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Dennis Loo
Los Angeles, California,
December 31
Professor of Sociology
Cal Poly Pomona
Author of Globalization and the Demolition of Society; Co-Editor/Author of Impeach the President: the Case Against Bush and Cheney, World Can't Wait Steering Committee Member, co-author of "Crimes Are Crimes, No Matter Who Does Them" statement, dog and fruit tree lover. Published poet. Winner of the Alfred R. Lindesmith Award, Project Censored Award and the Nation Magazine's Most Valuable Campaign Award. Punahou and Harvard Honor Graduate. Ph.D. in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz. An archive of close to 500 postings of mine can be found at my blogspot blog, Dennis Loo, link below. I publish regularly at, (link below) and also at OpEd News and sometimes at Counterpunch.

JANUARY 24, 2012 1:37PM

Upcoming Radio Talk/In Person Talks 1/25 & 1/31

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I'm going to be on the Gary Null Show on Wed., Jan. 25th at 9 am PST. Gary has the largest progressive radio audience in the country. You can listen live or later as a podcast. (This is a new date from the original one.)

On Tuesday, Jan. 31st, I'm going to be speaking in Los Angeles before the Federation of Labor, 2130 W. James Wood Blvd., L.A., CA from approximately 10:15 am until noon.

The topic of both will be my book, Globalization and the Demolition of Society

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I'll try to listen but I'm curious how you envision the development of the Occupy movement. Last time I commented on your blog you kept dodging my point that, to effect political change, your movement should win elections. What is the problem with organizing this huge groundswell of support you claim the Occupy movement has (majority support among the public when polled about their support for measures to redress income inequality, the support of organized labor, etc.), organizing this mass of people to canvass homes in electoral districts thereby getting even greater numbers of people to attend organizing meetings to run candidates in elections, etc. The social media, Internet, etc. offer unprecedented opportunities for such political organization. Yet you seem to eschew that in favor of these Occupy occupations which generate the response, by reasonable observers like myself, that, well and good, go now and get your candidates on the ballot and win some elections.

You have no response to this critique. I think you realize that, when it comes to the nitty gritty of political organization, that many heretofore theoretically sympathetic members of the public will still, nevertheless, vote for the mainstream parties (Democrats and Republicans) and you want to explain that expected outcome by claiming that the establishment political forces have so much more persuasive power than any nascent Occupy political movement could have given the 'political correlation of forces presently' or some such balderdash, and therefore Occupy can't compete, and therefore the concept of democratic elections in the present context is invalid. I label that position of yours, assuming that is in fact your position, as ridiculous. Your movement has ample opportunity, and supposedly many volunteers and willing recipients, to effectively spread the message in an inexpensive way, because of the Internet, thereby nullifying the paid advertising and so-called invalid manipulation of the establishment parties. If the public simply votes an establishment way on election day, despite your movement's energetic work and communication with the people, then you must accept the verdict of the voters....that, despite their previous purported support for the Occupy political positions, that come voting day they have simply voted a different way. What do you say to that?

Saying that I have dodged the question of the nature of elections is like saying that Terminator the movie doesn't feature Arnold Schwarzenegger or that the War of the Worlds doesn't have anything in it showing aliens. It's inaccurate and frankly dishonest. But then, honesty isn't your strong suit. If you don't get the answer you expect from someone whom you disagree with, then you say that they're dodging the question.

Below is the comment that I left on sickofstupid about you a few weeks ago. Please note at the end your comments (one of many) about the possibilities of a popular upsurge which you wrote in December of 2010. Most of the rest of your comments on my blog were apparently so personally embarrassing that you a) deleted nearly all of them and b) you changed your name at least twice to my knowledge on OS:

"Jejune Podiatrist is an OS blogger who has assumed at least two other pseudonyms at OS. He used to go by the name of Caracalla's Amanuensis. Then he changed his name (after somehow succeeding in deleting many of his most embarrassing comments on my blog) to Ionian. In his original nom de guerre as Caracalla's Amanuensis he openly and proudly declared himself a fascist. So his statements now that Occupy is useless unless it pursues elective office should be understood in that context.

"Here is a mocking comment that he made to a post of mine in December in which I was sending a shout out to the people of Egypt. His comment makes amusing reading now as his certain assertions that no popular uprising would happen in the U.S. have been belied by the Occupy Movement, a movement that in fact has become impossible to ignore and in fact covered by Fox:

"'All I'm doing is waiting for the tidal wave of street protests as Da Peoples, in the throes of High And Mighty Indignation, begin swelling the public spaces and this movement becomes so un-ignorable that even the LameStream Media and Fox will be forced to report it. Good Luck! What an incredible narcissistic fantasy Comrade, when you so misunderstand the nature of the times, the movement of the Hegelian Spirit of Degradation and Decadence (as the Absolujte manifests itself today) that you remotely posit ANY kind of public reaction to these events. Ha ha, ho ho, fee fee fie foh...wink'

Caracalla's Amanuensis
December 07, 2010 04:00 PM'"

Don't come back. You're not welcome here. Your questions aren't honest ones. You pretend to be a democratic socialist on some people's blogs and then on my blog proudly describe yourself as a fascist. No one buys your pretenses.
You have shown your true colors Professor Loo. You do not answer a valid question. Before I leave I want you to understand something simple. Look at your post here today. I am the only commenter. My initial question was valid. You chose to ignore it and launched into a fanciful attack on my bona fides. By your own standards of verisimilitude you cannot be certain that I am, or am not, this other person you mention. I was polite to you but you used this subterfuge, questioning my identity, in order to avoid answering my observation. This is one of the characterological defaults of your so-called movement. And if you were the least bit informed about world affairs you would have to concede that the so-called Egyptian People's Revolution has been seriously compromised by the entrenched interests of religion, tradition,and the military forces. What a fraud you are Professor Loo. What a disgrace to open, honest, intellectual discourse. You are a joke.
JP - Pay attention please:

I'm not going to say this again and if you choose to post comments again to me then I will not answer you.

You think that stating things that are manifestly untrue will gain you credibility such as saying that I dodged the question and then that I didn't answer the question. Yet I responded to it before repeatedly and in this thread, I stated it at the beginning. This is the tactic of the far right. They are so arrogant that they think they can win over people if they repeat lies over and over again and that people aren't smart enough to look at the evidence themselves.

Instead of proclaiming and showing how you are NOT the person I claim you to be, which is what you'd do if you were really not who I have identified you as, you say this: "By your own standards of verisimilitude you cannot be certain that I am, or am not, this other person you mention. I was polite to you but you used this subterfuge, questioning my identity, in order to avoid answering my observation."

So there are two untruths in those two sentences of yours. First, that you are not who I say you are. Second, that I have questioned your identity in order not to answer your observation. You have no shame sir. You are a chronic liar and you are dishonest in the extreme. You have only to look at the numerous posts and comments threads to see that I have written extensively on these subjects. You cannot distinguish between someone who you disagree with and claiming that they haven't spoken to the question. You cannot prove that you aren't who I know you to be so you aren't trying to. Go ahead. I dare you to prove that you are not the same person who used to call himself Caracalla's Amanuensis and then Ionian and now Jejune Podiatrist. Prove that you were not the one to delete all of the embarrassing comments of Caracalla's Amanuensis on my blog. Prove that you did not say that you were a fascist on my blog. I have found you out and you can't pretend. You aren't very good, I must tell you, at concealing yourself.
Technically, CA aka jejune, did not delete his comments. His account was deleted by the OS overlords (thus removing all traces) for statements far outside the realm of decent society. His anti-Semitic rantings alone are enough to warrant extreme medication.

He revels in dishonesty like a pig in mud, actually enjoying it because he has no sense of how ridiculous he looks covered in filth. We can only hope people like that sober up one day and realize their true best interests. In the meantime they are perpetually stuck in a cycle of rejecting then needing liberal approval. Thus his presence here.
How can I prove or disprove something of which I know nothing. You have created some kind of fantastic kangaroo court in order to avoid answering a simple question. I am not familiar with all these threads and archival posts you allude to. I asked an honest question. You chose not to answer it. You defend your decision to not answer by trying to assassinate my character. I ask you Sir, are you insane? Have I insulted or offended you in any of my comments? I am flabbergasted. You cannot answer my criticism that the majority of ordinary voters would not support your movement. Perhaps you are embarrassed by this reality. Perhaps you would rather accuse me of trespasses I am not aware of in order to defend your private hallucinations. No wonder I am the only commenter here. You have no honesty Sir.
And now I see one of your robotic underlings entering this hallucinatory fray. What is the source of the animus, the bitterness, that warrants such abuse of my presence here. Stop and think for a moment. I asked a simple question, politely, that has resulted in such abuse and rancor. This interlude demonstrates the profound inability of you and your unwashed, homeless underlings to engage in a serious debate. You are all beneath contempt...wink
Dear child, the truth should never be taken as an insult! (Asian proverb)

Plus any time you spend here cannot be contributing to the tax base I so much depend on for my luxurious lifestyle. Since I know you don't want to give up the moral high ground, I'm sure you can find a more industrious endeavor of which I can duly poach.
Harry, you're a screw up, and you know it. Your parents know it, your so-called women, with the white trucks, or without, know it. You excoriate those who call you on it. You want to be a homeless demi-God. You will burn out soon...wink
Harry's Ghost:

Always glad to see your ghost!

And the Asian proverb you cite is so appropriate.
Thanks for posting this, Dennis, I will definitely try to tune in and listen or at least check out the pod cast.