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April 04
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OCTOBER 24, 2011 10:40AM

I Run To Be...

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Ifthere is a consistent thread in my life, it is running. I do not run well, or fast. But my life moves to the rhythm of a four count beat, breathing-in two steps and out two steps, as I move through the miles and the years.

Today I am out for an early morning workout along the horse trails in Coto de Caza. As I move in the dark, all of existence fades into the half moon, the stars and the sounds of my footfalls and breath. And for a time, I am anything and everything. I rise up above the earth, flying, a picture of rhythmic perfection. I am a wild mustang galloping in the early morning mist of a high Montana plain. I am a lioness chasing sustenance for my pride. I am a winged Pegasus, soaring over a mythical landscape.

But the moment cannot last, and all too soon, my feet return to the earth and I am huffing up a hill in the canyon, my heart pounding, my breath coming in deep gasps. And now, a pink light reveals the trees and bushes, and day is not far behind. Dawn is beginning to peel away the blanket of stars, and soon my run will give way to another tedious and stressful day – one in a seemingly infinite series – and I will have to grapple with whatever comes.

But for now, in the half-light of the morning, my life moves to the rhythm of a four count beat, and I am one with all things.



(With apologies to N. MacLean)









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When asked to finish the sentence, "I am _________," I always put "a runner." I am and have been many things. But before lawyer, before woman, before especially writer, I immediately think "runner."

Maybe it's because my knees hurt.
Could you run by and show me how to change my printer ink?
Good to see you
Trig, I only change printer ink for girls.
The four count beat is innate and natural; it is music. Well said. R
D, you need to jog back to the hetero side, damnet
Great post. I didn't become a runner until I was 34 (five years ago), so I missed out on a lot before then. Maybe that four-count rhythm is why I love it, since I'm a pianist too.
Nothing clears my head more than a vigorous early morning hike. Connecting with nature and breath. Now, that's my kinda meditation.

Thanks for putting me back on the path. I'll work 12 hours today and my wife--if I let her--will drop me off a couple of miles from our home so that I'll run. Nobody will be handing me candy (it's Halloween in these parts) and quite a few folks will react with a start, I suspect, when I jog by (I'll be dressed in black because I forgot or actually couldn't find my reflective vest). But thanks. Yeah, thanks a lot...

(I'm new at this running thing.)