Dave Rickert

Dave Rickert
Tucson, Arizona,
May 19
Its in the glove compartment
Yes. I always enjoy it.
I have always tended to take the road less traveled. Sometimes I get lost; sometimes the road is under construction; and sometimes the road leads nowhere or everywhere. Regardless of my choices, I always learn, and never regret the journey.


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JANUARY 4, 2011 8:54AM

Open Salon Poetry - 2010 Reader Favorites

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Poetry Man3
"Poetry Man" original artwork graciously
created and provided
Susan Creamer Joy 
To say that compiling this list of OS poems was difficult, would be a major understatement.  I received 225 poetry submissions from OS readers for consideration in compiling this list, and I could only select 25.  Several of the poems were entered multiple times by different readers, so the total number of submissions was even higher than 225.  Actually, the substitute editor, Michael Humphrey, asked me to choose 10-20 poems, but I stretched it to 25 after I saw the number of submissions.  I am sure he will not disapprove of my expanding the list.
Realizing that all art, particularly poetry, is ultimately a personal thing, and appreciation thereof lies within each individual as to what he or she prefers or likes, I tried to use some general guidelines as to how these poems were chosen.  With each poem I tried to have the answer be "yes" to the following questions:
1.  Does it paint a picture with words that the reader can readily visualize?
2. Does it evoke some type of emotion from the reader?
3. Does it flow easily, and will it make sense to the reader?
4. Does it have a certain memorable quality with which the reader can identify and remember the poem? 
I am sure others have their own criteria for what they like in a poem, but the above-mentioned questions are what I used.  I also tried to include as many types and genres of poems that I could:  some traditional and some free-verse, some happy and some sad, some rhyming and some non-rhyming, some hopeful and some dire, and also some specific structured types of poetry such as Haiku, Senryu, Villanelle, etc.   I did my best, but I could not cover all of the myriad types, structures, and forms of poetry.  I hope you understand.
After these 25 poems are posted, I plan on posting the entire list at some future date, so all can see the level of interest in, and the quality of, poetry on OS. In my view, just to be on the peer-submitted list of 225 poems is an honor in and of itself.  Bravo!
Finally, I would like to thank Michael Humphrey for allowing poetry to be recognized as a legitimate art form on Open Salon.  As I told him, for better or worse, he will forever be associated with putting poetry in the limelight and on the cover of OS.  I predict it will be for the better.
The poems listed below are the 25 chosen to be representative of the 225 reader entries.  They are in no particular order.  Relax, and enjoy the ride! 
*  It should be mentioned that Divorce Bard wrote a poem every day for the 365 days in 2010.  Many of his poems were submitted to me as individual entries, and were indeed worthy of being selected on their own merits.  However, I chose to acknowledge his total body of work for those 365 days as a single artistic endeavor

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Dave Rickert, you are a champion. Thank you.
Very cool that the editors are seeing poetry in a new light. I've never been much of a poetry buff. I think part of that is that I never really understood the point of it all. I've been in a couple classes and am taking another that focus on poetry so I am gaining more appreciation as time goes by. My next class requires that I write 14 poems and 4 short stories), so I will either sink or swim with the poetry this semester. I'm scared sh*tless.
Great effort. I had trouble trying to recommend someone, when I read people's work, there was not much that I did not like or really enjoy, including my own. I thought it might be kind of odd recommending everyone,hahahha. Glad you took on this effort.
I think it is great that poetry is getting some recognition here. I look forward to reading those I haven't yet. Good job, Dave.

There is an essential and abiding poet here to shed light on and include. He does it in his own way and brings poetic sensibility to every comment he leaves ... Art James.
There are so many amazing poets on OS - all very deserving of recognition. I will be reading all of these today and will look forward to perusing the entire list when you post it at a later date. Thank you for the yeoman's work you did pulling this together and for your ongoing support of poetry. Your efforts are very much appreciated. I am deeply honored to be on this list.
an EPPPPPPPPPP I am over the moon.:)
Rated with hugs
Very, very happy to see this.
nice work, dave. i wouldn't have wanted to be the person to narrow it to 25, especially since many of those writers are prolific. and as much as i dislike lists and 'winners' here, it's nice to know the entire long list of submissions will be published later.
This is a great victory for poets and the readers of poets! Thank you, Dave, poets, and Michael!
Congratulations to you and all the poets on their effort and the long overdue seal of approval! Very well done, Dave!
Well, Dave, you did it! YOU get an award for your persistence and dedication to this project, which you so clearly loved. The very definition of a labor of love, because what a lot of work went into this. Now, off to read!
oh bravo! david! you did a fine job, and are appreciated beyond mere words.
You are one helluva guy. You have personally accomplished what no one else has been able to do. Congrats from me and I know from the rest of OS who love reading it!
Dave, you have a place, now, among The Very Best. Ever. Bless you, friend. r.

You have kept "poetry in motion" here on OS and inspired many of us to keep poetry alive both here and in our lives. Thank you so very much for creating this space for us to fill, day after day. xoxo
This is incredible - a tremendous achievement for all! Congratulations to everyone, and a huge thank you to Mr. Rickert!
Rated with enthusiasm and joy!

You can't be thanked enough for your incredibly hard work on this project. What a beautiful post. This is enough reading for days! Poets -- wonderful work here on OS. You add a great deal of beauty to this community.
WooHoo! EP and Front Cover! It's a Poetry Breakthrough, and good for you, Dave Rickert. Congrats, well done and keep up all the good work. Poetry needs a champion and I'm glad we have you. I aspire to be on your lists someday.
Rated, with love and poesy.
Congratulations to all ! I've only been on OS a short while and have come to know and love several of the talented writers, authors and poets here. I'm looking forward to reading all of these.

Thank you, Dave, for all of your efforts.
Thank you for bringing attention to the cause. All best, HB
Warrior poet.
Poetry warrior.
Take your pick.
But I dig it.
What you've done.
What you've become.
You raised the whole site with you.
You've made us all better.
There you have it!
I don't think any of us really know how hard you have worked on this to both make it happen and then to put it all together in the elegant way you have done. Your faith in the transcendent power of poetry and tenacious determination to see that everyone here has the opportunity to also experience that has paid off in spades. You are an OS hero! Congratulations and thank you, Dave:)
I'm glad you went with 25! If these were in a small anthology, I'd buy it! Thanks for your dedication to this project and being a part of OS.
Dave, what a wonderful gift you have given the poets and non-poets of OS. A non-poet. RRRR
Congratulations, Dave. You've championed the cause. Thanks to Michael for for acknowledging and Susan for her beautiful artwork. To all the wonderful poets of Open Salon, this is a milestone.
OMG you made my day and then some. Well all of you made my day or should I say evening. Just when I thought things could not get any worse. My front tooth fell out yesterday, My back is lame, I have the sniffles and
my eye keeps twitching.... Oh Dave thanks for this posting..
May you have an extra special day every day all year long.
Nice painting by Susan too. Oh am I glad i kept up with my postings.
I am truly a happier person for this. Thanks again..I guess i am a gusher too. Maybe i don't have to be Shipwrecked in Bitez...my last post.
Smiles, giggles, laughter ...
Scarlet. No. I jest banter ...
These are poets. I an not ...
I pop-off. It's a odd Muse.
I hold the 'pen' to ramble.
Banter ramble wide/idiot.
The Psalmist wrote scribble.
It's a different type of Muse.
ramblin one comes and goes.
I was shocked one day @ UT.
I was surprised I was called it.
UT's Salon bans idiots/sages.
Who wants to be called a fly?
If you use a word "butterfly"
You get lambasted. Ridiculed.
Free Speech?
Lawyers itch?
Strife. binds...
I'll read these great choices.
No-b-no home coming queen.
People amaze me. I scribble.
Dave - you deserve MORE than an EP for doing this and being the "champion" of the poets. Thanks to Kit too for the beautiful music! Thanks also to Michael. What a way to start off the New Year.
OMG! Poetry on the cover! Wonderful! ~r
It warms my heart to see this. The only thing better would be if one of your lovely poems was on the list. You are a true champion of poetry and have taken the pages of OS into a higher level of cultural beauty.
I personally thank you for introducing me to your list of favorites. After a few months of posting and having no readers, I suddenly got real people reading my poems and commenting.
I am so happy to see not only the EP, but the cover graced with Susan's wonderful art, introducing this amazing post.
You are still and always have been my personal hero.
rated with love
Very cool to see this on the cover. Love Susan's artwork here too. Nice job, Dave! I'll savor the read.
Oh, this is wonderful of you and truly remarkable of as all that there is so much good poetry to read.
Thank you, thank you for this compilation.
It is to everyone at O.S credit that in this era of scarcity of truth in word form, that we enjoy such a surplus of nutrition packed verbal content that we all enjoy playing with it.
And none of my many favorites even made the list!
What would OS do without you. As a lover of poetry, I am grateful for your efforts.
Poetry on the cover?

What's next, NASCAR results?

(just kidding of course)

your efforts at getting poetry recognition [front page cover] is greatly appreciated; this list is phenomenal, thank you.
Needed something to help me smile today. Lovely beginnings here.
Dave, amazing work! And what success! I'm now enjoying a sampling of your selection immensely, wonderful poems that would have gotten lost in the forest of the years prolific growth.
thank you dave, thank you susan, thank you michael

this undertaking has been no small feat, and i realize dave, how difficult it must have been to choose a sampling
i am beyond grateful and undeserving to be on that list, but thank you, i stand in awe of all of those poets who i view as my teachers, 1-Mom, consonantsandvowels, Divorce Bard, Renatta Laundry, scupper, ladyslipper, AtHomePilgrim, rita shibr, Gail Walter, Elisa Rodgers, Foolish Monkey, Jan Sand
thank you, thank you, thank you

and dave, don't you forget, you were the one who made this come to pass
Thank you for all your hard work on this!! r
I am thinking of a life raft floating on a black sea.
The moment I reach it I cling to it and am relieved and grateful,
Thankful to be alive among a few others, breathing.
But it is too small.
All around there are people still in the water, not visible.

But audible, their voices fill my lungs like seawater, sweet and salty
My feet tread the thick fluid slowly, above the depths,
Swollen and shoeless
The wide cinch of a north parallel tightens at my throat
Painfully in the absence of friends.

Saludos from Venezuela~W. Gentieu aka Inverted Interrobang

Dave: Thanks for being a warrior for poetry and felicitaciones for this accomplishment.
Susan Creamer Joy: I am swept away completely by your painting. Perfect.
Dave, you never gave up hope and also put so much of your time and effort into this and all the other posts on poetry. Thank you for this, I feel elated to be among such good people up there and also that people like my poems enough to put in a good word.
Dave, what an honor to be included on this list in the company of such fine people! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being the Poetry Champion here on OS. You, my dear friend, rock!
I was thinking this afternoon that I wish one of Dave's poems was on the list. He has so many beautiful poems, but my personal favorite is Vietghanistan:
I also was thinking about what a treasure Susan Creamer Joy is. Her words are beautiful and her artwork exquisite. I wish I had an enormous piece of her art hanging on my wall. Susan thank you for adding the art to this post. It's so fantastic.
Oh, Dave! Thanks so much for including my humble offering to this coterie of sweet spirits!
Rated for kindness in the pursuit of POETRY!
Many kudos to you and all the poets here! Let's keep the poetry in motion movement moving.
Tell your army buddy thank you!!! ;)


You do a grand service here for the cause!!!
@Art: you have the soul of a poet then. Hey, have you ever checked out Bingo Gazingo? He's a street performer and poet. I saw him read in N.Y. and then when I landed here on OS and read you, your style somewhat reminded me of him.

Once I get home from work I will dip into some of this reading like a warm bath. Cheers.
Dave I wish I had 100oth the talent of the people you mention above.
History is made!!!

I'll soon be diving in to the list, fully expecting to be carried away in the best way.
Congratulations, Dave! Well done! xox
i haven't received a comment or pm from you in the two years i've been writing poetry for os. i find this odd. i hope it isn't something i said, because i do consider myself a part of this on-line community and have been contributing to it consistently in one way or other. also, to give you credit, i would never undertake such a task since poetry is far too personal a media and projections of one's prejudices are usually unavoidable if one is not committed to an objective criteria.
ah, i see that you state you are committed to a criteria. I guess then it is either conventional form you desire or you and i do not see eye to eye. that's the way it is with poetry for those who are not aware--so do not take offence if you are not listed. I don't.
BRAVO! Wonderful poets and poetry, Dave. All so very deserving.

Your tireless efforts on behalf of our poetry community are outstanding and much appreciated. You are a real treasure!

With love and many thanks for all that you do for us.

Dave, thanks for your wonderful dedication to the poets and the poetry! I love the pics, and have found several favorite new poets thanks to you! Excellent reads!

Blessings, Marissa
What a monumental labor of love. I guess I better get down to reading me some poems. Oh, and lovely illustration by Susan.
This is truly a marvelous thing you have done, putting this together, Dave. I remember when you started the weekly poetry recognitions soon after you joined OS. Certain people who had been here awhile and evidently felt a proprietary privilege among the general membership scoffed at you, I recall, implying you were unseemly to come here, green as you were, and imply that the old guard wasn't doing justice to poets. I do believe most if not all of those sniffers have moved on or at the least have come to accept that change isn't always for the worse. Congratulations.
You are so incredibly kind and generous! I don't even know how to thank you for your commitment to poetry and poets. These poems are so phenomenal. I'm proud to be included.
What an amazing endeavor and collaborative effort - both from within the writing of OS and with the staff (Yay Michael!) Thank you Dave, I shall savor this post over and over again.
Congratulations for your hard work. Looks like I have much reading to do. Thank you -R-
Wow, what a task. Hope you get some rest. I think someone should look at photography too.
Thank you for you effort on this project. It's an honor to be included.
YOU ARE MY (OUR )HERO!!! Wow! Mission seemingly Impossible...now ACCOMPLISHED...phase 1. So grateful, so glad, so proud...to know you. THANKS DAVE! xoxoxo
I like what dirndl skirt called this poetic jag we're on--
"the poetry in motion movement".
Dave, I am not sure I can add much more on the accolades you have already received! Every one of them is true!

The work you do here has to be more than just a nice guy helping out without a dime of pay.
It has to be a labor of love,..a passion!
You have role modeled for all of us here on what can happen with that passion.

While poems are indeed a beautiful thing, they are surpassed in beauty by what you just gave everybody who writes poetry in OS.

You have shared so much time and effort with all of us,.
..in effect.....you have given us your heart!

A tip of the hat, and a smile...and a big thank you for all that you have done and all you do. I am honored to be one of the poetic submissions sent to you.

And Dave....it is ok to take a week or two and write more or your OWN poetry. It should be on this list as well.

Dave, Mike, and all the Poets. This is just wonderful. You're all winners, as are we. Thank you so much for this.
Dave, it is impossible to thank you adequately for what you've done here. We will all try. But it is like Zeno's paradox - we will never reach you.

Thank you, sincerely, for your tireless efforts.
You did it!! This is like having my very own OS Poetry Anthology to savor and revisit. What a wonderful gift you have given us.
Fantastic post and all the poets, well deserved.
Oh Lordy! What a great honor to be among these fine poets. I am truly humbled and greatly pleased. Thanks for all the tireless and hard work believing in all of us. You did it Dave! Thanks Michael! May we all post rich and thought provoking poems in this New Year of 2011. tg
Dave, most impressive. I was, I admit, a doubter in your quest for recognition for poets. You proved me wrong through your dedication and perseverance. You deserve huge plaudits for your efforts and for your sagacious choices. I am honored to be included amid the True Poets.

I have only one quibble: you shouldn't have left your own work out. (Though I knew you would.)
To all who commented: I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and your support for poetry on OS. It IS a labor of love for me, and I am glad to highlight poetry and all of the arts. It is what separates us from animal species. I will be publishing the entire list of 225 soon. Thanks again.
You are an integral part of creating magic here. Surely there is some way to fit that into your already impressive résumé.
This is great, Dave, you got poetry on the cover!! but it is a HUGE absence not to have some of your most amazing poems on this list...
Hi Dave,
I loved reading your biography it really is inspiring, but I had to leave a message and say Thanks for posting that lovely picture by Susan Cramer Joy. It really captures the essence of wise old men, who hasn't been tainted by any of the ill things that swarm in the enviornment. The color work is exhuberant, and the look and feel of the painting is reminds me of what is being asked in poetry. To paint what the mind is seeing as one is reading poetry. It should paint a picture even (transform) the daily grind.
Wonderful, wonderful! Thanks Dave! Thanks OS! Of course, the biggest thanks of all goes to the writers. R