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October 16
I am a school teacher who still wants to be a published writer when I grow up. I think that all children are not the same and any system that treats them that way is broken. Most people think I am not completely right in the head but they have no idea how bad it truly is in there.


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FEBRUARY 6, 2012 9:16PM

London At Last

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Several years ago Sheri and I had decided we wanted to go to London. The plan died a fiery death when we couldn’t afford the plane tickets. We tried again the following year and were in the heavy planning stage. We looked for hotels and different areas of the U.K. we wanted to see. That plan flamed out also.

I was trying to plan a trip in April to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary when the thought popped into my head,”Why not London?” We only have a week in April but I couldn’t get away from the idea that we are always talking and never doing. Then a stoke of luck happened and an audit of our school district found a whole lot of “misplaced mone,” we haven’t had a raise in over four years and I think the district was quite embarrassed they had been sitting on a large chunk of change. They decided to pay it out as a one time bonus. Suddenly I had money I wasn’t expecting. I did what any rational person would do. I bought 2 plane tickets to London.

Then began the search for a place to stay. I scoured the hotels and wasn’t really finding anything which floated my boat. We decided to do what we always do when we go to Maui. We rented an apartment instead. Even there we had several heart breaks and close calls. We found a really nice place in central London. The owners agreed to a price we could live with and then proceeded to ignore my every question and email. This did not give me a warm fuzzy so we backed out. We settled on a nice apartment down by the Thames River in Chelsea. It was a little farther from the middle but a short walk to the Sloan underground and we will be in the thick of it. Plus, I will get to jog in Hyde Park and along the river.

Now we are well and truly into the planning. We have only a week so we want to make it count. The thing is Sheri and I like to travel a little chaoticly. So we will probably just make a list of the things we want to see and then go wherever we feel like going on a particular day. We did buy a few theater tickets. We are going to see Ghost, Matilda, and Zach Braf’s new play, All New People.

We are stoked and can’t wait to get there. I have already had several of my Twitter friends talk about meeting up with us and I can’t wait to meet them. Sheri and I love exploring cities. When I was in London last time I was just a young college kid who really didn’t have a clue. This time will be a blast. Now, we just have to watch the calendar until April 6th. It’s going to be a long two month.

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How exciting! I wish you a wonderful adventure. Bon voyage.
Amazing! Chelsea is a great area. It's very posh (upscale) so you may want to avoid eating out in that area. You should sign up for groupon london which always has good deals (on all sorts of things). There are also some great markets (portabello, borough market, camden, spitafields) that have good street food and produce/groceries, which can be a great way to save money. Lastly, all museums are free in London (unless it's a special exhibit) so def take advantage of that!