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December 04
I am a recently employed activist who has been writing all my life about the issues that mean the most to me. My interests lie in politics, parity, race, and history. I believe that each of those things are interconnected and that only when we look straight at something do we actually see it. My politics are left of center, and I don't rely on any movement to define where my center is. My father taught us to measure others with the same yardstick you measure yourself.


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MARCH 8, 2012 9:27AM

Ohio Voters Bite Their Nose To Spite Their Face.News @ 11:00

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Marcy Kaptur has won the Democratic nomination in her contest against Dennis Kucinich; and we have lost our voice, our conscience, and our champion. How did Cleveland let this happen? What was the magic pixie dust she had to sprinkle across the airwaves, which could make these people willingly reject the heart of their party?

From the accounts I've read her message was fairly simple, Dennis voted against manufacturing jobs, veterans, and prescriptions drug benefits for the elderly. Say what!!!?? Dennis Kucinich, the champion for each of those issues voted against them? Say it ain't so Dennis!! Well it ain't so. What he voted against was the military spending that was attached to those bills.

What then was Marcy promising? She was promising to do what all effective politicians do, bring those defense contracts back home, and you can't do that if you're voting against military spending now can you? In the real world people need jobs, even if they are jobs linked to destruction. The one thing every voter can count on is our willingness to create conflict; which allows us to continue to produce weapons, and systems that will aid us in our mission to bring peace through military action to the world. It's the gift that keeps giving until there is nothing left.

So today I'm heartsick, because it was my distinct pleasure to meet Dennis Kucinich last October at Freedom Plaza, in Washington, DC. I was there to engage in the Occupation. That day was awesome because I started it at the official opening of the Martin Luther King monument. From there my friend Takisha and I went to Freedom Plaza where Dr. Cornel West spoke. At the end of a very long day Elizabeth and Dennis Kucinich came to offer their support for our efforts. Usually politicians were discouraged from speaking at the general assembly, but he assured Kevin Zeese this wasn't a political appeal. But it was he appealed to us to keep up the fight, to not give up, and to assure us we were being heard!!


He then stepped away from the microphone and spoke with us individually. Both he and his wife were engaged and they accommodated request for pictures, Elizabeth even offered to take my picture with Dennis for me. Now I'm looking at it wondering how it all could go wrong in Cleveland.

And it has gone all wrong, the opponent that Kaptur will face is the fictional licensed plumber known as Joe.  Samuel J. Wurzelbacher , is now living beyond the fifteen minutes of fame allotted his character created by telling President Obama about his small business as a plumbing contractor. In that conversation he dubbed the President the socialist redistributor of wealth, and parlayed it into a consulting business and book deal. This is what makes America "exceptional" it was discovered that "Joe" didn't actually have a plumber's license and that his problem with taxes is he didn't like paying them. So where do you go from there? Why you go into politics, because where else would such a rich fantasy life reap the most reward (outside of Hollywood)? Smart enough to know that if Hollywood was interested they would come a calling, our Joe did what flimflam men have been doing for ages he threw his hat in the ring. And now he is the Republican Marcy Kaptur will have to face for a congressional seat.

Dennis represented the very things that my Midwestern values taught me mattered; life, liberty, access to healthcare, employment for all who want it, and housing. Apparently those values have been replaced with abolition of opportunity, limits to liberty, and hit the man overboard in the head with the oar, so you can move on.

Nancy Pelosi whom I admire (because I think she has steel boobs under her shirt), issued a statement that both Kucinich and Kaptur were great representatives. But I think she is secretly happy that Marcy Kaptur has won, because she's a player who sits on the Appropriations Committee.  She's a tried and true politician, all about that pork barrel spending, not like Dennis always fighting for what's right, and questioning conventional wisdom.  Dennis liked to buck the tide: he lost the battle to stop Cleveland from biting their nose to spite their face when they chose a private power company over a public one. The Cleveland Plain Dealer said, he was wrong. Much later they wrote an article about their new power company with the headline, Dennis Was Right

In my opinion Ohio voters have made a serious error in judgment. The only good thing about it is  we'll probably get at least third row seats to one of the most entertaining political dogfights of recent memory. In one corner we have Marcy Kaptur the mistress of military mayhem, in the other "Joe" the butt crack plumber, turned activist, author, and politician. I think the Plain Dealer may need to revisit the Dennis Was Right headline.



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I was sad to hear that he lost. Could it be the Dems kept Marcy because of her position in the House Appropriations Committee? I heard she was next up to lead it.
Well you know Phyllis even the Dems love a good war after all didn't they vote with the Repubs to authorize a fake one?
He'll be missed. We seem to lose a lot of the good ones.
We do jlsathre, and we replace them with blue dogs the most useless animal in the whole animal kingdom.
While it is a shame that Kucinich lost, I think that Kaptur is also fairly progressive (click here for an article from The Nation via NPR).

And god help us if Kaptur doesn't defeat "Joe the Plumber".
Jeanette, she does vote with the Progressives generally and yes she is very strong on reigning in Wall St. however she does fall short on Women's issues. I found that conservatives groups rate her pretty low, which is a good thing. She isn't quite there on the war on drugs, or with HRC or Arab groups. Her last rating for Women Employed was a mere 50%, the National Employment Lawyers who represent the employee rights gave her a 66% rating. But on the plus side she rates well on conservation and with Children's Defense Fund. However the most robust economies are now found in Latin America and her rating with the Latin America Working Group, whose mission is to encourage US policies in LA towards peace, justice, and sustainable development is at 50%. So she is a mixed bag not a douche bag like Joe the Plumber.
This one was a no win situation. DK will find a better position, at least I hope.
You're right Peter he can run for President again and he would get my full support. I know he means it when he says he will end the wars!!
Kucinich reminds me of the late Paul Wellstone, the liberal Democratic senator from my home state of Minnesota. In his day, Wellstone was too often taken for granted and cast aside as a crazy left-wing politician. But he was true to his passion and proud to stand up for the little guy.

And that's how I see Kucinich. Outspoken but genuine, and willing to disagree within his own party, Kucinich has been a voice for underdog.

We all lost something on Tuesday.
I spent the last two years, sending him money and begging him to run for president - I am devastated, today. Done in by repubnican't "redistricting."

Kristen that is a perfect comparison remember Paul Wellstone well, and I agree we did all lose on Tuesday. Kaptur isn't the worst, but she is Kucinich either.
Yeah Mark I wonder if he had gone to Washington and run there if he would have faired better?
I miss Kucinich and I really just got to know him. Thank you for this post and I sure hope Joe doesn't win. It is a crazy world. Stop the merry go round, I want to get off.
Well, look . . . . . don't be too sad. . . .

Dennis has ties to aliens in UFOs. As a result, the job possibilities for him are endless. . . .

Besides, he qualifies for the government pension for the rest of his life. . . . . .. doesn't he? However, I wonder where they would send it if he was pulled from Earth by a 'tractor beam' to the planet Trajan in the Andromeda galaxy?

So many questions about Dennis. . . .
Another Kucinich fan. He is young enough to return, and I hope he will. Ohio is one of those states who might elect a Joe the Plumber. Those of us who do not live there can be grateful we won't be subjected to his campaign advertising.

Nice tie-dye tshirt D, and congratulations on the EP!
Zanelle, greenheron, and UncleChri he may still be able to run in Washington something in the rules would allow him to run there and serve the remaider of his term foregoing the living in the district clause because he is a sitting Congressman. Really convoluted so I may have garbled it a bit. You might think I'm crazy too UncleChri but when I was in 5th grade and my brother in 3rd we lived on Fort Bliss. One day during recess an object hovered over the schoolyard. The teachers rushed us into the building, both my brother and I have the same memory, so I don't scoff at people who believe in alien life forces.

greenheron about the shirt some habits die hard. ;-) and thanks
In some ways, kooks are like broken clocks. They can be correct twice a day.

Dennis was a kooky as one can get; but nevertheless held two stunning virtues:

First, he was correct in his pronouncements about Israel -- a scofflaw State to whom America's blind allegiance is both unwarranted and unwise.

Second, he was courageous -- a rare virtue in a Congressperson. Anyone who can hold the opinions he did on Israel and admit that they saw and "felt" aliens in a UFO, while running for president, either has the biggest cojones or is simply insane. I choose the former, while admitting that I have no first hand information.
UncleChri I can tell you his honesty is a tangible thing you feel the compassion he has for others. And his wife I really felt their unity she is always by his side, because she's interested in the same things he is they compliment one another even with the height difference.
The voters have spoken. They elected John Kasich and got exactly what they deserve. Joe the Plumber's the perfect symbol for Ohio since it's intent on flushing itself right down the toilet.
I'm so sorry to hear this! I love his honesty & hate the way he's frequently discounted by the media as a crackpot, I suppose because he doesn't always follow the party line, is open-minded, & actually points out the naked emperor. This is a terrible loss!
Dennis has always been a bit too far-out for Ohioans -- at least those I know. My suggestion? If Marcy doesn't trounce Joe the Pretender, you might consider following Dennis to Washington state. Ohio is too conservative for both of you. Could be worse, tho, come visit me in Tennessee.
@Margaret, let's hope they wake up by election time history is littered with people who against their best interest have supported the worst policies. Kaptur has long represented many in that new district and in fact only lost that portion that was Kucinich's originally. It is seen as a Democratic district.
@Suzie I feel your pain, it is a shame that we have always discounted the candidates who don't see war as a viable option to peace. I'm thinking McCarthy, McGovern, and Kucinich.
Dear sweet Tom I live in South Carolina I have a front row seat to crazy town, but thanks for the invite.
Oops! I forgot! Hell, woman, SC is ten times worse than Ohio -- get thee hence to Washington or Oregon, but don't come here to East Tennessee! As I've pointed out to others, Junior Bush won the mock election at the local high school with 84% of the vote in 2004. And Junior'd defeat Obama here in 2012 by a similar landslide.
I am speechless...
.........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥
Thanks Algis for the comment and the artwork.
I'm sorry for Cleveland, and I'm sorry for the rest of the country. I hope DK finds a job where he can still be as effective as he can be. It's a killer. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that he might have faced "Joe the Plumber" in an election, though. Good God!