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OCTOBER 28, 2010 10:19AM

1928 time traveler mystery solved

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I noticed some stories circulating about Charlie Chaplin's movie The Circus that claim a time traveler is in a short clip of the film as shown below.

My theory is that no time traveler is shown here, just a woman talking to a banana. To back up my idea I typed "talking to a banana" as the criterial for a Google image search and came up with many examples of people talking to bananas and page one of the search is shown below. I think the banana in the vintage Chaplin film had turned brown as we know bananas will do when they are way too ripe and that accounts for the dark color leading some to believe it was a cell phone. (I should add that another theory in the article suggests this is a hearing aid, but who would have a hearing aid in a Charlie Chaplin movie--afterall weren't they silent movies???)

Click on the image below for the New York Daily News story:










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Hearing aid, banana, what's the difference, Time Traveler has much more Dr. Who panache. HAhahaha R
Good investigation, designanator . . .
Ummm, cell phone. 1928. Who, exactly, would she be talking to, since there were no other cell phones, nor any cell towers. Hell, there wasn't even a hand held two-way radio back then. The picture on your post looks like it has been tampered with anyway, but I can't tell from here. On the video clip, I don't see alleged banana. I see an empty hand.
Fascinating in the best way...exploring inexplicable images.
Thanks designanator!!
Tooth extraction ice pack, about to spit on sidewalk, notices camera crew, mumble mumble mumble.