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GNS: Four years on Open Salon!

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Tuesday marks four years since I published my first post here on OS. It's amazing to consider how much this place has grown since those early days and it's great to see a large number of beta members still actively posting here.

My first post started with an anniversary...that of my time being an avid reader of Big Salon. My first comment ever, which was on the first post was none other than Kerry Lauerman who left this friendly comment:

"Wow, that's longer than I've been here (at least by a few months). I sometimes miss those big, white, airy layouts from the early Salon days. They were a definite inspiration for the Open Salon design.

Thanks for joining -- and welcome!"


I was wondering how many posts I had since then and the number is 909 with today's post. A few were re-posts so taking that into account the number of original posts is around 900.

Besides being a creative outlet, it has been truly heartwarming to make so many wonderful friends here over the past four years and to have met a fair number of them at meet-ups in the New York metro area! I have been inspired by so many posts and have learned so much from reading other posts that I couldn't begin to count all of that!


Many thanks to all OSers who have made this such a great online community!


  2008 POST






A well known song associated with Earth, Wind & Fire: That's The Way Of The World that I wanted to present as a musical accompaniment today. The Open Salon Rock Group gathered to put this one together recently...




Here's a look back at Part One of Vintage Open Salon covers I posted on November 7, 2008. I have more covers from the past that I will be presenting over time.



One feature of Open Salon that never lingers for too long are the covers, unlike the posts. Here's a selection from my early days on OS when it was still in beta. I don't whether the OS staff archives covers or not, but here's Part 1 of my archive. You'll notice that a few avatars have changed since the days of spring of some active members still currently blogging. (Note: my screen images don't include the full depth of each cover.)



May 23rd


 OS MAY 27 2

 Above and below: May 27th

OS MAY 27 




May 28th




 May 30th




June 2nd





June 7th




June 9th





June 11th





June 12th





June 13th





June 16th





June 17th 














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Happy anniversary, John. At first I thought, "Wow, four years!" but then, I realized that time goes by quickly when I read and consider all your contributions since I joined and have come to 'know' you virtually. You have a lovely collection of souvenirs in what you've saved and thank you for sharing your journey here with us.

To many more happy years, Cheers!

Thank you, Fusun! Likewise, it's been a pleasure to get to know you through your many special stories and I appreciate all of the kind comments you have left on my posts over these past few years! To many happy years of friendship and OS posts ahead of us!
Hard to believe it's been four years of this place John.
Just the extensive photography collection you have shared is great thing. Together with your writing, you have been an excellent contributor to this site.
Glad to see this.
Many more to you.
You are part of the foundation of the place. Glad you're here!
Suzanne, many thanks for the thoughtful comment and, as well, your many superb posts, including photo essays of the regions in your area, have been wonderful to read and have made this place so interesting over the years! Here's to a continued bright future here on the site!
Roger, thank you very much for that and I would say "ditto" t0 you, also! Your many fascinating stories about Chicago are a beautiful addition to OS and have given me a lot of added insight into a city that has so much to offer!
:D! You are one of Open Salon's brightest stars. Congratulations!
Miguela, I appreciate your compliment very much! As you are one of the artists on the site, too, I have been so interested in your many posts and comments...your talent has been a huge contribution in making this place so wonderful!
Congrats and thanks for a look back. I miss a lot of the writers that have left. Here's to the next year of interesting and fun posts!
Four years!! Congratulations!!! Over 900 posts is quite an accomplishment.
Felicitations and happy anniversary! Thanks for posting previous covers. Looks like some interesting articles there!
Mazal Tov You have a year and a half on me! r.
Two years for me this year and I forgot hahahaha
Time flies and
happy anniversary my friend
Happy blogiversary to one of the pioneers designanator.
Congratulations, John! Those covers are all before my time, but it's really interesting to see how OS has changed over the years. (I still keep up with a lot of the folks listed, but now on Facebook more often than not.)
Congratulations and thanks for your many thoughtful contributions. R
I've been here a little ove 2 years and I have to say it's been an unusual journey. So many fresh faces here lately, yet the rock solid core group seems to be steady.
Congrats on your Big 4 and may there be many more!

P.S. I really dig the groove of the music you've provided with this post. Nice!
Wow. Congrats my man for making it to the BIG 4~I'm a little over 3 years and this place is driving me nuts!:-)
You're one of the nice Beta members.
Happy 4th Anniversary to one of my favourite OSers! I always enjoy your posts and your humour, but particularly look forward to the entries and associated graphics for your 1976-1977 RISD school year series. Thanks also for posting those vintage OS covers.

In honour of your anniversary, imagine a cake with four candlescomplete with the frosting flavour of your choice. Cheers!
Haρρy Anniversary John...This work of you here is one of the reasons I am here too...I am hoρing you all the best..I indeed liked and admired your journey through time...I am hoρing I can reach 900 ροsts someday..OS is like my friends home..where we share our work,our lives,our dreams and get encouragement and friends..So rare today!!!Thank you for sharing..Wishes!!!!
A wonderful piece. And a most happy anniversary to you. I posted my first piece about two years ago, then stopped for a year and decided to become active. So while I'm not in the camp of "pioneers," I still wanted to wish you continued marvelous postings.
Happy Blogiversary Designanator!
Congratulations, John. And I'm so happy to have been at one of those NY meet-ups. Looking forward to next time.
four OS years is an accomplishment.
in the time i've been here (come and go [blogging]) I've come to appreciate your virtual generosity and your artistic brilliance. Well done!
John: you are this site's most avid chronicler and most generous social networker. You're one of the Bailey boys, right? Many happy!
John, congratulations. Four years... Wow. You are old. Just kidding. I've always enjoyed your contributions here at OS and then meeting you in person, that's been a treat, too. Here's to four more years. Best wishes.
I love that you saved all those old cover images and enjoy seeing them every time you post some. Congratulations on your bloggy anniversary, john.
4 years? How have you stayed for so long???? :D

(I'll be 4 years in December!! Simpler times indeed!! ~nod~)
Congratulations! I completed my 4th year in April. Let's hope the place is still around 4 years from now.
Four years on OS. I’ve been on it for two and a half and I have never read a foul word about another blogger typed by you. You are one of the true gentlemen on here.
I am totally blown away by all of the kind comments left here since yesterday--thank you all so very much for the positive feedback and may the coming years here be as interesting and fun as what we have experienced in the last four years!!!
Happy blogoversary! I can't imagine this place without you!