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The National Debt Clock, 22 years later

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Two months ago (March 31st) as I was strolling along West 44th Street enroute to my meet-up downtown with Froggy and Cranky, I took a photograph of the National Debt Clock under a rainy sky:



Curious to see if the debt had grown in two months time, I logged onto the online version of the debt clock this morning:



It turns out that the dept per taxpayer had jumped $10,538 in just two months time! Overall, the national debt had increased $572.550,162,763 in that time period!


I remembered from earlier days in Manhattan when the clock was first put up on the side of the building. I found an article in The New York Times from within a year's time (1990) of the clock having been unveiled and was interested to see the much smaller overall debt of $2.978 trillion!

Family share of debt was $45,813 compared with $127,982 in March of this year. The online debt clock appears to equate "taxpayer" with family putting the current family debt, as of this morning, at $138,520!

Say, add in a few more zeroes and you're into the high roller category!


QuotesSince then, the only noteworthy addition to the block has been the ''National Debt Clock,'' a digital display that furiously ticks off the growing debt and ''Your Family Share.'' (In the middle of last week, the figures were $2.978 trillion overall; or $45,813 a family.) The clock was put up by Douglas's father, Seymour B. Durst.

--David W. Dunlap, The New York Times, February 18, 1990






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That clock makes me extremely nervous as it should!
I hate to make this comparison.. In Layette CA there is another kind of debt clock. It is thousands of crosses on a hill that young men have given their lives up to these non- wining wars. Maybe had we not fought i them and the money had stayed at home we would not be in this predicament.
A travesty on both levels.
Will they take a check?
I would gladly have rejected that bit of candy from Bush to see the 1% continue paying what they had been. I hear that debt as a percentage of GDP isn't as bad as the big numbers makes it sound. Still, we don't run our finances by the next no interest credit card paying off carried debt. But to think Boehner was willing to let America default. Geesh.
These numbers make me dizzy and become meaningless at one point. I'm sure everyone knows there's no way they can pay this in their life time. So what is the use of flashing them on a board? It's not what the average family is spending - it's the government, isn't it?

The numbers whiz across the screen at a dizzying pace without letup.
It is no different for the American Empire to see the complete fallacy of the bankers and the WTO and IMF taking charge of all the governments.
Chilling, what is going over across the pond in Euroland.
Expect the ripple effect of falling dominoes will hit this side soon enough.
Debtor's prison, anyone??
It's pretty overwhelming stuff and happening the world over. This can't end well.