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Dennis Loo

Dennis Loo
Los Angeles, California,
December 31
Professor of Sociology
Cal Poly Pomona
Author of Globalization and the Demolition of Society; Co-Editor/Author of Impeach the President: the Case Against Bush and Cheney, World Can't Wait Steering Committee Member, co-author of "Crimes Are Crimes, No Matter Who Does Them" statement, dog and fruit tree lover. Published poet. Winner of the Alfred R. Lindesmith Award, Project Censored Award and the Nation Magazine's Most Valuable Campaign Award. Punahou and Harvard Honor Graduate. Ph.D. in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz. An archive of close to 500 postings of mine can be found at my blogspot blog, Dennis Loo, link below. I publish regularly at, (link below) and also at OpEd News and sometimes at Counterpunch.

If I could start a country with a bunch of people, they’d be the folks who were standing with us the last few days. Let’s hope we don’t have to do that! Let’s beat that other side to a pulp! Let’s take them out. Let’s chase them down.Read full post »

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt? Jury Nullification and the Power of the People

By Dennis Loo (7/31/13)

Some of those who support the Zimmerman verdict say that given the available evidence, one cannot find beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin. They may not personally have an… Read full post »

Zimmerman Trial Juror B29 (“Maddy”) Steps Forward: "He got away with murder"

By Dennis Loo (7/26/13)

Another juror has come forward from the Zimmerman case, Maddy, on ABC’s Good Morning America. Unlike Juror B37, the other juror to be interviewed so far, Maddy is not sitting in thRead full post »

The Zimmerman Trial Jurors, Obama, and the Invisibility of Racism

By Dennis Loo (7/21/13)

First, a personal story that helps to illustrate how racism can be so pervasive as to escape notice. A faculty colleague of mine at Ohio University where I was a Visiting Professor for a yearRead full post »

George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin and the System of "Justice"

By Dennis Loo (7/15/13)

A number of people say in the wake of the "not guilty" verdict of George Zimmerman in his killing of Trayvon Martin that this was a "fair trial."

As an aside, many of the same… Read full post »

We Are The Enemy, Part 2: What are the authorities so afraid of?

In Part 1 of this article I argued that the actual target of the U.S. government’s universal spying is not terrorists but us, the public, or more specifically, whistleblowers, investigative journalists, dissenters, and the publ…

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JULY 7, 2013 12:37PM

We Are The Enemy

We Are The Enemy: Whistleblowers, Journalists, Dissenters, and the People

Published 7/5/13 at Daily Censored

Obama says that his prosecution of whistleblowers is necessary because whistleblowers have aided America’s enemies by informing them of secrets that will harm America. With precious… Read full post »

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, at a March 13, 2013 hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee, the committee in which senators are allegedly standing in as representatives for the American people to monitor, supervise and approve or disapprove of the executive branch&rsquo… Read full post »

I received the note below today from the Stop Mass Incarceration Network regarding their efforts to get a "We Say No More!" statement as a paid ad in the Orlando Sentinel while George Zimmerman stands trial in Florida for killing Trayvon Miartin.

Dear Dennis,

The Orlando SentinelRead full post »

The NSA spy scandal is only the beginning to a potentially far more severe challenge to the U.S. government’s legitimacy than Watergate.

The Watergate scandal began quietly enough with the 1972 burglary of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) at the Watergate complex in D.C. Over time, ho… Read full post »


From Global Post: A January 12, 2013 picture taken in the daytime, showing sunlight being reflected in a Beijing building's window. - [/AFP/Getty Images]

Two items in the news:

On a scale of 0 to 500, with 500 being the top of the scale with extremely polluted air,Read full post »

Most of the commentary about Obama’s re-election and the defeat of some of the most reactionary GOP incumbents and candidates such as Rep. Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock has been about how the GOP is demographically and ideologically far too right wing for the majority in the… Read full post »

OCTOBER 18, 2012 4:50PM

UCLA Panel on the Elections

I will be speaking on a panel on Thursday, October 25, 2012 at UCLA entitled “Inside Out: Social Justice, Activism, and the 2012 Vote.” See details below:

Inside Out: Social Justice, Activism, and the 2012 VoteRead full post »

By Dennis Loo

As Rebecca Solnit put it in admonishing the Left to support Obama’s re-election: Obama may be killing innocent children abroad, but that’s not new for American presidents (!!), and Obama at least is promoting health care in ways that Mitt Romney wouldn’t.

In other… Read full post »

I stopped watching it early in the third quarter because it's too painful. The game plan for the Indiana Pacers in tonight's game five in the best of seven Eastern conference playoffs reminds me of the presidential campaign of Walter Mondale in the 1980s against George H. W. Bush. Is Indiana… Read full post »

After being embarrassed by the Denver Nuggets tonight in Game 6 of their first round NBA playoff series, with the Nuggets winning the last two games to tie the series at 3 all, Laker center Andrew Bynum was asked in the locker room why the Lakers  - with the notable exception… Read full post »

In today's New York Times (3/3/12) the paper writes about the February 21st burning by U.S. personnel in Afghanistan of Muslim holy books, including at least four Qurans, which has sparked nationwide riots, citing the conclusions of a joint commission of three Afghan security officers and an AmericRead full post »

When a player is playing that well, he doesn’t come out of nowhere. It seems like he comes out of nowhere. Go back and take a look, and the skill level was probably there from the beginning, it’s just that we didn’t notice it.         
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Originally posted at

Yesterday (February 9, 2012) David Carr at The New York Times wrote an article about Occupy entitled: “The Occupy Movement May Be in Retreat But Its Ideas Are Advancing.” He points out that Obama’s SOTU address took up the rhetoric of Occupy anRead full post »

FEBRUARY 3, 2012 1:10PM

The Supreme War Crime

The U.S. and Israel have launched punishing sanctions upon Iran and one or both have assassinated Iranian scientists. Sanctions are not a way of avoiding a war; they are a prelude to war; they are the beginning stages of a war.

Before the unprovoked attack upon Iraq by Bush and… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 1, 2012 10:10AM

Dirty, Pretty Things Part 3

Part 1 can be read here. Part 2 is here.

A friend at Red Room, where the first two of my article series are also posted, commented on my "Dirty, Pretty Things: Apple, Inc. and China" series that the conditions of the Chinese workers at Apple suppliersRead full post »

JANUARY 29, 2012 9:28AM

Dirty, Pretty Things Part 2

Part I can be found here.

The New York Times’ articles on Apple in China (I and II) have struck a chord and there is talk of an Apple boycott circulating among American journalists. Since Apple’s success depends a great deal on its being seen as cool, the explosionsRead full post »


Capital … comes into the world soiled with gore from top to toe and oozing blood from every pore.”

                        -- Karl Marx, Capital


I love myRead full post »

JANUARY 25, 2012 2:24PM

Obama's SOTU Speech 2012

I'm going to comment on just a few things about Obama's SOTU speech last night. So many lies, so little time!

First, obviously absent the Occupy Movement, there would have been no talk in his speech about making the rich pay their fair share. This indicates the significance… Read full post »

I'm going to be on the Gary Null Show on Wed., Jan. 25th at 9 am PST. Gary has the largest progressive radio audience in the country. You can listen live or later as a podcast. (This is a new date from the original one.)… Read full post »