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DECEMBER 2, 2009 9:49AM

Obama Channels Bush at West Point

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George W. Bush could have delivered every single word, every single phrase, every phony and deluded claim, from the mouth of the current president at West Point last night.

For a sense of the outrage and seriousness of those who are opposing this "change," including growing numbers of people now waking up from Hopium, see this very good video from the Times Herald-Record.

This is a harbinger of what is to come. 300 yesterday outside the gates of West Point. Tomorrow and the next days to come ... ?

As Tariq Ali said yesterday, this escalation and decision to continue this unjust, illegal war and occupation may well be Obama's most fateful decision.

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he must figure it's better to fight the war on their soil than "ours."
Thank you David. I did the same thing as you: I could almost hear the words with Bush's accent.

Ben Sen: The Taliban aren't that popular in Afghanistan. They have been making a comeback because between the US, that routinely bombs large gatherings of people (thus the "mistakes" of killing people in wedding parties and dinner parties), and the Taliban, the Taliban look better for more and more Afghanis. The US presence in Afghanistan is exacerbating, not preventing, anti-state terror.
Dear David and Dennis,

Are You guys channeling my inner thoughts?

Ben, try writing when your awake next time.
David Sirota said it well on the radio this morning. He posited this question:
If John McCain was president and gave the same speech, would you call him a "warmongerer" or would you say "he inherited this mess, give him time to work it out?"
I'm over the hope dope. Trying to get clean. Is there a 12 step program for this? Hope Anon?
I'm in for a protest march.
Good to hear from you Mark.

Tim: the recovery program is called "World Can't Wait." : )

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