cynthia blair

cynthia blair
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
May 15
Welcome to cindigodotcom (version Salon). I like to write and my most bestest stuff goes here. ______________________________________ Andy, is my husband, he’s a pretty constant character that you’ll hear about often. Andy is a professional gambler….yes, just like on tv…he’s cool like that. Except not on tv like a big, fat, sloppy poker player wearing a stupid visor and smoking a cigar. He’s cool like a rock star, and uber smart. ______________________________________ We moved to Vegas to test out some magical voodoo software that Andy wrote to win millions upon millions of dollars betting baseball. ______________________________________ We grew up together. It’s a cute story that I'm sure I'll get around to sometime. ______________________________________ Sometimes we live in Vegas, other times we travel around the country like hobos. But wherever we are in the real word you can be sure you can always find me here (or more likely at Seriously, I think the domain is paid up for something like 20 years. ______________________________________ In April 2009 we’re planning on hiking The Pacific Crest Trail. I’ll be writing about it here. ______________________________________ Pacific Crest Trail facts: ______________________________________ - Averaging 20 or more miles a day, it takes five to six months to hike the trail (including one day of rest a week) in its entirety ______________________________________ - Begins in Campo, Mexico, passes through California, Oregon and Washington and ends in Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. ______________________________________ - Climbs nearly 60 major mountain passes ______________________________________ - Descends into 19 major canyons ______________________________________ - Passes more than 1,000 lakes ______________________________________ - Traverses three national monuments, seven national parks, 24 national forests and 33 federally mandated wildernesses. ______________________________________


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JANUARY 16, 2009 5:33PM

I’m not trying to assign blame, I’m trying to deflect it. -Andrew Blair 1/14/2009

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kayaks, originally uploaded by cindigodotcom. What do you do when you have a bunch of stuff to organize, a five month trip into the wilderness to plan and the more math oriented half of this duo has some very important computer programming to do? Why, go on a kayak trip of course. New gear A+. We stayed [...]

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