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MAY 25, 2012 8:10PM

Inspiration for more comedy on Big Salon's "oy vey"

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Recently, there was an open call on the cover for OSers to submit their two minute (or less) comic videos to be considered for Big Salon's new feature called oy vey. The post mentioned $100 for any comic videos that were picked by Salon.

The open call post seems to have been pulled by the staff since I could not find it this evening to link to, however, I do have four great comics who serve as great examples for anyone thinking about entering their video for consideration on oy vey (assuming the open call is still open).

Of course, there's no stopping us on OS from simply uploading our own comic stand up routines in video form for the OS community at large to enjoy and no gatekeepers to decide who gets on and who doesn't.

There are many wonderful professional stand up comics out there...here are four who happen to float my boat...





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Listening to Carlin and laughing out loud...all great selections.
Yuu picked four hall-of-famers. Great Job~
Good idea, if I only had a video camera. I got a funny routine about the edited cd's at Wally-world.
Yeah, especially Carlin!!!!!
Great picks, D. R
A ball knocked out of the park dear.
Too bad that open call was pulled.
Good choices! All of these are faves of mine.
Fun videos John.