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JUNE 17, 2008 9:42AM

Foody Tuesday: BonChon Chicken

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Last night I had the pleasure of sampling some fine take-away from BonChon Chicken (not affiliated with Bon-Ton department stores), a small but growing Korea-based chain which specialises in fresh fried chicken.   



bonchon chicken  

 I ordered the medium combo meal with soy garlic glaze, which included enough wings to feed 2-3 people, a can of soda, celery, and blue cheese for $12 (tax included). BonCon recommends phoning in your take-away order 20 minutes ahead of time, as all chicken is cooked to order. Even if you don't call ahead of time, the great taste is worth the wait: the soy garlic glaze is delicious, and the breading is light and crispy. The menu also includes a spicy "hot" flavour in addition to soy garlic, which I will definitely try next time, along with the fries. 

According to their web site, a lot of science goes into creating the special BonChon taste and texture: "Our specially engineered sauce remains in tact [sic] with the chicken so that the flavor lasts on the chicken." It also mentions that BonChon is "favored by health conscious consumers" since it is cooked in vegetable oil and somehow involves collagen. Even the sauce is designed to stick to the chicken and not your fingers! How considerate! I'd highly recommend spending some time exploring the BonChon web site, which has some fun graphics and better explains the secrets behind the chicken. If you go directly to this page, you can see if there is a franchise located near you (just be careful...when you click any state, the capital is listed, but that doesn't necessarily mean that there is a BonChon located there...actual locations include an address). I'm looking forward to eating my leftovers for lunch today!

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Sorry for the fairly unrelated comment, but the box of fired chicken reminds me of a trip I took with my wife and a friend down to the Texas Coast last year (We'll be going again this weekend, so it's fresh on my mind). Anyway, as we drove ever closer to the coast, the fried chicken joints offered increasingly cheaper specials. It's interesting how fried chicken joints display their prices like gas stations: "12 Piece Family Meal for $XX.XX..."

So we're only a few minutes away from our destination, and one last fried chicken joint had a sign reading "15 Piece Bucket, $5.99." I and I blurted out, "Wow, that's cheaper than raw!" Maybe you had to be there, but it got a good laugh at the time...
Hahahaha...that's a great anecdote. I actually lol'ed!
Theoretically, fast food can get so cheap that I won't eat it. I'm not eating a fifty cent taco, for example. (Not that that has anything to do with your post, however!)
Dan, how do you keep your physique? Sonic, the chicken place, and now BonChon? I am interested in the secret
When it comes to street cuisine, Dan is the man.
Where are you, Dan? I need a new trend, a new something to eat, a photo collage.. something!!!
What an interesting blog entry. And from many others here as well. When I think of chicken....well.

One day I decided to do an experiment and went over to a KFC just to hang out and watch. Without exception, everyone eating there was in the super size category. So thanks to you I now have a better mouse trap regarding chicken.

You know of course that last week, because of the Russo-Georgian conflict which threatens to embroil NATO in its imbroglio, an embargo is now imminent against chicken. So say the Russian emissaries. Of course, it's the people who always suffer. If you live in Russia you now have to choke your own chicken. I don't know about you, but I'm not about to pluck feathers even if its to pluck pheasants. Sorry, just not a pleasant chore even if they are mother pheasants to be plucked. Can you imagine how disgusting it would be to have a job as a mother pheasant plucker. Not pleasant!

But I'll share with you a very cheap (non threatening) meal when you're very nearly broke; but you at least have to bum 50 cents. Go into Taco Bell an order a side of refried beans. It cost 50 cents. Once you've ordered anything, they give you all the flour tortillas you want to go with your meal. Pick up the side of refried beans and a stack of tortillas at the tall counter, turn directly behind you and you will see islands with every condiment imaginable. Spread the refrieds thinly across a tortilla and go to town loading up at the island with what ever condiment that is suitable. You could be eating your own "burritos" for hours, depending how thinly you spread the beans. Hours. All for 50 cents.

Now, the last time I went to Galveston on the Texas Gulf Coast, I had heard about a ferry that will transport you and your car over to Boliver Point across Galveston Bay. So I went into a 7-11 and asked the clerk where I could find this famous Galveston ferry. He smiled and said, "Speaking!"
BTW, bstrange, if Dan doesn't answer your question, send me an email and I will send you my family recipe for a really healthy herbal physique. Feels really fantastic afterwards, I promise.
Speaking of KFC, which Bailey Wo did, here's a (perhaps) funny story -
One day I got off work early, so I phoned my wife to ask if she'd like me to pick up some chicken from the Church's Chicken just down the block. She would and I did.

While waiting for my order, I noticed several cars with ladies in red and white striped aprons picking up chicken at the drive-thru. Seems the KFC a few blocks away just had a shift change, and their employees were all coming to Church's for their chicken.
We went to BonChon last time my brother-in-law was in town. Only time I had been there. I really didn't care for the chicken because wings have always struck me as being ridiculously uncouth and messy. Geez, I sound like a snob. I just don't like meat with bones included.

I did, though, LOVE their alcoholic beverage. Don't remember what it was called but I do remember it was $29/pitcher. You're not going to get drunk on it but it was very nice and fresh. We watched the guy mix it up and nest the pitcher in the little bowl of snow. So that part was fantastic!!
Love the Foody Tuesday tips! We don't have this out west but sure does look tasty. And you wash it down with my favorite! Gingerale! Don't see that too often either. Thanks for the yummy offering this Tuesday.
Curious how the sauce only 'sticks to the chicken and not your fingers'...'
Sorta a solvable mystery like Post 'Em notes I 'spose.