughts on the partisanship he had to deal with during his time in office. With the election upon us and Obama claiming he can't get anything done, Clinton chimes in with remembrances of a time past...Vince Foster,… Read full post »


The following congressional action happened a year ago April, but I just heard about it yesterday. At the time it was on NPR, but I wasn't listening that day. Last night, John Stossel talked about it on his show and after the show was over I looked it up and… Read full post »


For anyone watching what's happening with the declassification of the CIA Torture Report, Dan Froomkin's piece in The Intercept will be of much interest. I wasn't able to fit the question mark into the title so you'll see the original headline is in fact a question. Question or no question,… Read full post »


One need not travel overseas to see people living in substandard conditions, just around the NYC metro area there are plenty examples as the newspaper, The Journal News, revealed last week in an expose of landlord Robin Shimoff and her multiple properties in the city. Because of the huge numbe… Read full post »


Blackwater was certainly in the news a lot back in the 2000's as one of those private companies that hit a gold mine working in Iraq as the U.S. Treasury (a.k.a. "you and moi") took a big hit paying their invoices. Then there's the matter of murder which you can… Read full post »


La bohème versus The Death of Klinghoffer is the subject of my post this evening. La bohème is considered by many the #1 opera in the world. The Death of Klinghoffer may very well be the #1 opera for generating censorship.

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I've already posted The New York Times exposé on the chemical weapons found in Iraq that were pre-1991 vintage. Just to add another voice to the subject I am presenting William Pitt's commentary.

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Here's a story out of Manhattan that some OSers located elsewhere in the nation might not be familiar with. Part of the story involves former Mayor Guiliani who is putting his two cents into the arena of public discussion as well as current Mayor De Blasio. This centers around the… Read full post »


From The Times of Israel comes this story of Knesset member Hanin Zoabi speaking her mind. If the adjective "brave" comes to mind after you read the article you'll be on the same page as moi.

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From Juan Cole and his Informed Comment web site comes his commentary about Ireland discussing recognition of a Palestinian State. Along with the text is the video that accompanies it and I have posted that below. The individual who posted the video (not Juan Cole) entitled it: "Senator David NRead full post »


Here's a story from Big Salon with reporter Elias Isquith interviewing James Risen, the subject of another recent post by me here on OS.

Click on the image below for the full article and check out the excerpt below for some key points.





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OCTOBER 17, 2014 9:14AM

Who recognizes The State of Palestine?


Nothing like a well designed animated video to tell the story and you may be surprised by what you see. I came across this yesterday on Juan Cole's web site, Informed Comment.









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