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APRIL 4, 2012 12:13AM

Happy Birthday Gary!!!

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Just a few minutes ago the clock chimed out 12 midnight announcing we had just arrived on April 4th, the day of Gary's birthday!

For this year's birthday tribute I have photos and a HD video of Croton Point Park located on the Hudson River that I filmed yesterday afternoon under a beautiful blue sky. Having seen Gary's posts since the summer of 2008 I am very familiar with the wonderful sculptures that have graced a good many of his presentations and imagined how cool it would be to have those sculptures on the wide open park area with the Hudson as a backdrop.

Please join in with a celebration of an amazingly talented member of Open Salon!


Have a very Happy Birthday, Gary!!!

And many happy returns to the day!




















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happy birthday gary

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Hassy Berfday Gary!!!!!!

Rated too!!!
I'm with Tink! Wait, no I'm not. Happy Birthday Gary~
I'm with Tink and Scanman...wait, no I'm not. Happy B'Day, Gary!
Happy Birthday Gary.
I have always admired you for the Artist you are..
Inside and out.
Happy Birthday Gary. Here's to having a fantastic day.
John, I am looking at your lovely images of the Hudson....I truly love this part of the country. I think part of me will always be rooted there. Thank you for remembering me on this day, one I share with the tragic and historic death of Dr King. I hope we can all remember his marvelous life and works on this day....

Thank you John, for being so diligent in posting for all of us on our special days. I love your contributions to this great forum.....I'm watching that healing video you included. It sets things right for the morning, and I'll carry the images and sound all day.....affectionately, G
Took a look at Gary's web site. All I can say is Open Salon definitely needs a new editorial staff! Anyway happy birthday to Gary.
Happy Birthday, Gary! Nice post Mr. Designator!

How about a giant Oldenbergian cake at Storm King? Chocolate of course.
Happy Birthday Gary!! I swear I could hear the water lapping the shore...
Nice photos and a great birthday to Gary.
Happy Birthday Gary!

(no cake?)
Happy Birthday Gary. You bring so much to Open Salon.

Thanks for doing this des, and thanks for a glimpse of the Hudson!
A fitting tribute John. This was nice of you. And Gary: many happy returns of the day. I'll tip some Kentucky back (when the hour is more fitting) in your honor. Cheers.
Happy Birthday Gary!
Thanks everyone so much.....Love to All....
Happy BD, Gary. And D, thanks again for letting me remember halcyon days sailing on the Hudson. For awhile we sailed out of Croton Point.
Happy Birthday, Gary!

Happy birthday, Gary. Eat cake.