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August 17
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JULY 21, 2010 9:43AM


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It’s been an odd week so far, mostly because Kathleen and I are experiencing the passing of time at different rates. For Kathleen the week is whizzing past at a great rate of knots as it’s the last week of term and she has five million things to do.



For me on the other hand my boss is away and I have everything under control, so things are going unbelievably slowly. Here’s an example of how slowly: the highlight of yesterday morning for me was the moment that I discovered a ladybird crawling about on my neck. Ok, so it gave me an excuse to go all the way down six flights of stairs and release it in the old churchyard around the corner, but that was still a bit dull.



There is, of course, a very good reason why things are going so slowly. We’re going on holiday this weekend. To New York and Toronto. Words can’t express how much we’re looking forwards to it.



Sooo… time…. keeps…… slowinggggggg….. downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.


Does anyone have a TARDIS we can borrow?

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Sorry, no Tardis, but here's hoping for a little acceleration for you!
WHAT!? No meet -up? And who is taking care of Toffee?
I am happy for your holiday, but really think you should try for a little meet and great with NY/Toronto area OS'ers. Two different groups, obviously.
And thank you for your kindness to the ladybug!
Also, it's impossible to "borrow" a Tardis. Sheesh - you people invented the Dr. . Run away from the Daleks - I hear there's lots of them in Toronto.
You're going on holiday? It's been ages since I've been on holidays. Enjoy your trip. Keep away from my grandmother who lives just outside Toronto ... she likes to talk.
Is a ladybird an actual bird? A bug? Yikes!
Lol, thanks Owl!

Aim, we're spending three days in NY, which should be just enough time to start to scratch the surface. As for Toronto, we're visiting family on the outskirts and we'll be all over the place. Toffee and the other cats are being taken care of by my parents. When we come back in a fortnight they'll make sure that they sulk in lots of highly visible places so that we notice.

Geraint, we've been looking forward to this holiday for months. We're both desperately tired and it's going to be great to get away.

HB, I think our ladybirds are the same as your ladybugs. I have no idea what it was doing on me in the office - I'd been there for 2 hours before it made its presence felt!