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JANUARY 14, 2012 8:12AM

Ooh, The Hobb.... wait, what?

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Let me start off by saying that I am a total Tolkein nut. I read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings before I was 10. I watched the three Lord of the Rings films the instant that they came out and I also own the extended editions, which makes me deeply sad, not that I care.

When I heard that the Hobbit was to be made into two films by Peter Jackson I was ecstatic and I can't wait for the first one to come out.

Now, I was browsing on the Huffington Post the other day (as a good Liberal should) and I found something that provoked a very strong reaction from me.

It was this... thing. I won't describe it, but let me just say that it doesn't bare a lot of resemblence to the actual plot of the Hobbit.



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Well, they made Thorin Oakenshield a human instead of a dwarf, they forgot about the entire dwarven kingdom under the Lonely Mountain, they renamed Smaug as Slag, they gave Gandalf a tower that he didn't have and then they brought in a princess who wasn't in the bloody book! I can feel my blood pressure spiking, so I shall go awat now and have a lie-down.
Have you been following Jackson's productions videos? If not, I'm afraid you may be in for more shocks. You might want to have a heart defibrilllator close by before you hear about Tauriel and human looking dwarves.
Lissenen ar' maska'lalaith tenna' lye omentuva
Looks like a badly illustrated children's book! Bleah! No wonder and thank goodness, this thing never saw the light of day.

(I suppose Gandalf COULD have had a tower, somewhere. Saruman had Orthanc, after all. But since we never see him 'at home' so to speak, it's seriously beside the point.)

Must go cleanse my eyes of these images and the liberties taken with Tolkien's story!
hehehe, ok, I liked that one
commence with the rotten tomato throwing
Orson Bean did an animated The Hobbit some 30 years ago. He went from a straight-up actor on Johnny Carson, to an acid eating, commune living, Hippy that Carson would have on from time to time for a laugh. I don't thing this is it, but, it may very well be!
What'd he read? The Cliff Notes version, only the cliff notes came from China and were criff nokes?