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Christopher Daley
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October 16
I am a school teacher who still wants to be a published writer when I grow up. I think that all children are not the same and any system that treats them that way is broken. Most people think I am not completely right in the head but they have no idea how bad it truly is in there.


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JANUARY 27, 2012 9:38PM

Editing Burn Out

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Alright it is time to come clean. I burned myself out again. Way too many candles going at the same time. After the completion of Incarnators I had finished back to back novels with no breaks. It has really bogged my editing down. You throw in the fact I was a little lost in my everyday life and you have a deadly combo.

This has been a tough year at work for me. I have a lot of mean kids in my class. They are all perfectly lovely to me but taking every opportunity to slam a shiv in their friends and classmates back. It has really taken a lot out of me, including a little of the joy I normally feel about teaching. It also has not been going particulary well at my school this year with teachers. The climate is bad and I seem to be one of those people everyone likes to tell their problems to. It has been wearing me to a nub.

Throw in my disappointing weight gain over the last two years and my life was waiting for a match to spark the inferno. I think I am through the worst of it. I have tried to avoid all adult contact at work. Which, truthfully, is the way I like it. Even as an adult I seem to not like a lot of teachers. The irony of me being a teacher has never been lost on me or Sheri. I have gone back to doing what I am best at, teaching kids. Now, if I can just find a way to un-mean some of my students. What I wouldn’t give for a nice pill (which I must admit I would slip into a few of my colleagues drinks).

As for the weight gain I have reversed the course. I am not quite back to where I was but I am in striking distance. I have to lose only 2 more inches. This week I will hit my 90th straight day of at least one hour of exercise. I am eating better than I ever have in my life and my blood pressure has clocked in at a startling 114/76.

Which leaves only one last thing to get back in order. It is time to finish editing. I have readers who are waiting for the third book and I feel bad for leaving them out there hanging. I feel good and I can tell my brain is back where it should be. So it shouldn’t take long. Plus, I have a ghost story that can’t wait to be written. The one piece of good news is that I got a lot of reading done to rejuice my brain. I have read about 25 books in December and January. It felt good to be reading like my old self. My writers hat is on and I will keep you updated weekly until everything is done. Thanks for being patient as I got my house back in order.

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