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February 28
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FEBRUARY 29, 2012 7:19PM

Do a Good Deed: Save a Brothel

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As I’m sure you do, I believe every word that Tinkerertink69 writes on his blog.  His adherence to total honesty, regardless of the personal cost, puts to shame those of us who just make shit up.


For a long time, however, I failed to believe the story that his family owned a brothel in Butte, Montana.  The story sounded a little fishy.  Besides, I refused to believe that a family that produced such a devoutly churchgoing, morally upstanding young man as Tink could have any connection whatsoever with such a seedy business.


Well of course the story is true.  The Dumas Brothel was in business from 1890 to 1982, primarily catering to the area’s miners, and has been called America’s longest continually running bordello.  In the 1970s, the old brick building was added to the National Register of Historic Places.  Read the history on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me.


Several years after the brothel closed, Tink’s father, Rudy Giecek, bought the building and turned it into a museum. He still conducts tours personally and wrote a book, Venus Alley, about the history of Butte’s red light district.  I believe Tink himself designed the attractive brothel website.  (I’ve always wanted to use the phrase “brothel website” on my blog, so now I can check another thing off my bucket list!)  


Unfortunately, these are tough times economically, even for ex-brothel museums.  The Dumas Brothel needs to come up with $5,000 by June to stay in business and keep the taxman happy. So Tink has created a Zazzle store to sell Dumas Brothel T-shirts, caps and mugs.  The merchandise is attractive and – dare I say it – tasteful.  I think they would make delightful Mother’s Day gifts.  One of the T-shirts would enhance any ensemble for your next tea social. Heck, put one of the Brothel hats in your kid’s Easter basket.


Or if you don’t want to wear a house of prostitution rather than Calvin Klein, you can order the book Venus Alley or a DVD house tour directly from the website, or you can just make a donation to the foundation to save the brothel.


I ordered my T-shirt today.  I hope many of you will order something too.  You’d not only be helping preserve a small portion of American history, but you would be showing a little appreciation for a fellow OSer who has given us so many laughs over the years.


That goes for any Ed I Tor that might be reading too.


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Bless you for rising to Tink's defense.

I wonder if my mom would like a brothel t-shirt?
I love how you wrote this - and will definitely see what I can do to help. Tink and his family more than deserve it. Plus, respect for anyone who tries to preserve history for future generations. Even naughty history (actually, that's one of the best kinds!).
Oh, I can't wait to sport my brothel T-shirt to Kroger next week. I won't be invisible THAT day!

I'm not sure they would be work appropriate, but if someone is wanting a coffee mug I'll send them over.
Cranky: you are the OS angel..
I'm for historical preservation of any stripe. Yay brothel!
My T-shirt is on the way and will be featured in Matt Paust's next avatar, he tells me.
Cranky and all you other fine people,

My family moved to Butte, MT in 1978. The legend of the Dumas Brothel is true. I too mentioned and described the Dumas in a post if you care to read.

Like so many other things in the Butte, where vast fortunes were made by way of the Richest Hill on Earth, The Dumas Brothel is home to many stories, some that may be told by ghosts. The Dumas is as Old West, Mining City and American as you can get -- and definitely worth preserving.

I ordered a t-shirt.
I asked my wife, who has to sign off on all charitable contributions from the joint checking account.

Thanks for my black eye.
You are a good friend.
I've been to Butte -- how did I miss this????
Thank You all for your support of the Dumas Brothel! To learn more about the Dumas you can go to Rudy
Hi Cranky, I haven't visited OS in a while and after your birthday celebration last night (the hangover was worth it) I came by for some inspirational writing. I am nothing if not up for a worthy cause. I got the mug.
Wow, I got joyonboard and Tink's dad to visit. It's a red-letter day!
"There is a house in Butte Montana,
they call the Rising Sun ..."
Boo and I want one! :D

This isn't the only "brothel website". Several Nevada brothels have their own websites. Uh, wait! I mean, I only know that because that's what a friend of mine told me. Yeah, that's what a friend said anyway. Of course, I wouldn't know on my own....
Thank you my friend!!!

If ya don't want to buy a t-shirt or my great artwork ala posters or other stuff, you can also donate in other ways,

How many thousands of T-shirts are you gonna have to sell to make even a pittance? The obvious solution, if you wanna make money, is: re-open it as a brothel!
HOLY COW! I would send a donation but I still need a new camera.
............................. ­­­­­­­­.... . ¸.•´ ¸.•*´¨) ☆.(¯`•.•´¯)
.............................. . ҉ (.¸.•´ (¸.•` ☆ ¤..º.`•.¸.•´ ☆
.............................. .....*♥*...║║║║╔╗╔╗*♥*
.............................. .......*♥*.╠╣║║║╗╚╗... . . * ❤ *
.............................. ....*♥*....║║╚╝╚╝╚╝..* ♥ * 
Inspired by Linda S.
I love finishing my Christmas shopping early.
I have to go down I-80 in NV next week. If I stop in Patrick at the Mustang Ranch and "relax" is that the same thing? If not I guess a t-shirt will have to do.
I just love a good cathouse story. Not enough of them if you ask me. Good luck Tink!
A nice piece of historical promotion.
We should all pay our respects to the world's oldest profession. I'm ordering T-Shirts for both my sister's as Christmas gifts. Then I'll go and sin no more.
Thanks for the "heads up".
I'm pretty new to OS, and not sure who Tink is, but what a great post for you to write! I will have to look into it :) Thanks for sharing!
I want 2! I'm sending one to Santorum! R
Thank-you for doing this. I LOVE that little Tink cat.
Great post in defence of the oldest profession and Tink's Dad aka Rudy.
If they raise enough money to remove the semen stained walls it'd be helpful too. Not that I've been there of course.

"Press sink please FRed(tm)."
I'll pass this along to the Red Thread.
you had me laugh again,and your chicken maaan,how is he going to fit into one of those big man-T shirts?
Con,has your black eye changed colours by now?
Tom,I'm afraid ,repentance won't do.
I'd totally buy one, only I don't think I could wear it in front of the Rabbi. LOL! Hey tink, seriously, design more, I'd buy one! :-D