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DECEMBER 30, 2010 7:24PM


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Two things came close to reducing me to tears today. The first was a broken decanter. The second was a quote written on the wall inside the O2 Centre in London’s Docklands.The first one was a clear decanter, glass of course. The top of it had been sheared off at some point. I don’t know what had once been in it, probably wine or port perhaps. But whatever had been in it, it was now sitting there, in a glass case, with the other exhibits around it. Who had it belonged to, I wondered, who had poured out its contents. Had they been alive when it was broken? Would they have noticed? Would they have cared?

The second thing was a simple quote. “We have been living together for many years. Where you go, I go.”

We saw these things at the Titanic exhibition, the display of those things that have been retrieved from the bottom of the Atlantic at the wreck site.

I can’t describe how powerful it was. How emotional it was. How... sad it was.

Tomorrow night is New Year’s Eve. Kiss your nearest and dearest all of you. I will. The quote was by Ida Straus, the wife of Isador Straus. It has always reduced me to tears. It says everything about how I feel about my wife.

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I think you two must have a wonderful relationship. Happy 2011 to you both!
Looked up Isador and Ida Straus. Did you know they found his body and buried it in the Bronx, but never found hers? I don't believe in life after death, but still- it seems disrespectful to have taken him out of the Atlantic.
The other side of sadness is joy. May you have an abundance of this in 2011 and always!
You have the love of your life and a new year! Happy year and hugs!