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APRIL 15, 2012 4:39PM

GNS: My first collaborative partnership on Open Salon

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With the fourth OS anniversary occurring tomorrow I wanted to reflect on an early collaborative post I participated on with another OS beta member, Dorelvis (aka Dorelle).

Neither of us had been on the site too long before we realized we had a college connection. It was so fun to discover this small world link that we agreed to post the story on her blog. To add to the six degrees of separation quality of the story, OSer Ardee spotted the post in early July, commented, and we found out at that point in time she had also attended our school!

So, in the spirit of discussing fun events that happen on OS, I take you back in time to June 14, 2008....


To see the full post simply click on the image below:


(There was a photo included at the beginning of the original post, but apparently it no longer connects on the server for whatever reason.)






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Pretty cool. This is like virtual and real world class reunion. R
So you reunited with an old colleague on Friday the thirteenth, so much for the bad luck theory.