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NOVEMBER 9, 2008 1:44PM

More sexy: Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen, & a few younsters

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I handed my boy Simon Baker his own post as my #1, but I'll also nominate Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen,and Ryan Kwanten (from True Blood). And I doubt he'll get any traction here, but my reptilian brain insists I nominate Rusty Joiner. And let's face it, the reptile in my brain is generally in charge of choosing the sex partners.




I really dislike his expression on this one, but love the relaxed shot of his bod:





Hugh's got everything I look for: piercing eyes, gushing smile, energy, vitality, confidence and a beefy body that he carries with conviction. Ahhhhhhhh. Hahaha.

To be totally honest, if I had to choose between Hugh and Simon Baker for one night--I'd quietly say a little prayer of gratitude first--and then probably grab Hugh. Sorry, Simon. Hugh's got it going above and below the neck.

But if I had to pick one to marry, and keep me turned on forever, I'd grab Simon, in a heartbeat. He makes my heart sing, and the melody never wavers.

Those two are in a dead heat for the title for me.

Runners up:

Clive Owen:

I have been taken aback by him for years, but did not realize quite how much he captivated me until Children of Men. I could not take my eyes off him. With Clive, it's all about the intensity for me.




Then there is recent throbber Ryan Kwanten, who appears to have had sex in every episode of True Blood so far but one. Good casting selection. He appears pretty good at it. He makes me want to participate. Hahaha.

(The first montage I found online. The pix are a few years old, and I prefer him a bit older, but it was easy to provide several angles this way):


I love this suprised pic of him, and I think it's current, and from True Blood. It's perfect for his character, who's not all that bright:


A great butt is also appreciated. Ryan's is spectacular.



And here you go reptiles. Rusty Joiner:. Mmmmmm:


The abs alone make me want to jump this guy.

It took me years to figure out why a six pack is such a turn-on. It echoes the pecs. Pecs are my favorite below-the-neck body part, my eyes are drawn there directly. A great pair of those are great, all by themselves--better with a dusting or more of hair on them--but followed by a merely-flat stomach, they're alone in the wilderness.

When you add on a six- or eight-pack, it's like smaller versions of them continuing on downward for a foot and a half--echoing the pattern, like great architecture: not the same thing, but visual equivalents of the same idea.

Or picture an Ansel Adams photograph of two stunning mountain peaks. Now picture the frame pulled back with a series of foothills leading up to or surrounding the main attraction, with a lot more texture to the foothills, with rivets carved out between them and a deep crevice running imperfectly down the core, lifting gently from side to side like a babbling stream. (Again, perfected by a light thicket of undergrowth concentrated in the lowlands, and thickening futher from the mountains, radiating out of a new and vastly different focal point down below at the navel.)

It's not a perfect analogy, because in landscape, the drama of mountains rising out of nowhere can be powerful, too. But you get the idea of how framing the the focal point and redeveloping it visualy can add to the effect.

A torso is a different landscape, with the limiting condition that there will be an abdominal section in the picture. The question is whether they will accentuate the pecs or leave them on their own.

Of course abs are beautiful in their own right, too, rippling so beatuitfully, but I think it's the combination of them with the pecs that heightens the visual aesthetic of both considerably.

Not that I've thought about this or anything. Hahaha.


You can see a lot more of him at rustyjoiner.com (If that's not enough. Hahaha. Actually, you'll see the same parts of him there a lot more times.)

And since he's special, here's a few more of my contender--Relaxed Hugh, and Adorable Dad Hugh:






I'm seeing a lot of different ideas on what constitutes "sexy," so I'm going to come back with a post dedicated to discussing that. I'll add the link once I do.


BTW, is it illegal for me to be a gayguy and not mention Jake Gyllenhaal?

He's pretty damn hot. I figured he'd be covered. So far, no. Hmmmmmm.


Many comments in, I'm afraid I ghettoized my fave Simon Baker in his own post. So here's a quickie shot of him: 


Click for more pix and my case for him.


Reader's Choice Section:

I've decided to add more nominees, from the comments. (But only the ones I find hot. Hey, it's still my blog.) Thanks guys.

First up, Ryan Reynolds, thanks to JT.

Ryan Reynolds. I always thought of him as a lame, talentless twink. Then one day I saw a beefy still from (Amityville?) and gasped. When did HE grow up? And into that? God, even his face got three times as handsome.

He was stunning. But I figured now he was just lame, talentless beefcake. I don't actually know though, because he's never made a movie I was remotely interested in seeing. (Good call on the bad choice of movies, GT.)

Maybe. It's also hard for me to judge sexiness without having seen him move or hear him speak. But man, those pix. Especially the WET and BEST selections. Yow.

Let me tempt you with a few:


Aside from being stunning, those are mabye the best seratus muscles I've ever seen. (If I hadn't been to PT I wouldn't even know what they were. But I had noticed them. I thought they were just ribs. No. Muscle.)


And what's with the softcore bondage thing going on here?


I'm not normally into the bondage thing, but that's hot.

I think he deserves a cheerful one, too, and an angry:



Ok, who else? (I don't want to put David Beckham, OK?)

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thanks, umb.

Second Sight was where he caught my attention, too. (they played that here as part of Masterpiece Theater, no? or was it Mystery?)

i never bothered to find out what his name was, though. i thought of him as one of those great Brits i never get to see in American productions.

then he grabbed the screen in Gosford Park long before it became apparent how central he was to the plot. (great casting and/or directing, btw. write it so the character doesn't appear central, but use a guy who captures the attention, so when the later revelations come, the audience had already taken note of the guy.)

that time, i got his name.

if you really want to blow your mental image of clive, check him out with bleach-blond hair in the film Croupier, from 1998:

film here:

pic here:

his eyebrows are still dark, and of course his eyes and pigment is too, and it looks creepy and fake, exactly as intended. (he has his natural hair color during a small part of the film, and the bleaching of it is central to the film. it's supposed to look fake, etc.)

it's a pretty cool film. intentionally a little creepy, and unsettling. not a masterpiece or a must-see, but pretty damn good for what it is.
Hugh Jackman, Keanu Reeves, Ewan McGregor and Christian Bale :)

Thanks for sharing all the hot pics of Hugh - lol - it surely brightened my day...
Ryan Kwanten.....? You are genius. His character on True Blood reminds me of 85% of the boys I went to HS with in LA. I missed last weeks episode. I'm looking forward to tonight!
My youngest daughter likes Angelina but neither of us like Brad, she likes Ewan, Keanu and Christian as well ;)

We have yet to watch Children of Men but it was nice to see some pics with Clive smiling... most of what I have seen is so serious, he definitely has a nice smile :)

At the risk of sounding strange, your pretty sexy too, I am sure some man is (or will be) very lucky ;)
Thanks, Julie. Glad to bring you a smile. Just for you, I added three more, at the bottom.

I'd also forgotten to include dad shots of him. I'm a pushover for those. If you're a good dad, and love your kids, and they look up to you and feel comfortable around you, man, that brings on a huge rush of affection in me.

I'd actually forgotten Ryan until someone mentioned him in my Simon Baker post. He's something. And I'll like him even better with about five more years on him.

Mz, last week's ep was incredible. I am finally getting really unnerved watching each. I was/am terrified of them kidnapping that vampire. And that chick Ryan's sleeping with (yes, I think "chick" is the appropriate word here) is perhaps the darkest soul on the entire show--particularly since she appears to be the opposite.

(HBO repeats the eps endlessly. You should be able to catch it again.)

Julie, yeah, I seem to be drawn to the smiles. You're right, he typically does look clenched, but I went to google images and went right for the smiles without even thinking about it.

I noticed and commented that on a post nominating Benicio Del Torro, where he looked constipated. I seem to be drawn to the smiles.

Actually, the common thread I see is that I like guys who are often brooding, dark and intense, but then break out of that with a killer smile. It's true of all my guys except Rusty.
oh, and please don't EVER censor yourself from saying i look good. hahaha.

i have deep insecurity about that and can never hear it enough to fill the hole. (hey, i'm also a dreaded middle child in a family of eleven. my parents were great, but split nine ways was never enough. but in the words of Tom Robbins, "it's never too late to have a happy childhood." hehehe.)
I think that's why I didn't watch it; I didn't want to see what they were going to do to that poor man. And yes, Amy's character is deplorable at best. I'm hoping someone will kill her soon so Jason can find someone who keeps him out of trouble for once! (I have the books, but I don't want to know what's going to happen!!)
thanks for the great pics, you have discerning taste in abs, butts, pecs and men in general. Get over your shyness, Dave, you are very handsome in your profile pic!
Thank goodness someone went for the lookers. Dave, very well done!
what do you mean photoshopped?

i pasted the montages of rusty and simon together (simon's in the other post), but i didn't change anything. i can't speak to the ryan one, but that looks like him on tv.
I semi-surprised no Ryan Reynolds on here. He kind of falls into these guys mold, especially the guy from "True Blood". He's in phenomenal shape and funny as hell. Movie choices, not so good.
But he is funny!
Ohh. I remember seeing Ryan Reynolds in The Amityville Horror. Holy Toledo. When he showed up shirtless, my friends Mark and John and I all leaned forward and gasped in appreciation. The rest of the movie was spent praying for shirtless scenes.
I like Simon Baker too. And Hugh Jackman because he can sing and dance as well as the rest.
I'm not a gay guy but I get Out every month which I can explain in an upcoming post. So I get to enjoy all those yummy pix.
Oh Clive Owen...Hubba hubba...........

I'm glad to see those sexy pics of Ryan Kwanten,
since he is so funky on True Blood. And his girl
friend on TB is truly as the tied up gay vampire
says she is, a psychopath who is waaay scarier
than everybody else.
(I'm worried that Sookie's gonna become a vampire
in order to save her brother.)
And what about David Beckham, especially in the Emporio Armani ad campaign, ESPECIALLY in
the back undies. Whew! Almost enough to make
me go straight.
Dakini, I like the Ryan pics, too, though I wish I'd found some with hair on his chest. The surprised one keeps cracking me up, though.

Yeah, who would have thought Amy would turn out to be the scariest character on that show. She is. And you're right, the vamp totally nailed it: she's a psychopath, and not the movie version, the real version. I've been studying them for eight years, and she's perfect: the last person you would suspect of being a psychopath.

I can't wait for tonight.


David Beckham looks incredibly hot with the right lighting and posing. I love some stills of him, and also like the way he looks moving so fluidly on the field. But all in all, I find him frail looking, and waifish, and more importantly, I've heard him speak. All arousal for me ends forever once I hear the twelve-year-old-girl come out of his mouth.

In general, I adore twelve-year-old-girls, but I do NOT want to sleep with them. For two reasons.
Clive Owen is definitely the top of my list. Not least because he has what appears to be a good marriage. As much as I lust after him, I hope he and his wife can continue to have a solid relationship and that Hollywood never breaks them up as it does so many others.
Alas, the beefcake is completely lost on me (I am attracted to wrinkly, grey-haired intellectual types who wouldn't think of lifting anything heavier than a martini glass), but your commentary is a hoot. I take back everything I said about this topic.
Great choices.... I see a pattern here I think.... ripped abs & piecing eyes. As for Clive Owens... his preformance in "Greenfingers" 2000 was terrific.
Clive Owens...I don't gush about men, but he is all hotness. He has those knowing eyes, the kind of man that looks the sexiest wearing a rumpled suit with the tie loosened and askew. But he's not too pretty. I love that his face isn't geometrically perfect from every angle--that's awfully boring to me!

I love Ryan Reynolds. I think he's endearing and sexy at the same time. I know it's a goofy movie, but I liked him in Van Wilder. I really think it really showcased his charmer's sense of humor.
Laurel, too funny.

I understand. I have some friends who will only go for skinny guys to the point of emaciation, and others who require at least 30 pounds of excess belly flab, preferably more.

Good. More beef for me! Hahaha.

I've found it particularly pleasant to hang out with guys with those tastes, because we're never going after the same guy. It's more of an issue when I've drunk too much and need advice on whether to trust my beer goggles. My friend Justin, the chubby chaser always says, "Dave, No!" and that's kind of pointless. He never likes anyone I want, drunk or sober, so his opinion there is not helpful.

gm, yes, i definitely have some patterns. beef, definitely, eyes, dimples, smile, jaw, bearing. unfortunately, i like ripped bodies with classic handsome faces (slightly more rugged than prettyboy--prettyboy plus a hardness and and an edge are just perfect).

that's all. hahaha. that's just the physical part, and taller than me is a big bonus, and i'm 6'2''. then brains and humor are crucial, and warmth and integrity . . . hahaha. so i'm single.

but i'm just talking about my ideal. it's OK to lust, right? and dream?

though i do think women have a point about idealized Hollywood images of women making it impossible for women to live up to. i think gay men have created a similar problem for ourselves with men. (straight women less so, because fewer of them seem to place such a priority on the physical.)

it's a known issue, but i don't know how to avoid it.
A thumb's up for Rusty Joiner!
Julie, way up there, I meant to say I'm oddly fascinated by Ewan McGregor, and sometimes find Keanu and Christian Bale hot.

God, did I want Keanu after "My Own Private Idaho." I loved that film.
LC, I'm glad to see Rusty get a vote. I'm not sure about his head, but he sure is hot. And have you seen him move? He drips sexuality.

Baglady, say it any way you want, as many times as you want. (hahaha. I was not expecting my needed dose of external validation here this weekend. I'll have to tell my shrink I can cancel a session and save ninety bucks.)



What a fun idea, and what great timing, after all the stress of the election.

I've only seen a few complaints about how shallow it is. What an odd idea of shallowness. Since when is Beauty not prime element of life, art and intellectual discourse. (See, for example, Mortimer Adler and Bill Moyers' "Six Great Ideas." One of them was beauty. (Along with Truth, Goodness, Liberty, Equality and Justice. That's good company.)

And what aspect of beauty has fascinated human beings more than any other for thousands of years? Ourselves.

And sexual arousal . . . well, I don't know about your life, but I certainly enjoy it in mine. And I am endlessly fascinated by what makes others tick.

Looking at them is nice, too. Personally, I really enjoy beauty: in life, in men, in all sorts of things.
Dude. You just sent me to the communal ice machine, where I was sorely tempted to simply scoop up a handful and toss it right down my shirt. And elsewhere.


(I've got six for your consideration on my blog.)
haha. i had to ice myself down a few times while gathering all those.

i definitely see your type, Verbal. the long, swinging hair just doesn't do it for me.
Hugh, Clive and Daniel Craig are the Trifecta of Hotness.
i barely made it throught this sumptuous psot without having to go in the bedroom. thank you!!! i love all of these guys. the True Blood Sam is a huge favorite. but Simon is my guy too. i have him Mounted on my bedroom wall. one frame of his head and upper body and then another one of his bottom half. makes me very happy. my taste runs to black irish but this is one blond really gets to me. but, shit, these are all gorgeous and sexy men. love love love and gratitude
Man, those guys are hot, huh?

A couple new comments brought me back to this page, and something forced me to linger. hahaha.

They're yummy.
Oh yes, Clive Owen! I officially fell in love with him in Sin City. Love, LOVE him. And Ryan Reynolds! My whoa baby where did YOU come from moment with RR was in Smokin Aces. I rented the movie to see Jeremy Piven, but fell in love with RR. Awesome cutie and funny as hell.
I agree with Sandra on that "trifecta thing"....and to use your metaphor, Dave...Daniel Craig appeals to my "reptilian" brain. I was all the time insisting, NAH...and then I saw him as James Bond. He sorta hypnotizes me.

But Hugh Jackman is my number 1. Probably the most lusted after man on the planet.
The comments keep bringing me back here and I'm forced to enjoy these men again. mmmmmmm.
Oh my, oh my, whew! It got hot in here.
I can't believe I just found your blog. I have been on OS for about seven months and today was a day that I found myself exploring this website more than usual.

Interesting choices of the guys. I say interesting because it seems we have the same taste. I JUST posted something about Ryan Reynolds yesterday on a friend's Facebook page and was literally talking about Rusty Joiner a couple of days ago with a friend of mine that lives in "the Valley" in L.A.

I used to see Rusty serving up his cocktails at The Abbey in West Hollywood. He was a straight man making all the guys swoon as he shook that Martini shaker.

Anyway, I don't have much to add to this except the fact that we share similar tastes in men (physically) and felt compelled to tell you.

BTW - Congrats on your Edgar!
Oh how I enjoyed this post. Hugh and Simon are amazing choices. The Aussies know how to grow 'em and you know how to pick 'em! For a retro hotty, check out pics of a young Perry King...hot, hot, hot. You've got my mind absolutely reeling now. Hugh Dancy is also very hot. I could go on forever. Thanks for this.
Ha, Now I need to do the lez version.

Interesting! rated ~~~
I will always love Hugh :)

I love the men you love :)

That Stackhouse boy (I like to call him) rocks my world and totally reminds me of the Southern boys that I knew when I was a teenager.

Clive and Simon.. Yes and Yes!

And thank you for introducing me to the others... nice eye candy..but at the end of the day It comes back to Hugh.

I remember, a sunny afternoon a few years ago... walking down 14th street in Manhattan a smile on my face... I see a massive hunk of man is running towards me. He's over 6 ft tall his dark hair is wild and alive...he has crazy sideburns and is just zipping thru the people on the street.

He's right in front of me... our eyes meet... I freeze....right in his way... I realize he's Hugh Jackman... somehow both his hands are on my shoulders I see that dazzling smile we twirl ... I laugh.. he winks and keeps on runnning. Oh Wolverine!!! I stand there watching his back as he books down 14th street. I looked around to see if anyone saw me..... touched by an angel...but no.

He disappeared in the crowd. I love that man!!!

it really is all about the abs...