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Delia Yeager

Delia Yeager
Seattle, Washington,
July 09
Current events, the past, healing, growing, weaving the art of life and reason. Because one blog just isn't enough.


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The more you own and fill your own space, the more you discover how much more you are than you thought you were.

As you get used to your Daily Practice of turning within and running your energies, things you learn in the Core Spiritual Practice Training, the more you… Read full post »

JANUARY 15, 2015 5:25PM

World Peace In Insane Times

Resistance is the super-glue of the Universe.

What you resist persists.

What you really resist, you become.

If you resist the war, you protest.

If you do your homework and research what is going on in the war, decisions the government is making about the… Read full post »

JANUARY 13, 2015 3:23AM

Such A Narrow Window For Truth

Here are a couple of really great examples of why I am relieved that President Obama did not send anyone but Eric Holder - the man who has been refusing to use the term Muslim Extreemist for years - to a let's-start-another-witch-hunt rally for politicians.

Invoking the devil, again. If these… Read full post »

JANUARY 11, 2015 5:44PM

My Heart Goes Out To the French

In a world that teaches us by analogy and implication that machines and technology are better than humans, and over time, humans are inferior machines.

A machine gets retrofitted, modified, a thing gets added to it or taken away from it, to improve its functionality.

Humans are not… Read full post »

DECEMBER 23, 2014 5:08AM

Bringing Back Humanity

I have been making use of the public transit system for about 2 years now. There are many things that I have learned from taking photographs, catching and riding buses and using the driver-service Lyft, as a result of not having a car anymore.

I started taking more photographs onRead full post »

DECEMBER 17, 2014 1:54AM

Women are not consumables, and yet...

I  grew up in the last century in Texas with one sister and 4 older brothers.

I had no illusions about how cool/bright/clever/protective/wonderful boys were. They were fine but they weren’t what my school friends who didn’t have brothers thought they were.  They were not angel… Read full post »

I don’t care who you say you are, or

What you say you believe in -

I care who you show you are, who you act you are. 

I care how you respond when we disagree,

when the chips fall flat,

when the bus leaves… Read full post »

“Ring the bells that still can ring 
Forget your perfect offering 
There is a crack in everything 
That's how the light gets in. “

In those first years after the rape, I had fulfilled the most common statistics.

Within weeks I had to stop seeing my male friends whoRead full post »

OCTOBER 4, 2014 1:43PM

Speaking of Courage....

Speaking of Courage…

I find people to be courageous in ways they do not see.

The courage to speak up here, for instance. To show up to the page honestly is courageous.

To let other people read what you’re about, how you’re doing – these things areRead full post »

OCTOBER 4, 2014 12:56AM

Speak to us of Courage - OC

I appreciate the comments about my being courageous or brave, and it’s got me thinking of an Open Call I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences:

How have you been courageous?  Where have you been brave?

Not a theoretical question, but an earnest one.

Everyone has an intellect… Read full post »

At the hospital they tended to X first, since the guy has hit her with the butt of his gun and she was bruised on her face. She hadn’t actually taken her clothes off as they had ordered so she looked more disheveled that I did.

Her fear had… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 27, 2014 9:22PM

Untold Stories

(Sensitivity alert – date-rape experience.)

I have a long standing WTF with football.

I grew up in Texas where football is a religion, carrying a gun, on steroids.

My first sexual experience was with a golden haired captain of the junior football team.

 I… Read full post »

AUGUST 3, 2014 1:12AM

Personal Rape vs Public Psychology

Rough draft

In the summer of 1982, after the rape, I did what I knew to do. I went to the library to do research, and in time I found a therapist.

The books available at the library were few.  One or two on how to go to… Read full post »

Forty five years ago Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren stepped on the moon.

In 1969 the US was deeply divided about the Viet Nam war, race relations were tense, and we were in a cold war with Russia.

I remember hearing and seeing pictures of breadlines and empty… Read full post »

My higher self used to manage to get hints and clues to me by putting these crazy messages in my mouth where I’d have to hear them.

This came through in early sobriety in 1991 in Culver City and the Studio Group meeting.

“Grant me the serenity… Read full post »

DECEMBER 11, 2013 4:07AM

How To Measure Time

Many years ago I was social tired and city weary and I had been away from home too long. I was homesick and soul sick, but could not go back. All I could hope for was that in going forward I would find my place, or at least a place to… Read full post »

OCTOBER 6, 2013 7:41PM

Who Has Your Back?

Hello my OS friends -

I am beginning to work on my book again and appreciate being able to post things here to "see how they sound." Thank you for reading and your constructive comments are appreciated.  

 Beach Grass and Puget Sound @ Delia Yeager 

I hear this phrase from banks and other ads, and in conversationRead full post »

Just like “in the olden days” of unconscionable behavior, old white men, drunk with power (and booze) and so used to being untouchable, unaccountable for their actions they rape and pillage and do not see what the problem is, these treasonous beasts have brought down the Federal Governmen… Read full post »

To be – serious, and not to be – serious; that is the question.

I grew up in serious times in a house of people who were serious about making changes in the government and laws in this country.  The world had serious problems and it would take serious people toRead full post »

JULY 4, 2013 2:02AM

An American Dream

A few years ago I discovered that there is a Naturalization Ceremony on the 4th of July at the Seattle Center.

I went there to see Obama's first inauguration. When President Obama was elected, I was so overjoyed – not only a decent man and great speaker, but an idealist who… Read full post »

JULY 3, 2013 4:37PM

Time To Fly

When I was young I tried and tried

To be the things my mother wanted of me.

I tried and tried to square up my roundedness

To fit into the straight lines and right angles in every way.

Mom saw my struggle and related.


She’d… Read full post »

JULY 2, 2013 3:17PM

Insanity Is Not Sustainable

Lately I have been imagining a lot of horrible things. In my mind’s eye I see pictures of torture, abuse, injustices done upon my body as well as others. It can be sudden and very disturbing for my body.

At different times in my life I have gone through periods whereRead full post »

One out of 10 people over the age of 12 are on antidepressants, but that’s not a problem to national security. It’s a personal problem, not a systemic one.

7 out of 10 of Americans are on prescription drugs, but there’s no problem with that either. 

80% of processed… Read full post »

MAY 26, 2013 2:15PM

Understanding Pop a little more

A child understands her parents in relationship to her.

In the beginning they are the things that make life possible. She cries and they feed her. She’s wet, and they change her. The child understands the parents in relationship to her being, as if when they are not in her… Read full post »

MAY 15, 2013 9:39PM

A View of the Summer of 1970

1969 was my first year in public school. It was quite an achievement to get to leave the Catholic school I had been in since first grade.  Seven years of the same people in my classes and in the small school. The same kids, the same families from 1st to 8thRead full post »