JUNE 8, 2012 10:24AM

the book of love

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cant stop listening to this song.  it reminds me of everyone and everything i know or ever knew.  which i guess is what the book of love should do.

and with my laryngitis, i even kind of sound like him.  i cant stop singing or talking, so i think this will be a lengthy recovery.  but, as someone who usually sounds like minnie mouse, i am rather enjoying the whole raspy truckstop hooker voice i now have.

yes, today is a better day, as you can tell.  i guess thats how they will go - up, down, up, down, up.

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also, debating making the decision to lose ten pounds. ten, not 20, not 15, not 30, certainly not all i have gained since i met keith. but ten, surely i can do that. in two weeks, even, since in those first two weeks, it can really come right off, if you are at all diligent. question is, can i be at all diligent? i no longer know.
Let me know how it goes. The diet, I mean.
I past diligence...into happy.
How's about doing a video of you reading a poem with your Peter Gabriel voice and posting it for us, Minnie? It could be something for your archives. Hope you're feeling better. The family's got something that's hanging on - longer than usual for me. Some kind the virus, the doc told our son. It's going around...
Raspy, smoky, sexy voice. Jealous. Sing it sister!
ande - i will let you know!

mattie - i hope you all feel better soon. i made a recording of me reading a poem, but its a wav file (i think. i used windows vista sound recorder) and i dont know how to put it on here.

muse - sounds fun, dont it?