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MAY 9, 2010 6:10PM

Stabbing the Gulf of Mexico in the Heart with an Ice Pick

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When I first heard of BP's oil rig catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, where they were drilling down to 20,000 feet, give or take 2,000 feet, and saw the alarming photographs of it, my first thought was the title of this post. "It's like stabbing the Gulf of Mexico in the heart with an ice pick."
I still can't get that image out of my mind.
 From Hurricane CREEKKEEPER©: "The Gulf appears to be bleeding..." 

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Yup Dennis it is just like that. Thanks for posting this. Much love to you.
Front Porch Republic ( a conservative poster that you should all read) has called it an oil spew.
My heart bleeds along with the Gulf. Good video. Rated
Thank you Jill, much love to you too!

Thanks ONL and Sunnie!
Thank you posting this.

There will be hard work with this disaster.
The colors of the video are showing well the oil.

The present administration of America
is now in the test how they will manage.

There was years ago a big oil disaster
near UK coast. her they were lucky
that big storms quite quickly dissolved
the oil. But here the things might become
much more difficult.
Thanks Dennis, for posting this video.Rated! Truly horrifying.Here is a link to another video of Revolution newspaper reporters exposing the crimes of this system at the MMS hearings in Washington DC on the oil spill.

Oops. I should have said that it was in New Orleans.