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June 03
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An expanded paperback edition of my book COLUMBINE came out March 1, 2010. Links to the book and my bio below: http://www.davecullen.com/columbine.htm

AUGUST 9, 2010 4:43PM

Why the Columbine massacre? Book trailer outlines killers

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I just relaunched my book trailer on youtube, in a different format.

In three minutes, it provides a concise summary of the book, and also of the killers: What drove Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold to instigate the Columbine massacre.

You will meet Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and get a sense of what drove them and what they wrought.

If you find this trailer interesting, I hope you will spread the word on it, by reposting to your Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc. It's hard to get attention for books on the web, and I greatly appreciate the help. Thanks.

Consider clicking the thumbs-up button at youtube when you watch the video.

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Loved your book. Great work.
Thanks, Lawless. I need to keep reminding myself that people liked it.
I rarely want to re-visit this horror. But this trailer is intriguing and I suspect your book is too. Thanks. I will take a look._r
Thanks, Joan. Consider clicking the thumbs-up on the video too, and/or sharing the link. Thanks.
Your book had been on my "to read" list until about a month ago when I finally finished it. For a thick book, I tore through it, unable to put it down. The reporting was top notch. You really went layer and layers deep into the whole tragedy, and showed me angles on it on it that I never even imagined existed. The perspective on the "whys" of Eric and Dylan's spree...chilling. Really makes you wonder if a parent can ever know their child. I've read a couple books in between but the writing still haunts me. Please keep us posted on what's next; and thank you for a work that must've taken a big chunk of your heart and soul to write.
Thanks, Melissa Jo. I was hoping to make it a page-turner, wondered whether I could.
I appreciate your attention to the whys. Having worked in several high schools, I have seen what I felt were alarming signals that I reported. I'm sure I also missed some. Thanks for not letting us forget to pay attention. I will "thumbs up."
Columbine affected me so deeply. Just the mention of it gives me chills. I found your trailer very interesting. I have to admit that I didn't know the book existed but I must find it and read it after seeing that. I have shared on FB and given thumbs up on Youtube.
It's very well done, but you should give it to History, Bio, A&E or some crime show and pitch a longer version as an authority on the subject. Which you could sell and use to promote the book - "Hi, I'm Dave Cullen, author of Columbine....for the next half hour minutes I am going to take you on a journey..." Robert Stack it.
Thanks for all these.

I appreciate the FB link and thumbs up, Puddle. Those really help.

Interesting idea on the crime shows. I don't know much about pitching to shows like that.
Once I started this book, I could not put it down. Usually I balk at violence but felt that this was a book of substance.
Will facebook it.
Just envision how many book shelves your book occupies already!
Thanks, O'Steph.

And that is a nice thought. I wonder how many shelves it's on.
When I learned about what happened there I felt like we are not safe at all anywhere. We don´t know who is going to crack and start shooting. Seriously we are getting too lonely in this globalized world. Sad. I am actually looking up for your book here in the local libraries I just hope I can find it. I swear I am buying it.
Hugs and coffee beans to you from Colombia´s mountains... fresh!
Mauricio, I hope you find a copy in Columbia.