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June 02
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FEBRUARY 18, 2011 9:36PM

Heart-Shaped Winners Are Here!!!!

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Had you forgotten how taxing, how difficult, how FUN the photo caption contest could be??? 

Along with the caption contest, there was a side wager that asked if anyone could determine which photo in Snow News Is Good News in New Hampshire was actually black and white. bikepsychobabble figured out correctly that the only image rendered in grayscale was this:         

Grayscale Detail. Photograph Copyright (c) 2011 CoyoteOldStyle. 

The honorable august judges were thrilled with the quality of the submissions. They have, one and all, retired not merely to their chambers but to an undisclosed ski area in the White Mountains for a long spa weekend. I heard some muttering about having beers with Bode Miller, but I cannot be absolutely sure.

Just in time for Presidents' Day they, in their infinite wisdom, have rendered their decisions!

The winners of CoyoteOldStyle’s Heart-Shaped Photo Caption Contest have been chosen and there are some great ones. There are also some lame ones. But they're all creative, pithy, thought-provoking, silly, happy, sad or descriptive.

Click through and check them out!


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Yayyyy! The contest lives and the pithy captions are as good as ever!

Zumapick times five!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for playing!
Fun time, Coyote. More than once a year, please! I don't do Sudoku, so this is it for me.
Fun, fun, fun!!!!

I'm with dirndl skirt. Sudoku is not for me, but this grabs me! Thanks! R
COS, thanks for putting together another enjoyable caption contest! Lots of creativity expressed both in your post and the captions that were submitted!
Great fun! Thanks for putting together another fun contest.