Tampa, Florida,
December 31
I'm an unemployed writer currently living in Tampa, FL with my husband and two young children.

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APRIL 10, 2012 10:24AM

I Was Arrested for a Petty Crime, but Nepotism Saved Me

A few months before my 21st birthday, I was arrested for presenting a fake ID to a police officer. 

The driver's license actually belonged to a friend of mine, a friend who kinda, sorta looked liked me, and I regularly used the ID to get into bars and nightclubs. Though… Read full post »

Though everyone keeps telling me that e-readers and e-books are the future, that print books and traditional publishers are going the way of dinosaurs, I don't care. I'll take a well-thumbed novel over a pristine digital copy any day.

I tried to like e-books. I really did. As a voracious… Read full post »


I had my first child, Ella, in March 2010. A boy, William, arrived in October 2011, and I soon found myself turning to parenting websites,  forums, and news articles for advice on everything from breastfeeding to tantrums. Not anymore.… Read full post »