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April 22

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APRIL 27, 2012 12:59PM

Bed bugs?

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"You check in and they check out your emails, your messages, and even have bed bugs...the electronic type!"










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I'd take that over real bed bugs, though! :-)
Indeed, very clever.
Might as well; very clever. R
I must throw in my "very clever" as well.
Bed bugs are the real thing. You do have to clean. I like your cleverness, but they are just too real to be funny where I come from./Millie in Houston.
Lenard Cohen predictedthy'd all have their earplugs tuned to the bedrooms of the poor. This is not news.
Brazen Princess, Alysa, Roger, Mary, Thoth, Stacey, VA, Mildred, and Kate ~ many, many thanks for your humorous and thoughtful comments on the cartoon!!